Gurnee teen hospitalized with vaping illness, parents say


A suburban teen is hospitalized, fighting to breathe, due to a lung infection his parents say was caused by vaping.


  1. Water06 says

    fake carts

  2. Chicago Anonymous says

    Anonymous found out this was Coronavirus

  3. Second-Hand Dan says

    Rule #1 Don't buy street vapes

  4. A D says

    His story makes no sense and I wonder if he could be as stupid as the adults who believe him.

  5. Big pump says

    Ahh yes finally spilled the magic beans, it’s the THC ones that are doing this not juul lmao πŸ˜‚

  6. John Cebrero says

    I use the juul keep hitting it every day I'm 21 nothing happen I went from vape mod to juul

  7. Sew Sewon says

    A consequece of lying. cheating. and stealing. When will people learn?

  8. zincink says

    People are idiots.

  9. Big Daddy says

    Looks like harry potter

  10. Komrade Young says

    Oh shut up lying douchebag, "I DIDN'T KNOW WHAT NICOTINE WAS"… Lying asshole

  11. iPROFITDON says

    Didn't know what nicotine was? At 18 years old? It's amazing how kids get more and more dumb with each generation.

  12. John Hargenrader says

    This is John Hargenrader. Good luck young man. Get better. Work to stay healthy.

  13. mad max says

    Your son almost killed himself, due to his own, and from his parents ignorance.

  14. Susan Kay says

    STOP VAPING NOW! The OIL in some products is coating the inner lining of vaper's lungs, and THIS CAN CRIPPLE AND KILL YOU!!

    The CDC does NOT know which ingredients are "carrying" the OIL, but it show's up more often with THC Vape than Nicotine Vape Products. Keep that in mind, as something to consider, when you are deciding to Vape, or to QUIT!

    THIS young man cannot leave the hospital, until he's no longer Oxygen-dependent! That's the kind of statement we make to OLD PEOPLEto 80 or 90 year-olds, who have done a LOT of living! NOT to a young man in his 20's!!

    The medical community would call this illness, "Repiratory-Crippling" – because the lungs are severely damaged, and will no longer work as they should! He can't breathe well, and he may need a lung transplant just to live a "normal life" in the future!

    Is vaping worth the risk? 200+ people would say, "NO!" THINK, People!! This is a real tragedy for young, healthy people – Don't become a statistic! Young people shouldn't become 'crippled' by a hobby!!

  15. qline17 says

    1st. Carma
    2nd. You should smoke a pod in a half in a day a pod should last you two too three days
    3rd. this would be his fault due to his own ignorance to what nic is
    4th. It seems like he wants to sue just to justify his his own problems

  16. Michael Schuster says

    Drug addiction is no vape illness. Heroin addiction is also no teaspoon illness.

  17. TheJess Ylleg says

    No empathy. He chose to shove that shit in his lungs.

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