5 on Friday Vaping News Science and Advocacy Rage Report for 26th of February 2021 #VapersFightBack


This is your Hunky Vape 5 on Friday Vaping News, Science, and Advocacy Report for the 26th of February 2021. On the news today: We start off with some Vape …



    I’m scared to death about this vape mail ban thing brother … I’m gonna try to stock up best I can but these brick and mortar vape shops are going to jack their prices up, watch and see.

    It may come a time when I just quit vaping all together ya know … I will never go back to cigarettes though but vaping is about to be too expensive for me

  2. Compact Infinity says

    I also have to say they're probably doing this mail ban specifically because of the taxation of nicotine and all vape related products and instruments. If they cut the online orders off, each state can them dictate the tax amounts and no foyer would be able to escape that tax, and wouldn't have to place a system I'm wich each online company would have to tax people in certain states.

  3. Compact Infinity says

    I'm both to stock up. Very worried. Mostly for DIYing, because I feel less people will fight back against that if the stores are able to survive. Yet get taxed up the wazoo. Here in Oregon they just added a 66% tax. Its unbelievable.

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