The Vape God aka Tommy Smokes on the Ingraham Angle – 11/15/18


The Vape God aka Tommy Smokes on the Ingraham Angle discussing the FDA’s potential ban of menthol and flavored cigarettes and e-cigarettes – 11/15/18.


  1. Cowboy69 says

    Damm 2018 nostalgia coming back

  2. Jermale Jenkins says

    Wait?!?!? This is not an SNL Skit?

  3. Vercingetorix Avernian says

    He started coughing omg LOLLL

  4. Truth Hurts says

    “Ummm poor Tommy is gasping for air over there.”

    Sick burn by the Dr. that’s gonna help her swag…her drip.

  5. Michael Buno says

    This guy puff game dilly dilly.

  6. Aaron Sev says

    She acted like 10 year olds are ripping these lol

  7. Aaron Sev says


  8. Danny B says

    So funny

  9. Rawg says

    And here is that actually teen use less the 4% have occasionally used 1 or 2 etc. So yeah they know what it is. But less then 1% around the whole world actually use. How the hell is that a epidemic. What we need is real educated doctors and real reporting

  10. Rawg says

    The Young, smoking and vaping is the lowest in 50 years. That not what I call a explosion or epidemic. And teens or kids shouldn't smoke, drink alcohol or vape so use our current laws. And the chemicals she mentioned just are not there at any level that can cause a problem this is also a proven lie.

  11. Rawg says

    Sorry cigarettes are more capable of Popcorn lung, but in hundreds of years what, oh ya not even 1 case. Tommy is a joke. And not a typical ecig user.

  12. Konner Dent says

    Yo SNL wasn’t lying!

  13. Raymond Huke says

    “I’ll blow whatever, whatever’s put in front of me”

  14. LIBREPUB says

    Of course Laura was in on the joke she’s trying not to laugh. El presidente is close to FOX.

  15. David Knight says

    happy birth day tommy smoke

  16. RichardBlunts says

    I like how they say "they're targeting them for children" like can you not read? all vapes have an age warning on the box. all the real ones at least

  17. Robinson Ivory says

    This could be from The Onion easily.

  18. Super Llama says

    Lies 2.9 million deaths by Guns Drugs Alcohol And Car Accidents a year and only 480,060 deaths by vaping and smoking a year

  19. Caleb Bownes says

    Goddamn tommy all the girls want that smok hahahaha

  20. billy bob says

    Please tell me this sped is just acting like this and isn't like this in real life what a loser he doesn't even inhale I hope he is trolling them

  21. Chief Macarthur says

    Tommy Fuckin Smokes!!!!!!

  22. E Presley says

    Thank you for posting, this is a gem!

  23. E Presley says

    This. Is. Amazing. Laura is making suggestions on his new flavor babahahahbaa

  24. Nathan says

    It's like a bootleg vape nayshe video

  25. Celestial Turtle says

    “You can’t overdose on vape can you?”
    Journalist: well that was cool

  26. Smoky Quartz says

    Watching his face, this is a glorious troll.

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