Why it's so difficult to identify what's behind mysterious vaping illnesses across the U.S.


As another death is linked to vaping, CBS News chief medical correspondent Dr. Jon LaPook joins “CBS This Morning” to discuss why investigators are facing …


  1. Todays News says

    vaping has become a game of making the coolest rings and smoke come out of their mouths
    …some how we need to stop the kids from thinking smoke rings are cool

  2. Steve M says

    Vitamin E Acetate in some THC/CBD cartridges.. So weird how I, with no degree, was able to find it out via this newfangled thing called "Google"

  3. Roger Klein says

    Click for "E-Cigarettes: Smoke & Mirrors [Fourth Branch]" from the Regulatory Transparency Project https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DlBYVmkeQas&t=6s

  4. Dj Jon Henry says

    R u guys special or something over there?? 1 they know what’s causing it- black market thc cartridges have been found to have vitamin k acetate in it. 2 nicotine EJuice and thc oil have nothing to do w each other in fact the oils use old outdated devices, so calling them both vaping is misleading 3 they just made an arrest recently in Wisconsin guy was selling 3,000 thc cartridges a day and it had similar packaging u can buy from China to make em look legit….. nicotine vaping is safe, the fact is thc regulations is the issue. Bc states have legalized weed not the federal government there is 0 regulations hence u get ppl getting sick

  5. cursivblessinZ says

    Considered not to? Nicely put Doc.

  6. SamSays says

    You ban flavors and cause a fruity arms race of new unregulated flavor pods in the market and this is the result. bad ingredients

  7. JC says

    Companies should stop selling cigarettes, and legalize cannabis

  8. classic white bread says

    General Public: What is going on????
    Vaping companies: Deze Nuts!!!!
    General Public: 😒
    Vaping companies: Ha!!! Got em!!!!!

  9. fake news…..cigarette companies made this garbage up

  10. Mr. Enterprise says

    Get to the point. It’s not the ejuice from the vape shops. It’s THC oils. It’s been around for decades and these outbreaks just started these past couple months.

  11. Jessica Zane says

    Oh my God. And I thought the 1,954 people who got shot in Chicago just this year so far had it bad.

  12. It's Meekers says

    Add this to tabacco

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