Illinois death may be the first linked to vaping


We are learning what could be the first death in the United States linked to vaping. Anna Werner reports. Subscribe to the “CBS Evening News” Channel HERE: …


  1. Jessica says

    None of us are getting out of here alive 🤷🏽‍♀️😂

  2. Jessica says

    Sure, if you're heating up chemicals and vaping it, you're gonna hurt your health. Just vape the cannabis flower and you won't have that problem

  3. Atlanta Sauvage says

    THC Oils Deaths.

  4. Smilley Beats says

    Honey honey honey 🍯 😂

  5. AsoftDolphin2 says

    bro imagine not being abled to just buy a blunt

  6. Jose Guzman says

    It feels like the tobacco industry has a play in this, vaping is taking away their clients so now the news is backing them up.

  7. Michelle Larkin says

    Fact I put down cigarettes and I've been vaping for 6 years
    Fact my Dr said my lungs are the cleanest and clearest she has ever seen in me.
    Fact. Tobacco is dying leaving RJ Renolds and Phillip Morris fading away.
    Fact Corporations don't go down with out a fight.
    Fact all of these reports are coming from corporate media.
    Fact vaping has been around for 20 years. Just now this comes out? Think about this real hard people!
    Fact follow the money. You will find the answer there!
    Fact who has the most to loose here?

  8. aka mom aka wife says

    I seen on the news about vaps killing kids sed it was mostly T.H.C IN the vaps . It's not T.H.C it's nicotine that's killing poeple and what ever is in the vaps or the liquid stuff they are putting in them .the news should do the research onT.H.C it's never killed anyone and that's been proven also been proven that it don't cause lung cancer. Also been proven no one has OD'd on T.H.C . They should for real stop putting T.H.C down .

  9. Grizbands says

    1:27 they are twisting their words they said FAKE Thc carts are the reason not just thc, thc is not harmful.

  10. Whiskers says

    Wow what a load of poop

  11. Gdog 04 says

    That’s why you can’t trust people with your bud

  12. Gumby Venegas says

    well I am going back to dip.

  13. David Rethmeyer says

    Vapeing saved my life I was smoking 2pacts a day I was finding it hard to breath but I didn't want to quit a friend in June of 2017 introduced me to vaping I loved it I haven't touched a cigarette since I breathe better feel better don't know what's going on with these people getting sick supposedly from vaping I'm 54 and most my life I always heard about the thousands of people every year dying from smoking and I head nothing being said about it on the news or done about it but vaping comes along saving millions of life's including mine and there wanting to outlaw it .its like just go back to smoking there's just not enough people dying I think the tobacco industry got something to do with this illness from vaping story because there losing millions and millions from it .

  14. A troutflycrazy says

    Vaping was never going to be 100% risk free but these reports and possible linked deaths may have other causes outside of normal licensed vape products.
    Why only in the last few months and particularly in the US .
    Age or years of vaping in these cases doesnt seem to be a cause.
    I have been vaping for 18mths and my general health compared to when i smoked 25 a day for 25yrs and especially my breathing is noticeably better.
    Having said that no one really knows after years of vaping what negative effects it can have on the lungs.
    Vaping isnt a risk free replacement for cigarettes but shorterm it can help some people quit smoking who otherwise would find it near impossible.

  15. Nick says

    I've been vaping for almost 7 years now and have had no issues- with regular nicotine vapes. However I believe this whole uproar is because of the thc/weed cartridges. Being in a state where it's still illegal you HAVE to have a reliable source because I have experienced a couple of scary nasty side effects of some "fake" cartridges.. so basically, it's kind of the government's fault for these deaths and "illnesses". If they just legalized weed nationwide for recreational use, and got on board with everything we wouldn't have to worry nearly as much as because it would all be regulated and checked for quality.

  16. Gelato says

    Spice cartridge

  17. Oh guess what, he was an adult. He can do what he wants, and oh yeah 600k people die of smoking cigs each year from first hand smoke. Good job.

  18. Ali says

    It’s always funny to the see the amount of dislikes and bias comments that arise when someone makes a video against vaping. These nicotine addicted fiends will do anything to rationalise their addiction.

  19. OnlyTrilla says

    So sli

  20. Diane Bryant says

    You have got to be KIDDING, this is BULL!!!

  21. Jaaa C says

    Someone died from inhaling illegal drugs. I'm shocked. So it's like the billionth death from smoking drugs made by some shady character you meant to say I'm guessing.

  22. Jacob Montes says

    They just had to say sum bout THC huh

  23. Buns Stiffington says

    Spice cartridges* if you’re going to report on something don’t create a false, fear-mongering headline and bring K2 in the same light as normal vaporizers. It’s inaccurate, and I see why nobody trusts the media.

