CDC Says Stop Vaping As Mystery Lung Illnesses Rise | TODAY


NBC News medical correspondent Dr. John Torres joins TODAY to weigh in as the CDC issues new warnings against vaping. Hundreds more users across the …


  1. Truth Seeker says

    This is exactly why the US needs to let WHO investigate this! People from all over the world vape but this "mystery lung illnesses" only happened in the USA! Come on, now!

  2. Koibud says

    covid -19

  3. ZzZ888 says


  4. RememberAllah says

    This mysterious long ilness was probably covid. Do second autopsies!!

  5. ZygiNY says

    Outright lying!

  6. NPC137 says

    450 cases of illness from vaping and we have a problem. 50k deaths from alcohol and we are fine.

  7. light487 says

    This is why we need to stop listening to World health organisation and CDC and FDA when they go against science.

  8. WeAreThey says

    Here's the deal. The tobacco industry is getting decimated by the vape industry. Big tobacco settled with 46 states to the tune of $200 billion over 25 years and to pay states in perpetuity. If they're not selling cigarettes, the states don't get that money.

  9. 100Shotz says

    Iz alll dem hotdog boof carts

  10. Michelle Parsons says

    Because lungs are meant to have oxygen only, DUH!!!

  11. AVapeCloudz4Dayz says

    Weres those other 450 cases & its black market marijuana cartridges NOT VAPING/E-JUICES

  12. william Johanns says
    People look at this.

  13. Quentin Daniels says

    Time out. They say “Mystery” lung illness and yet say it’s caused by vaping… It can’t be both numb nuts.

  14. joe says


    We all need to come together to protest, sign up as one and fight this BS. Either we fight back with facts and show the world to research for themselves not just take a news channels word on a subject.. Either someone like DASH makes a website where we can all sign up and be notified when to fight back, where to go and what to do. This way we can lead a army to fight all this BS with kids vaping illegal drugs , then blaming nicotine juice for it yet millions vape and have been for a long time yet nothing.. All this crap about teens and not all of a sudden people are dieing and sick cause of vaping nicotine e juice.. NO.. Its from drugs they are vaping period…….. Someone make a website so we can all fight this before they take all vapes away and make you all smoke again.. I ask as im not to savvy to do this myself or i would.. To complain and know this is all BS yet not come together to fight, put commercials out proving facts ect…. LAY DOWN OR FIGHT

    Cancer Research UK, PHE ect all proved vaping is safer then smoking Already.. Even if it was just as dangerous why not take smoking away ? Why can we smoke but not vape ? Vaping is not good obviously but its safer then smoking and thats All that matter..

    You see all this crap on tv about vapes being worse then ciggarettes yet its been proven by experts already that vaping is 95% safer.. Look to the UK for real info without a crooked government putting propoganda out in the USA. Our government lies and admittes they lie, got caught in lie after lie. Research yourself thats all im saying, news lies period.

    NOW .. We all need to come together to protest and fight for our right to vape and not be forced to smoke. They wanna take vapes away yet leave us to burn paper and tobacco and inhale smoke from basically a fire, this is fine , it kills people Every Single Day yet there is nothing done with this ! Why ? Why not alcohol which kills every day.. Cause tabacco companys are paying for this propoganda as people cant be this stupid.

    I can go on for days and left out many facts im sure..

    Like this comment to help make people aware and save yourself from dieing from ciggarettes. Help keep vaping nicotine legal.. Help and send this to any company leader who you think can make this website.. many vape companies can come together to fight this with donations from all vapers ect. $1 each and we have millions for commercials ect Just like 9/11 familys did about building 7 that was a demolition on 9/11..WAKE UP.. SOMEONE MAKE A WEBSITE WE CAN ALL GO TO TO SIGN UP TO FIGHT THIS BS FALSE INFO BEING PUT ON THE NEWS

  15. Just Trent says

    Just smoke that ganja or don’t smoke anything at all

  16. Consumer Alerts Okc says

    If you want to inhale anything other than air, then accept the consequences for your stupid choices. I have no pity for smokers, vapor-ers, drug users, alcoholics or any other person that consumes these substances. The information is out there … The dangers are known …. Let them harm them self … They are weak minded humans … Natural Selection …

  17. mad max says

    Try this, do not vape oil based products, that is bad on the lungs, these automize they don't burn, I dyi my own juice I breath better since I started vaping and quit cigarettes, learn about vaping before you criticize or use a vape, one more time do not vape oil based products, they have purer forms of vaping THC ect…dont blame vaping it's what people have been putting in them, I know this is agenda, and I do know that cigarette smoking kills almost half a million people every year.😐

  18. Sam says

    its from black market garbage. in Wisconsin the officials and their prohibition are to blame

  19. marcus bush says

    “More than 450 deaths” this guy is a clown

  20. otra ves says

    How much deaths linked to tobacco, alcohol, and all the illegal drugs the US sells their own citizens??

  21. Keven Rue says

    Save your old packages and old containers dont throw your empties bottles/ containers away!

    Then your family can sue the responsible people involved in the use of chemicals in your cartridges.

    Oh and dont die!! LMAO

  22. Copy that10_4 says

    Dirty tube. Sterilization of pipe. Even the c-paps that sterilization is a must. Bacteria 🦠 breed in those thins.

  23. Shiv says

    I’ll just go smoke cigarettes then, mfing clowns

  24. Giulio Iannella says

    this journalist smokes a lot of pot vape

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