FDA investigates 127 cases of seizures after vaping l ABC News


Some users in those cases also reported experiencing fainting or tremors, according to the FDA. #ABCNews #Vaping.


  1. ;-; says

    Vaping as I’m watching this

  2. DeAr says

    3 years ago I decided to do some improvement in my like and quit smoking. I started vaping 9 mg nicotine. I was happy and satisfied with the e-cig. One day after about a week my heart rate went to about 160 bpm – while driving – without warning. I got scared a bit and stopped the car in a place where people could see me if i pass out. it lasted about 4 minutes. I thought in my mind " nicotine poisoning". I went on with vaping 3 mg nicotine e-liquid and 3 weeks later I had a 1 hour "panic attack" that started on the highway at 180 km/h( i live in Germany). I called my girlfriend to tell her where i was in case I was going to pass out. My heart rate was over 180 bpm for about 1 hour, I thought something in my body is going to fail.after 40 minutes someone from highway patrol called an emergency crew and they said my BP was high( i think it was 160) and my HR was 150bpm and other than that all good…(i was 30 at that time). The problem is that I have chest pain and anxiety since that moment because the doctors said it's panic disorder and another panic attack can come anytime… weird is that my broder devrloped the same condition after switching to vaping…
    I would say you should quit smoking and not start vaping instead…

  3. Life With Jonny J says

    Honestly if you gonna smoke you should only smoke marijuana best smoke for your lungs 🫁

  4. Lololololol says

    Can someone explain something to I feel like when I vape my headspins are worse the everyone else’s and I went unconscious once I’m so confused .

  5. unknownf76 says

    Please i need some advice.
    In 2017, i got my first seizure.
    In 2019,i got second one
    And just recently last week,i got s tbird one.
    I dont take any epilepsy medecines and i get it only when i have extremely long and heavy periods and its towards the end of the period.
    P.s last time,i have fever during my period and this time i had food poisoning. And sugar was high as well.
    Is it epilepsy?what should i do?should i go to a neurologist?
    I also have pcos

  6. Swen Oyme says

    Lol thats from hooting high doses of nicotine. Smoke a pack of cigs or rip a fat popper and the same thing will happen. There is literally no information on this news article they are just saying vapings bad dont do it just keep smoking cigs instead

  7. Zentosi says

    bruh its cause they be smokin that hotdog water thc carts,only carts i get is dipensary ones

  8. MonteCristo says

    Suspiciously always ABC news with these mysterious vaping illnesses that don’t happen anywhere else in the world 🤔 Big tobacco is scared with friends in high places

  9. MonteCristo says

    Wow is there any illness or condition these vapes DONT cause?? Maybe just tell us the ones that it doesn’t cause as every month American news is pumping this garbage out, never comes from anywhere else in the world, no problems with vaping here in the UK I’ve been on it 6 years, and had PCP Pneumonia 6 years ago which was why I stopped smoking and started vaping and the scarring on my lungs has healed!! So don’t have a clue aside this must be the tobacco companies paying the news companies as they know smoking is dead..

  10. Mac Video says

    Add juice wrld to the list

  11. Shinoske22 says

    You know what i don't give a damn about your damn kids. if the parents don't give a damn about what their kids are doing then why should i give my right for a bunch of idiot kids. An there is a 10 yr study already available in the uk. But the fda an the cdc are butt buddy of big tobacco an big pharmaceutical that make a profit off of death an the weak an yes get the facts straight cause all i see on this is a bunch of lambs blindly obeying any stupid doctor that bias as the time is long. Sick of the bull the media crapping of fine the shit parents for not doing their job an be a parent

  12. dom chessh says

    It's all bullshit!!
    Funny how it's just idiot kids in America,
    The FDA is an illuminati institution & pushes dangerous drugs & food, agenda 2030 in full afect!!!

  13. Steven Ray Reaves says


  14. Cjon wickham says

    All fda drugs are safe…lol

  15. DADDY NINJA says

    Kids by juuls or similar devices and hit them 5/6 times a go to get they big nicotine rush! They don’t vape it like you or I would, that’s the biggest issue. Then they buy the black market marijuana cartridges and do the same!

  16. lil matt19 says

    god fucking damn, yall are so stupid. Nicotine is a stimulant and can cause seizures if you have too much, it has nothing to do with vaping. do your job journalist.

  17. Ultra Vapor Bar Inc. says

    Vaping what? Smh

  18. Prosperous Solutions says

    Dont buy cheap juices from unknown sources and dont misuse your vape, and the gov sees how this will damage the cigarette industry in lets say the next 10 years no one will even have to buy any and it drives fears into their hearts.. too late though we are used to their propaganda and bs and people are waking up we are finding alternative ways to survive.. i just bought a new vape mod and this one is way bigger than my last you will never catch me smoking cigs i rather get taken by my vape… which is highly unlikely… i will take those odds

  19. Josh says

    My little brother was about 19 he had a tug boat smoked it then had a seizure went to hospital but he's OK now.

  20. almir sahacic says

    What a bunch of bs use you’re common sense you boneheads there’s millions of vapers out there you would see that in millions of ppl not clustered around a couple states they fail to mention trust the kids were using street bought not a licensed vendor black market products laced with thc so stop the bullshit it’s a bad batch made by someone not a reputable juice manufacturer and to blame it on vaping without having the facts is the worst journalism you can do useless story telling bullshit

  21. Catherine Campbell says

    Honestly, the messages that they are sending about vaping is counterintuitive!

