FDA Releases First Anti-Vaping Ads Targeting Teens | NBC Nightly News


Gadi Schwartz has a look tonight at the Food and Drug Administration’s very first anti-vaping commercial aimed at teens. “The Real Cost” campaign includes TV …


  1. Fred vance says

    First I’ve been vaping for 9 yrs now was a smoker now with all these anti vaping commercials telling people vaping causes depression and fills your lungs with metal..
    I routinely get checked due to my medical problems I tell you what my lungs are clear of said metals… I’m really close to finding a fellow vape guy to do a pod cast on these false allegations of how vaping causes depression that there just gets me

  2. Modern Being Team Ruff says

    I have never seen a kid using a juul lmao

  3. MGA Studios says

    0:56 bruh it’s 100% intended for them. That’s pretty much why they came out with E cigs. Smoking was going out of date and the tobacco companies were loosing money. All they needed was a way to lure in the new generation.

  4. Patrick Turner says

    #Vaping Saving Lives (Technology, NOT tobacco) vs. Federal Liberals needing * scapegoats * – @truth #truth and The Real Cost (@KnowTheRealCost) #FDA commissioner Dr. Ned Sharpless, support for #Marxism government proves that point in the Anti-Vaping (Pro-tobacco) commercials / articles are terrifying with made up actors – teens that some aren't old enough to purchase products and computer generated images because they don't have actual data of lung damage caused by water vapor clouds! [Just like President Joe Biden COVID-19 task force, former FDA commissioner Dr. David A. Kessler who is both Anti-Vaping and Anti-Supplements, wanting to regulate everything.] >> MORE PRO-HEALTH / #ANTISMOKING / VAPE POLITICIANS ARE NEEDED like Eric Miller (@itsemillz) of Olympia – Tenino Washington (South Puget Sound)

  5. Fawzi Breidi says

    God forbid i see an anti smoking ad

  6. water says

    wait the dude says that Vapes are a gateway to ciggs, but weren't vapes made to lead you away from ciggs?

  7. Dominic Burns says

    Or just don’t get nicotine pods

  8. Zeghetti says


  9. blade_slayer says

    Idk why but this makes me want to vape

  10. ChiquitaSpeaks says

    I’d hope my vape exploded on me that’s a lawsuit I’m trynna get paid lol and how do flavors target teens do adults not eat mangos?

  11. Cat Per says

    Batter than tobacco. Key facts. Tobacco kills up to half of its users. Tobacco kills more than 8 million people each year. More than 7 million of those deaths are the result of direct tobacco use while around 1.2 million are the result of non-smokers being exposed to second-hand smoke.

  12. Dion Lawson says

    Dweebs. Sure Vapes are bad. But buy our cigarettes Camel cigarettes has a great coloring book pack both with the menthol and regular red packs as "blank packs".

  13. CARBON BLACK says

    These PSAs are so annoying.

  14. Matej Kon says

    Ok boomer

  15. Invader Zim says

    Let em… it’s there body,there choice. If they want to pay the ultimate price then let them learn the hard way.

  16. Ed Martinez says

    Ban everything! Let’s become like North Korea 🤪

  17. B Rad says

    Your choice your fault. 90% of the population are stupid. Sheeple most if you

  18. The Winner says

    Any anti vaping ad just makes me want to smoke MORE cigarettes

  19. Ian Scowby says

    Why would u go from vaping yummy flavours to smoking dirty tasting ciggys. Its busllhit!! I smoked for 15 years and I started when I was 16 (kid)…I wish there was a choice between vaping and ciggys back when I started but there wasnt. People have choice now and they wanna take that choice away .makes no sense. this video is incorrect!! ridiculous..

  20. Samuel Call says

    Lol aight ban the Vapes we just gonna do the same crap as our parents did smoke cigs and crappy brick weed

  21. Sad Machines says

    This whole campaign is created and financed by big tobacco. They've lost BILLIONS to vaping. Make your own vape juice with 100% vegetable glycerin and carefully choose your flavors. Nowadays most companies list any possibly dangerous chemicals that are in the flavoring. The whole "popcorn lung" thing is stupid. People that worked in popcorn factories all the time were exposed to some particular chemical that gave them lung issues. Popcorn flavored vape juice sometimes has this chemical. That's it. Do you know how exponentially worse smoking tobacco is for health? It's an enormous difference. Hemp was used almost exclusively for paper at one time. The people who owned vast fields of trees for making paper, also had friends in politics. They colluded to put the hemp guys out of business. So out came laws prohibiting hemp, along with the movie "reefer madmess" to brainwash the public. This campaign is big tobacco's reefer madness.

  22. James Hale says

    I feel like 90% of the time they anti drug campaigns make kids want to do drugs from how bad they are.

  23. Danny Morante says

    teens and preteens from the late 90's and early 2000's are probably wanted to have kids.their child will get all hacked

  24. blockoftofu says

    I smoked cigarettes before vaping so it’s a lie

  25. James Gonzalez says

    This is a lie — if it where the case, I'd still be a very active addict.

  26. Stephen D says

    When is the American public going to realize that they are being lied to. The FDA doesn't work for the American people or the U.S. government, they are 100% controlled by big pharma.

  27. Ayumu Mayo says

    There are no good news sources in America anymore tired of this crap

  28. timsfinalburnerlolxd says

    just ban nicotine

  29. outlawX357 says

    i occasionally smoke cigars once or twice a month but for those people who vape literally all day everyday yeah your doing yourself no favors

  30. Mark Strysko says

    There's also an epidemic of teens who are NOT smoking traditional cigarettes

  31. Brandon Inglin says

    I don’t smoke 🚭 or vape 💨‼️💯

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