Vaping research uncovers new dangers


As the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration continue to investigate the outbreak of lung injury associated with …


  1. Michael Schuster says

    Vapers only get sick in the USA. And only after 5/2019, even it's 13 years on the market.It's a vaper-bullying-epidemic. Big Pharma, the cigarett producers and their well paid partners, the single states loose billions. Every fairy tale is good, to destroy the reputation of the better option. Vaping didn't make one vaper heavy sick. Tobacco kills 1 worldwide in every 8 seconds and 1 none-smoker in every 80 seconds. #MSAbloodmoney

  2. It is what it is…. says

    What’s know no one has died from Legitimate licensed e cigs since invented 2004 and introduced 2007 in USA

    E-cigs heat Propylene glycol the same compound the concerts heat in their fog/smoke machines consumed in lots of foods Not toxic
    A flavor, Vegetable glycerin
    Nicotine debatable about harm.

    The real reason for the vape epidemic is the loss of how states have been loosing revenues due to people quitting Cigarettes switching to e cigarettes
    Link to the tobacco master settlement agreement 1998 USA protects toxic cigarettes from being banned!

  3. Helix Silent says

    More fear mongering and botched research

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