17-year-old becomes youngest to die from vaping


Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar discusses vaping regulations and aiding in the ongoing epidemic. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial …


  1. Thomas Li says

    Nothing to do with vaping. It’s vaping black market the get your stores right.

  2. The Shop 808 says

    Who is this 17yr old the DIED FROM VAPING? So why isn't there any data on these so called 23 deaths? Deceased is a public record, if they did pass away, what was their health history? Why are they even Vaping when it is illegal for youths to obtain, Why cant parents, parent their youth!?

  3. Ben Potgieter says

    They going to blame thc now. Really !!!!!!!

  4. John Cheese says

    Meanwhile in the UK. Sandwell General Hospital & West Birmingham Hospital allowed a Vape shop to open in the Hospitals Yes inside! It’s THC Cartridges and not e-cigarettes!!!!!

  5. Eddy Roldan says

    Big tobacco companies aka special interest n Pharmaceutical companies losing crazy money to vaping. I have been vaping for 5 yrs feel great quit tobacco.vaping saved my life

  6. Thedarkrooster says

    So the parents didn't get in trouble for letting their 17 year old vape I thought it was against the law this shows we ant enforceing the law

  7. D U says

    Don't vape bathtub juice and you will be fine!!!

  8. R GENE says

    It's interesting that everyone's heard about the 18 deaths and multiple illnesses from vaping and ecigs but it seems no one has heard about the 480,000 annual deaths from tobacco, the number one killer in the US and a major health care cost of Medicare.

  9. Shane Shaheen says

    How can the richest nation in the world NOT find the root cause. Seems like someone or a Industry is being shaded.

  10. Silver Miner says

    Altria caused this.

  11. Rosemarie Plant says

    I really wish they could see how DUMB they look with that in their mouth.

  12. NoHandNinja Shreds says

    Okay so how is anyone not noticing the blatant disregard for human intelligence showing Phillip Morris stock rising?

  13. Ancient Truth Seeker says

    How many people die from smoking tobacco products everyday?

  14. Ricky DJ Moore II says

    Cigarette and Alcohol have killed MILLIONS of Americans. No one bats an eye.
    A few idiots die from black market (and highly illegal) THC vapes that were poorly made by Chinese Slave Labor….
    And everyone loses their minds!

  15. Forgotten Hope says

    How many have died THIS year from smoking tobacco?

  16. Bill Pennsylvania says

    23 deaths from vaping so far? 90 people are killed in car accidents everyday.

  17. N Ex says

    "Related" doesn't mean "caused by." There are a lot of vaping products that are available that are not produced by the big tobacco companies. These products are not regulated and are NOT the products sold by big tobacco. Basically, you can buy some concentrated chemical sold by some non-regulated vendor/supplier and put it in a vaping unit. Big tobacco is not responsible for this.

  18. Uncle Boss says

    Real or Fake.
    Artificials are No Good.

  19. customvideo454 says

    so non flavored vape is allowed ? then they sell the flavoring separate, can't outlaw that
    you people are dumb.

  20. kenneth osborne says

    More "think of the children" pearl clutching and moral browbeating. Do we ban cars because thousands of teens will die each year in car accidents?

  21. V C says

    Stoners do what they want and don’t listen to laws or parents.

  22. Dylan Young says

    i knew a soft more in high school 17 years old she overdosed and died on dope last year iv been outa high school 5 years my grade when i was in school got hit by herion now there grade is geting hit by fetnal kids lie theres a group of kids in every high school useing dope thats what they should be talking about not a bad batch of vape juice from china i realy feel bad for the kids in lawrence mass herion captial of Massachusetts its as common as water

  23. Illegal Influence says

    People quit cigarettes and start vaping then think they’ve done the best thing for themselves. That’s like stopping heroin to start Vicodin. Well done.

  24. David Turner says

    If the liberals stopped selling that to kids.

  25. Korn Pop says

    so young and so dumb

  26. Non ya says

    This is self inflicted because these people chose to use black market (illegal) products.

  27. Mark. says

    Fear mongering by old dogs who haven't learnt anything new in decades. More people died eating carrots today you muppet, but its probably far to late for any of these people to develop cognitive reasoning.

  28. Patrick Phelan says

    Stop restricting adult choices based on the actions of stupid children.

  29. Kimberly Howard says

    Predictable they should ban all of them.
    We know cigarettes should of never been put out there, they were and they killed, so why now are we putting another killer out there, and please dont feed me no BS on how it helps people quit smoking.

  30. Raw Bacon says

    Okay but about 100 people die everyday in auto accidents. That's not including the ones that are injured/crippled for life. This vaping issue is a whole lot of nothing. Make it illegal for children and that's it.

  31. Серж Шуляченко says

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  32. No Surrender says

    Libertarians in this comment section very cringe

  33. Uncle Fester says

    It's all about the TAXES.

  34. NismoFury says

    $8 BILLION? 😯 That idiot just became a billionaire by suing with a dumb excuse. Who's the attorney? We need to know who this guy is that got his client $8 Billion.

  35. NismoFury says

    23 people died what this year? What's the time frame? Not hard to trace what is causing the problem. What's the stuff they are inhaling? You're mixing 2 different kinds of vaping and blaming it all under one thing. Vaping ejuice vs dry herbs vs dabs vs whatever… Narrow it down.

  36. missmindersue says

    The tabaco co was Losing Too much money to vaping 🤷🏻‍♀️ This is “their” cure 😡

  37. Clinton Beck says

    Why is a kid vaping. Hes to young hes a child and he shouldnt even have a vaping device. But more under age kids die from alcohol then vaping. Why isnt this an issue

  38. HolyknightVader999 says

    When I was this early, kids drinking booze was still considered controversial.

  39. Joseph Parkhurst says

    Get to 1:30 you will see the real meaning and intent for this

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