Vitamin E acetate linked to recent vaping illnesses

More than 2000 people have been sickened by vaping and 40 people have died. After months of investigation, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and …


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  • Jay M

    Vicks Rub is best for Vaping.

  • Edoyoda Satria

    Why this on "On The Road With Steve Hartman" Playlist?????

  • Robert Mirabelle

    CBS has done lots of seriously irresponsible reporting on vaping, since day one. Hey CBS: Before you run your next vaping horror story, why not try educating yourself on what vaping is? Vaping is a method of intake, not evil voodoo. Every time you state or even insinuate 'caused by vaping', without including WHAT was being vaped, you're being inaccurate at best, intentionally misleading at worst. If someone downs a vial of unknown poison and dies, do you report that the cause of death was "linked to drinking"? Of course not, because that would be an utterly useless link, just like every time you've linked a death or injury to vaping in your many headlines. To protect the public, we need strict regulation of all e-liquids – including those containing THC.

  • DarthGilez J12G

    We all knew this months ago! Stop making excuses dammit ! All cases had viteman E not legal flavored nicotine juice . Stop blaming in on that stop punishing law abiding adults . Were fed up we vape we vote and we will not let a flavor ban stop us ! The Gov can make all the $ they want from big tobacco but they will not win ! All youl do is make it more risky and unsafe because well have to make it or buy it on the street cuz were damn sure not going back to cigs ! were all gunna make it if there is a flavor ban and were gunna help our fellow vapers and sell it to them . Try n stop us !

  • Jason

    don't vape pot.

  • mortdeus

    It would only be the pot vapes. Well done sirs, well done. 👏

  • Derek Bao

    So basicially everyone already knew

  • Noe Berengena

    Looks like vaping addicts have some hope for getting back to their e-cigarette habits.