Father warns about vaping dangers after son is hospitalized


A man is sharing his family’s story to warn others about the dangers of vaping.


  1. xwing says

    Solution dont buy 10 dollar fake carts

  2. ElBigShegun says

    Only in the black market or street buyers

  3. Linewater says

    “cApiNg iSnT bAd fOr yOu!1!1!1”

  4. daddy pop says

    There sucking burnt coils god damn

  5. ELLO GUVNA says

    Only when you buy it off the streets

  6. しおれた花 says

    Most of the people they're getting sick from vaping are getting sick because they bought a knock-off THC cartridge

  7. eder diaz says

    Hold up is it the device the problem or the nicotine?

  8. Boerboel 10810 says

    Poor parenting, you should have warned the kid about the dangers of black market products. As for the report this news channel is so far behind the reports coming out of the CDC its scary and equates to fake news.

  9. william Johanns says

    Hospitalized from vaping? Or from ellegal streetvape drug with vitamine E acitate? Stop misleading people.

  10. Mayhem0210 says

    Back in my day we weren’t sissy’s we would actually smoke cigarettes.

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