STOP Saying Vaping is Safe! | My Update On Vaping | Wednesday Checkup


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  1. ImBruh Meme says

    I don’t vape my friend does i just wanted to see if this of safe

  2. troy tan says


  3. Arush XD says

    hi, uh i live in egypt and like 9 out of 10 people smoke here, so, how do i prevent the smokeness from getting in my lungs?

  4. Radek Zielinski says

    you know what's funny… you say vaping is SAFE. But VAPING THC, IS NOT.

  5. zigaudrey says

    Vaping is the wrong way to quit smoking.
    That the reason why you shouldn't put perfume in your mouth.

  6. Jai Green says

    WE DONT SAY ITS SAFE WITH SAY ITS 99% better than smoking because there is proof and the “lung ilness” is because of thc carts

  7. Lionel Leonore says

    in my opinion, the kids shouldn't start vaping, simply because they are not so responsible with their addiction, and probably most of them think it's cool. Kids tend to unable to control the amount of time they vape. I actually think that if you only vape a few times, this shouldn't be a problem unless you change into new pods or refill your liquid every 1 or two days. that's pretty much tell us that the addiction is very bad. But if you only change the pods or refill the liquid every week or weeks like I do. It should be pretty much okay. lol. passer-by here, just trying to voice out my opinion.

  8. andras vari says

    kids will be kids, you dont like them trying out stuff? ban it all together. Oh, but baning stuff doesent fill our pockets…right..

  9. Nightshift by OMMAN DIZON says

    Thank you, Doc 🙂

  10. Arianna Whitacre says

    The kid in the video that he showed he actually went to my school, it stinks because he was a great wrestler but now with vaping he no longer can

  11. sunkid86 says

    Vaping: 500 ppl get hospitalized because a specific chemical got into their lungs from illegally produced Vape fluids.
    Doktors, officials: Vaping has be stopped at all costs.
    Smoking cigarettes: millions of people die every year around the world because of smoking cigarettes.
    Doktors, officials: smoking is unhealthy.

  12. Kev Dints says

    I mean what I do in my body is my choice government can’t tell me what to do with my body thanks

  13. ARTificial says

    People fail to remember vapes and e-cigarettes were made to help people who smoked already (nicotine inhalants of any kind) prior to getting the vape. People who pick up smoking and START on vapes their just plain foolish! I use ecigs and have had 0 complications breathing (4-5 years straight of vaping) and I feel like it has to do with my lungs being used to smoke prior to the use of vaporizers. These kids today pick it up because they think it’s “cool” or “hype” when in reality they’ve just gained a life long nicotine addiction with 0 prior smoking problems… simply put vapes are to help ease people away from smoking cigarettes by weening off of nicotine by lowering nicotine counts or Milligrams periodically (from 6MG down to 3MG) people fail to remember they were made in attempt to make it a quitting smoking aide and kids just took it too far lol..

  14. zao da crusher says

    If nothing else, make vaping fda controlled. The biggest issues are not knowing what's in them.

  15. Ven0m_B1teX says

    I was stupid and decided to start vaping to "fit in" with friends even though I have never smoked.. I thought I'd just do it when they were around but ended up addicted to it. I'm now watching these sort of videos to scare myself into quitting

  16. Jordyn Brabham says

    I vape in school

  17. Max Tracy says

    I used to be a heavy smoker (1 1/2 – 2 packs a day) and I have ashtma so you can imagine how bad my breathing got after 8 years of being a heavy smoker.

    I got a vape about 1 1/2 months ago, and have drastically cut down on cigarettes. I'm smoking 2-3 cigarettes a day, and my goal is to be completely off of cigarettes by Friday (11/28). I'm not coughing nearly as much, and I'm not having nearly as many asthma attacks. Whenever I do cough, it's way more productive, as in at least twice a day I get almost literal mouthfuls of phlegm. It's disgusting, but I'm also sort of happy about it?? Because to go from those dry irritated coughs and harsh coughing fits I used to get being a heavy smoker, to what they are now keeps me motivated to completely stop smoking to help my coughs be more productive and eventually stop. When I'm fully vaping my plan is to slowly lower the nicotine percents to the point where I don't need to vape anymore and I'll be completely smoke free. It's definitely a process for me, but it's going to be 100% worth it in the end when I can breathe easier and I'm not dependent on nicotine and my body can 100% heal beyond just the productive coughs.

  18. Carter says

    Question: how about my boss juuling in the car with the windows closed all the time. I drive him everyday. Am i get the impact later on because he’s juuling from rear seat? What cons of the impact later on to me? Thank you

  19. Frank E says

    I received my vape pen today. Until today, I’ve smoked ~1 pack daily.

  20. So many people in my high school vape so much. A lot of them start at age 13-14

  21. xDaVincic says

    Doctor mike, vitamin E acetate is not a standard ingredient. The vapable THC e-juice that has been found to have vitamin E acetate were all homemade! Please research a little deeper and release an updated video for 2021 or 2022

  22. Firdaws says

    What about the dangers of hookah smoking?

  23. Brandon Ward says

    He should do a video on smoking cigars. They are different from cigarettes and vaping and there isn't much research on the subject or at least to my knowledge. Just curious about what he has to say

  24. Charles Stanley says

    I really appreciate this video! A lot of useful information and exposure towards vaping. I vape myself and have quit cigarettes. I think that the destinction between regulated vapes and unregulated vapes should be shown as so far all the evidence is pointing towards unregulated vapes being the root cause of most of these deaths (if not all of them). Thank you Doc for your video. Keep up the good content! 🙂

  25. Adam Heap says

    How much did the ciggie companies pay you dr sellout

  26. hosein abdi says

    Vaping helped me to quit cigarette

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