24 Oras: Duterte formalizes ban on public vaping, sale of unregistered e-cigarettes


President Rodrigo Duterte has issued an executive order against vaping in public and prohibited the sale and manufacture of unregistered e-cigarettes due to …


  1. Rolly Castelo says

    yung pinaka sikat na sayantis ng amerika sinabi na ngang mas safe ang vape kesa sa sigarilyo search din kau pag may time

  2. Percival Cheng says

    i switched from smoking to vaping. my health improved a lot. but before i did i made researches and found no adverse effect with propylene glycol and vegetable glycol. nicotine is down at 3mg and soon will be using 0 nicotine. Thanks to this device helping millions and millions quit using tobacco. The government should support vaping. instead governments should ban the use of Alcohol. try working with a drunkard

  3. Raizen Blink says


  4. Jeanilyn Geagonia says

    Dapat lang kasi damay damay yong makakalanghap ng usok

  5. Uncle Drew says

    Tama lng yan .. kawawa yung mga nakaka langhap dpat lunukin din nila yung usok wag na sila mang damay

  6. Dondi Gallon says


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