  24. Keym78 says

    It amazes me how many people deny reason simply because they don't understand or have true knowledge of a topic. It took a century to FINALLY disclose the long term effects of cigarettes. With technological and scientific advances, why would it be outside the realm of possibility to have determined that something like vaping could actually be detrimental to ones health? It seems just as logical to surmise, considering that vaping is comprable to inhaling the polluted air in downtown Beijing or Los Angeles; foreign substances (some carcinogens) are being introduced into the lungs. Not everything is a conspiracy. Sometimes, it really is a matter of common sense and reason. To just completely dismiss that as implausible is unbelievably close-minded…and dangerous.

  25. Alarming Donkey says

    One death 10 years after vaping and millions of people doing it? I'd say that's still a billion times better than cigarettes

  26. Haytham Yosre says

    yea cus he was using weed oil not register as vape e-liquid The original vape e-liquid VG and PG 70/30 or 50/50 plus the percent of the nicotine 3% 6% 9% 12% those ppl wont get high so he got too high

  27. Toasty Doggo says

    Everyone in the comments: it's anti-vape propaganda!

    There aren't any studies to show what long term side effects vaping can have especially to a developing and growing teenager. Even if there isn't nicotine in it, there are still tons of chemicals that we don't know if they're good or bad.

  28. Kam Gamble says

    Tobacco company bosses and government officials are not making what they used to off sales and tax , this propaganda is a start to try to abolish vaping , no evidence of any kind linking this death to vaping , people have been vaping in the millions for over 10 years, with testimonies of ex smokers who have had heart attacks and bad health due to smoking but feel healthier after taking up vaping

  29. 1 2 says

    "Vaping may cause death."
    Charles Darwin:
    "I approve this message."

  30. Scott T says

    just in time for voting season… how convenient.

  31. Isidro Renteria says

    Teens- vape nicotine E-cigarettes and vape thc carts that contain mostly pesticides


  32. Jourdan Junior says

    Too high nicotine level or too high mg of THC. Dont blame it on vaping, blame it on cannabis!

  33. yoshy 262 says

    Vaping from 12 Sept. 2009. No issues here because I did keep it plain and simple.
    No CBD products here or 'let's mix coke with e-liquid to see how is working out'.
    Real bad for them but waiting for a real report of what they was using on daily bases.

  34. throne breaker says

    It's the thc vape crap it messes u up

  35. Keyser Söze says

    For me (vaping for 5 years now) the choice is vaping OR smoke 40 to 50 cigarettes a day. EVEN if this is related to vaping, that makes 1 death in let’s say 10 years. Worldwide every year 8 million people die a smoking related death…

  36. MrNavegar says

    I've been a vaper for 12 years now, and never got problems with my lungs or anything in fact..

  37. Racuzi Mike says

    Vaping fake carts

  38. username denied says

    Meanwhile, cigarettes are still legal. Also, vaping is dumb.

  39. Matt Hix says

    Could be from e cigs in general. There not really studied. Sure it could be from some other chemicals but again thats an assumption. Addiction always picks out the goods

  40. taylor Jams says

    This is ridiculous. If anyone died from vaping its because there was something in the vape that wasn't supposed to be in there. I mean, atleast this news coverage of the new anti vape propaganda being shoved down our throats mentioned that the vape juice could have been altered. But then they made it seem like a slim chance.

  41. NanoCellMusic says

    Why is it now after the countless years vapes have been around is it only the first death linked to it?

  42. NanoCellMusic says

    I call bull, probably of brand vaoe juice or if its a rta or rda probably using crap like paperclips as wire 😂😂

  43. Kim Jong Barack says

    So its thc not JUUL? maybe if the news was more specific on what the patient was vaping less people would be in the hospital??

  44. Blues Master says

    You almost had me . Out of all the millions of vapers world wide ,an outbreak confined to one state? It's a case for Columbo .

  45. Found on [VHS] says

    Dank carts

  46. Francis Mausley says

    Smoking-like habits almost killed me. They are "deprecated, abhorrent, filthy in the extreme; and, albeit by degrees, highly injurious to health. It is also a waste of money and time, and maketh the user a prey to a noxious addiction ..this habit is therefore censured both by reason and experience, and renouncing it will bring relief and peace of mind to all men. Furthermore, this will make it possible to have a fresh mouth and unstained fingers, and hair that is free of a foul and repellent smell." –Baha'i Faith Scripture

  47. Bri I says

    So what is key about June 28, when these illnesses first started?

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