8th vaping-related death reported as illnesses soar past 500


More than 500 people have been diagnosed with vaping-related breathing illnesses, but the cause remains unknown, U.S. health officials said Thursday.


  1. Loved and Forgiven says

    yuh I stopped this crap months ago was experiencing symptoms from juul man and god took the craving away just like that lets go

  2. Michelle Parsons says

    It's the Vegetable glycerin A.K.A Vegetable oil. Think about it!

  3. Stephen Struble says

    Now we have individuals who continue to smoke cigarettes rather than switching to a much safer alternative. And for those who claim that we don't know if vaping is safer than smoking cigarettes. Well, there are two scientific studies that support the premise that if you are vaping the proper product it is indeed much safer than smoke cigarettes. It's intellectually dishonest to neglect the evidence. We never claimed that vaping is safe. The premise is that if you are vaping propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin then that is much safer than smoking cigarettes.


  4. Rico & Pine says



  5. Michael Brown says

    Fake News! Oh Wait a min. you are backed by big tobacco! LOL! Get the story straight – it's the cart's laced with Vit-E Oil that are causing the harm! Not regular vaping! If you are so worried about harm, look at cigarettes! But no one will ban them!

  6. AmbitionZ VapeR says

    illegal black market THC cartidges! there is your answer! go fix the problem and stop calling it "vaping" because its not. its called getting high off THC. please put the right information out there and stop this MSA scam. stand clear from mayjane cartridges not VAPING!

  7. Natter Cakes says

    I love being an adult and not being able to decide if I want to vape flavors or not

  8. Gabriel Berki says

    Flavors save lives

  9. Maryshell Smith says

    The youth vaping epidemic has nothing to do with flavors at all. The kids like JUUL and devices like it, and nic-salts. The two combined provide kids with a buzz, and discreet vaping. This would have happened whether there flavors or not. Get rid of JUUL & devices like it:, & get rid of nic-salts- and that will solve the youth increase in vaping legal vaping products. The illnesses and deaths are from illegal black market products containing THC OIL, which also has nothing to do with flavors.

  10. McClasher says

    all deaths have been liked to THC

    welp lets ban all vapes and flavors

  11. Seventh Anubis says

    I smoke Lucky Strikes with no filter in my 1964 Corvair and take corners at 90 mph.

  12. Zennofobic says

    was thinking about making my own thc vape juice with ethanol RSO but I guess I'll stick to popping caps, ingested weed is so much better than smoked… course you just have to sign off on anything important for the next 2 days

  13. capn kid says

    apparently everyone has a death wish. 500 injuries, yet they continue. I say let em go at it. It's kind of Gods way of weeding out the idiots. What sign do you need. One time smoking and you're fighting for your life. Go back to cigarettes. It's a slow lingering death…ahahha

  14. S M says

    You guys don't get it. If u vape, drs lose money, pharmaceutical companies lose money, cigarette companies lose money, ur state loses that high tax money. Flavored ecig have nothing to do with smoking weed.

  15. User51 says

    They still have not removed the toilets in the vaping lounge.

  16. Michael44 says

    the fake news really don't know whats going on…these people vaping are smoking drugs pure nicotine ect…its not weed morons..this kids are making homemade liquids to smoke… but no care in the world of the drugs pouring into america and killing 10's of 1,000's a yr..and now this is a crisis because its teens and the liberals got to pretend they care about children even tho they support abortion and taking care of illegal alien children..such arrogant, self-centered, self righteous, narcissistic, superiority complex people

  17. Mike hunt Hurts says

    Hmm and they can't name a single ingredient related to this… Propaganda is strong.. Trump sucks but he's right about one thing "fake news"

  18. Zakke Hoelscher says

    So hundred of thousands of people die every year from smoking and they don’t ban cigarettes but they’re going to ban vapes tf

  19. Anton Ivanov says

    Let’s ban e-juice because people are buying fake THC cartridges with vitamin E acetate in their content . 😂😂😂 that’s just bliss ignorance .

  20. lol Bishboi says

    Cancer is big business, even if these cases are from store bought nicotine vapes the 500 illnesses pale in comparison to the hundreds of thousands of deaths caused by cigarettes a year in the us

  21. LordLuke says

    Vape nation y'all 🤙

  22. Rodney Weber says

    I don't think President Trump realizes he has 2.5 million legal adult vapers in swing States. 90% adult vapers use flavors all non tobacco

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