Vape shop owners decry ban of vaping flavors in NJ


Come April, flavored vape products, including menthol, will be illegal in New Jersey. Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE for daily videos: **More …


  1. Ste Riley says

    Leave vapes alone for adults !!!

  2. Zhyted says

    americans lmao

  3. Marc Lacroix says

    Government paid people to say vaping was bad open your fucking eyes and see how much it’s actually helping people get away from cigarettes tobacco industry is starting to go right down so they’re getting pissed off that they’re losing major money

  4. Justin Timberlake says

    Let adults have FLAVORS!

  5. Ibrahim Alsaedi says

    My friend lost his business in the smoke shop

  6. Steakskin Sgt says

    Murphy is a complete jerkoff

  7. Cjon wickham says

    You vote for politicians that vote and dont care..write and call lawmakers does nothing…they all dont do right thing…greedy humans that hold life having no value. They care about vote points money ignore facts and sciences fake opinions are real to them. Its ok… God will get them.

  8. Ryan Duddy says

    I’m just going back to Newport’s

  9. 彭高生 says

    I am an electronic cigarette factory that can provide you with good products,puff plus or bang xxl

  10. Sully says

    Let's ban people like Joe Vitale

  11. Joker says

    almost 40 years of smoking and i stopped because of vaping. we regulate cigarettes, alcohol but they can't stop kids the same way? NJ has gone insane, can't wait to leave this place and get to a free state.

  12. Jobania says

    Vaping this classic tobacco tastes like a soggy dick

  13. B G says

    Man vaping for a week gave me heart palpitations for hours after smoking each time vaping is a whole different animal and ive been smoking for 10 years. If you're gonna quit you quit you dont use alternatives. Remember people thought nicotine was good for you. Of course a dude who invested in a vape shop is going to be against it. He loses money if they ban it

  14. La Faux says

    Google theTobacco Master Settlement Agreement. E-Cigarettes have replaced cigarette sales, plummeted to historic lows causing an epidemic loss of revenue paid too states banking annually on such!

  15. Bradley Richards says

    this is BAD NEWS. vaping saved me. ban the CIGS!! kids get vapes illegally, people are getting hurt and dying from illegal products. this will solve nothing!! legalize weed (will hurt the illicit cart market) allow people to get legal thc Carts. crackdown on gas stations and smoke shops, those are the places minors are getting their hands on vape products. its basically impossible to buy vapor products from a full on vape shop without ID.

  16. Miguel gonzalez says

    Dumb politicians will always be exactly that, DUMB!!! I’m so glad I left the arm pit state!! The stupidity is transparent…

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