  22. ishan21 says

    Yes it’s been around for more then 10 years and many millions have stopped smoking with vaping, the reason for this is people vaping fake thc cartridges that are not processed safely, sounds like big tobacco is trying to keep its customers

  23. Jonathan says

    https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5693960/ – link to the ncbi study of damage or lack of. Stop spreading propaganda. Be honest.

  24. defmike says

    Only in young people…. Ok 👌. Another FDA LIE.

  25. Shawn Harris says

    While your at it FDA why don't you investigate cigarettes and cancer too smfh

  26. T G says

    I smoked chewed and dipped tobacco and now I vape…… Best switch I've ever done… I feel fine btw

  27. Eclectic says

    Lets blame Vape, Tobacco industry is craving more users. FDA to University Research Centers are being bribed.

  28. Alex Blanco says

    Ya know what’s interesting I use to suffer from seizures when I was growing up from like 7 to 12 yrs old and nowadays as a vaper I’ve never felt/thought I was ever Gunna get a seizure and it’s not just oh hey doc I got a seizure check me out when I went to the doctors I had to spend many nights on a hospital bed tied to some machine that read my brain activity so they could see what caused them so to me all this is bullshit because if they were really getting seizures there would be a huge uproar and vaping would get outlawed right away

  29. Chancelord K says

    Vaping my Drag 2 while I watch this. Fuck the FDA and their big tobacco company pushing agenda.

  30. Memento Mori says

    Juul is just thinning the herd. No cause for alarm.

  31. David Webster says

    Extreme use causes extreme results.

  32. Lucio Castro says

    Mfkas gonna keep doing it 🗣 it’s not to late to change . ‼️‼️‼️

  33. LJ,Smooth,69 says

    You know what's messed up that started with the same type of let's just say allegations for well not even to say that listen allegations of smart it is those fake weed drugs like like the K2 I think call started out like that to seizures vomiting it just let on from there same crapI don't see how these are a safer alternative smoking even if that wasn't going on considering you're still pumping nicotine which is a poison in two peopleand your what justifying it by we're putting it at certain doses so that way we can make money how about we findpoison that is completely toxic and will kill you and regulate it and make you pay for it so we get money instead of just doing something about like well let me put it cigarette store that bad for youall of the United States and whatever what the hell are they still doing around for how can the government say it's okay to put poison which would absolutely no will kill a person into to sell it for profit as long as it's and then turn aroundand say people can't do the type of drug they want to weather kills them or not that's my point on it as long as you kill yourself doing the drugs we say you can do it's fine if you're doing a drug that we making money off of your going to jailwell maybe you should government and cigarette tobacco places and everybody that's higher up there letting them do this crap and have been letting him do this crap knowing that they were going to kill peoplemaybe they should be held accountable and put them behind bars like the murderers they are I also would like to know when did it become safe to inhale liquid vapor is a gas form yes but it is turns into liquid in your lungs let's see how many people want inhale a teaspoon of water you can drown from a teaspoon how about less than hell water that has been boiled to a hot vapor with other plus nicotine of whatever sort a colorful flavoring listen to Halo all thatI don't know about you but I always thought you shouldn't be inhaling water you shouldn't be inhaling liquid into your smoke is just as bad and you know the only way to stop people from is to stop making believe me people be like whatever well I quit smoking for the first couple days kind of sucked but nobody smoking around me and know after that to him after that first week I wasn't wanting a cigaretteand I say two weeks but truthfully don't lie took a week no cigarettes no smoking around me it was easy the problem is when you have the ability to get them people smoking around you if you do not have a way to get them and you do not have other people smoking around you it is damn easy to and I'm speaking from experience

  34. Dust Hart says

    Fake news

  35. Ivana Humpalot says

    the FDA are investigating why CHILDREN are sick after being given an addictive and poisonous drug? which adult is supplying minors with nicotine? that is the root problem.

  36. Tap_water 805 says

    This shit stupid why youngsters vaping shit I’m one I just use a dab pen tho fuck nicotine

  37. De Montalvo says

    This is a load of senseless information trying to scare the public. There are A LOT of studies of just how safer vaping is compared to cancer cousing tobacco sigs!!!

  38. Quantum Aquatic says

    Yeah cause of all the nicotine overdoses the fucking idiots wanting to make big smoke clouds lmfaooo vaping is gay and you'll have holes in your intestines from it

  39. KiwiGirl says

    False! The liquid inside e-cigarettes Only Contains Nicotine IF you want it too. My e-liquid has ZERO NICOTINE and lots of people use zero Nicotine liquids as an aid to quiting smoking. From 45 a day to zero, 5 years now. Only used the ecig for 2 years and no Nicotine when I did. Get facts straight.

  40. Elijah Desch says

    It got nicotine? BURN IT, CAST IT INTO THE FIRE

  41. Disphockun Guy says

    Can we please take warning labels off of products so natural selection can take its course

  42. Mass Qrs says

    It’s easy just don’t smoke. If you are addicted to stuff that kills you. Sorry but the truth is you are weak physically and Mentally in any other way.

  43. kdoo says

    vaping sucks because it is JUST AS disgusting as cigarettes.

  44. Bryan Flores says

    No shiit there mostly middle school kids their lungs can’t handle that bull shiittt

  45. Geoffrey Sloan says

    Been vaping for 6 years. seizures free lol this is bs. All about money come on. Big tobacco, fda, and big pharma profit from each other.

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