Dissecting the Vaping Illness Mystery | WSJ


Vaping related illnesses are on the rise, and it appears to be related to a black market of THC vapes. WSJ’s Daniela Hernandez sat down with doctors and …


  1. Linda Samuel says

    No enough words can explain your kindness Dr IGUDIA on YouTube who cured my Diabetes with his herbs medications

  2. Bradley Leech says

    They can't compare vaping to thc vaping completely different

  3. Boss4048 says

    China really needs to hop off our dicks.

  4. Gasino says

    snitches get stitches live by the rules of the streets

  5. Nick Vargas says

    Don’t get carts from the streets get in at a dispensary

  6. vivaraulito says

    That’s why they should just legalize weed so everyone can get real carts that don’t cause such problems….

  7. Y says

    this is coronavirus bro

  8. Matthew flores says

    What happend when they tried to boycott alcohol🤔🤔 Prohibition didn't work so the mobsters came about making their own alcohol-moonshine-booze…then when the gov found out Alcohol is now legal all over U.S last time I checked as of 2020………..LEGALIZE AND REGULATE!!!!

  9. HoLyMaN says

    You better off vaping dry herb 🌿

  10. HoLyMaN says

    It’s from other chemicals that companies use in the cartridges

  11. Da wei says

    this is now claimed to be Coronavirus – https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/jsbGcVnoYmAbDH3dmUvLtg

  12. Just here. says

    Literally Legalization/Regulation of weed can prevent a significant amount of these cases from happening its the government’s fault it always is.

  13. Cookie Monster says

    Stick to just the plain flower it’s just way safer and you probably know what u are getting if you get it from the right person… I got 40 dollars cart and I stopped using because it had a strong taste of chemical… I threw it out literally on the firsts couple puffs and it didn’t even get me high

  14. BeesInMyHead says

    Good solution, the boomers need to step aside and people need to legalize weed as a whole.

  15. Billy Bat says

    "its the black markets fault"
    proceeds to ban all legal vapes while the doctor even says ppl wont stop lol

  16. Esther Batycki says

    Chinese counterfeit products strike again

  17. Michael Callaway says

    Finally the truth comes out.

  18. Arizona Sky says


  19. Yaight says

    lol I have the same cart

  20. Baby nut says

    It’s illegal thc carts not nicotine vaping


    The doctor/scientist dude has that vibe that he blew some pounds back in the day

  22. Torpito says

    I vape mine with no nicotine and I'm doing great. I recommend cigarette smokers to do so, cuz it drops the risk of dying from smoking. If they ban vaping or over price them, ppl will go back to smoking and that's a major issue. Vaping is still bad but the risks of getting lung cancer is lower. Never take THC. Ppl need to be better inform than jumping to conclusions that its worse than cigs.

  23. Ali Mansour says

    Well, I’ve started vaping a week ago and already feeling the difference between smoking and vaping, i can breathe now!

  24. Xavier Ibarra says

    So many people blame it on the nicotine. But it’s not even the nicotine it’s literally the fake carts, dealers are selling to make a quick buck. Which is dumb, why not sell a real product and get more customers then finessing someone for $40 while you could have made so much more.

  25. Shiva Hemant says

    Vitamin E is the culprit!

  26. Andy says

    THC Vaping***

  27. ExploreingLife42 says

    humans were actually vaping cannabis for thousands of years. looks like they found the problem Vitamin E oil so here's easy solution make it legal everywhere have strict testing and also make it affordable problem solved.

  28. galaxist says

    Yo stop calling it vaping you dumb it’s thc oil not vaping

  29. SuperMurrayb says

    The video was good until it listed propylene glycol as a problem. Liquids containing PG have been used by millions of vapers without incident for years. PG was registered with the U.S. FDA in 1950, "for use in hospitals as air disinfectants." It is not a lipid and has never caused serious lung problems before.

  30. Taylor Phoenix says

    Propylene glycol is literally in inhalers, so it in and of itself is not what is causing respiratory distress. That has to do with levels. It’s just like fluoride, in low quantities it is a germicide that will keep plaque from destroying your teeth, and in higher quantities it will kill you because it’s literally an industrial poison. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater, and dig deeper next time.

  31. Jaden says

    Who's here baked asf but on the flower

  32. DirtyNapkins101 says

    2:30 that purple one wasn’t a cartridge idiots it was just a battery

  33. nocount1 says

    This is a counterfeit THC problem. This has nothing to do with nicotine vapes or e-cigarettes yet WSJ and others don't bother to make the distinction.

  34. Taj Cannon says

    I just wanna get high in school

  35. Name says

    There’s this kid everytime we in the gym when we bouta lift he gotta take a hit bro he deleteing his lungs how he gonna breathe by 20 when he is 14

  36. 10k with no vids? says

    Propelyne glycol has been approved in smoke machines for over 20 years now its a problem that vaping is a problem?

  37. Francisco Martinez says

    Guys really if y’all can’t stop smoking these just stick to weed, atleast then you’ll know your not smoking these mysterious chemicals, even if you think they real , you NEVER know unless you directly get it from a dispensary

  38. Bentley Vianese says

    Ooooooooof my guy if the oil moves around its bunk… Mr. cloud lungs here smoking on that Liberian homemade oil and expect not to get sick lol

  39. Skatez Killlaaaz says

    That’s why you should just stick to weed not those nasty carts

  40. Christopher Garcia Eatherly says

    Just use flower. This is so dumb, the doctor said he thinks people are making fake carts because they look more potent, no it’s because it’s cheap and unethical people want easy money, some education his schooling paid for. Goes to show how people who are uneducated about cannabis, should definitely not be talking about it.

  41. illboy* says


  42. Sauga Direct says

    Well you’ve certainly dissected the issue in all of 4min…thank you wsj..we’d be lost without you

  43. Smaster1755 says

    Government be like: Oooooo war on drugs 2 starts now baby!! lets get those safe tested and regulated products off the market so the fakes can thrive! genius!

  44. Kyle 0 says

    The doctors answer was very half assed.
    Propylene glycol is very very thin.
    Vitamin e acetate is thick.
    Also vitamin e is being added as it's a cheap way to dilute the product. China most likely just choose that as the first chemical to cut the carts with.

  45. Aye Boy says

    THANK YOU it's the fake carts not the real ones

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