The dangers of vaping CBD oil


Dr. Cass Ingram, author of “The Hemp Oil Miracle” discusses the health risks of vaping CBD oil and other products and offers alternatives to inhaling.


  1. Nathan Samuel says

    Don't be scared, he said BCP!

  2. John T Hicks says

    🤔……….. no….

  3. Dennis Harold says

    Weedborn's CBD products are amazing!

  4. Malcolm X Raw says

    Does youtube have a video about me picking my nose? I'm scared to find out

  5. RomanTK says

    Welp i’m going to die 😭😭😭

    these mfers are fools bro 😭😭

  6. Jarin Munoz says

    Ahhh media tryna control the people so cute

  7. Kyrojii says

    I know this is late but its funny how the media don't stir up panic on cigarettes 😂

  8. David Hartin says

    I've been vaping since 2008 and people like this trigger me.

  9. rabak omaba says

    This time I will use Weedborn CBD products to heal myself.

  10. Christ Julius says

    You should try the best quality CBD. Try the Weedborn CBD store.

  11. David Davidson says

    Propylene glycol isn't in antifreeze, ethylene glycol is. This 'doctor' clearly can't read medicine labels as propylene glycol is used in cough syrup, liquid medication capsules, injectable benzodiazepine preparations (excluding midazolam which is water soluble) as well as food flavouring.
    Propylene glycol is perfectly safe to consume.
    Ethylene glycol will cause calcium oxalate crystals to shred your kidneys and has been used as a poison (due to it's sweet taste) for decades which is why antifreeze now comes with denatonium benzonate (Bitrex) in it so it's unbearably bitter.
    "Any kind of chemical in the lungs is bad" I guess that hack doctor should just move to outer space then, as oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide are all chemicals and are all in our lungs all day round.

  12. FoundGamer says

    They’re not wrong… just don’t buy cbd from smoke shops or circle K’s. Buy real, tested, no tch CBD. Save your money for the real stuff or don’t buy at all.

  13. Adam Hefner says

    Food grade PG isn't ANTIFREEZE

  14. Vega punk says

    He's a quack

  15. Mkay Dog says

    1.. ofc you can extract without Butane… All Cheese cake, Pina colada, bubblegum… Its Terpenes. 20 books yet clueless

  16. Real talk tv 📺 says

    Like he say don’t smoke nothing that’s synthetic. He never say don’t smoke natural weed or hemp.

  17. Doyle Metzinger says

    I like CBD. The best ones are from Weedborn 🙂

  18. Vadym Volodko says

    Very good CBD products I found on the Weedborn website.

  19. Dee Breezy says


  20. DannyHD says

    Such a bad reputation for the word "synthetic." Advil is synthetic, EpiPens use synthetic epinephrine, etc. synthetic means it was synthesized but is no different from "natural" things. Poisons are natural

  21. Mario Mariscal says

    Talk about cigarrets ,thats the real problem

  22. rami Alhashidi says

    Use me as dislike button

  23. Nexus says

    The dangers of vaping CBD oil… talks about E-Liquid.

  24. 3 Knives says

    Smoking my Gorilla Glue #4 CBD with 0% THC vape pen, (Nothing wrong with THC) while watching this. It hasn't hurt me yet. If I smoke one cigarette, I'll have bronchitis the next day!

  25. Adam Hefner says

    Guy doesn't advise about the liver

  26. Zoned Out Gaming says

    oregano is like morphine lol i eat that on my spaghetti

  27. Kinetic Kill says

    I was willing to hear what He had to say, but when He said PG is antifreeze, I knew where this was going. Like several have stated, we have PG in many other consumables, never been called antifreeze before. Sad to hear people like him trying to discredit something that way.

  28. Travis Beard says

    Antifreeze is ethylene glycol correct? And if you've written 20 books on the same obscure subject you're probably just a salesman. What a con.

  29. Trevor Anthony says

    The dangers of living lol

  30. butterstix 24 says

    Did he just say it's dangerous to inhale water vapor? Water vapor is literally in air lol

  31. stared._ says

    hes a clown

  32. Ellie Callahan says

    I just got a cbd pen and whenever I hit it I feel like I’m choking.

  33. William Svensson says


  34. 577 Jersey Customs Adventures says

    popcorn lung oh no????

  35. Bradyn Fam says

    They don’t know what there talking about

  36. OTF Resse says

    That’s why the community made hemp wick for bongs

  37. Skylar Grace says

    dude if anyone just looks up this doctor yall would see how much of a sham he is

  38. Sarah C says

    He’s a little confused.

  39. Big Jamboo says

    It doesnt have to be synthetic flavourings u can use terpenes to have a flavour which is natural

  40. Timothy says

    Currently vaping cbd while watching this guy sound stupid. It helps my headaches and irritability.

  41. LJ-B says

    Don't really see what the dude is wrong about. He has no issue with the plant etc. Just the mode of administration and extraction.
    Hes right. The only thing your lunge should he smoking is oxygen.
    Its counterproductive. You take something for health benefits but vape all the chemicals in your lungs. It makes no sense

  42. Erik Jonsson says

    DONT DRINK WATER KIDS!!! vodka contains water!!!

  43. LionHeart Leo says

    But yet people like this don’t care about cigarettes and doesn’t warn people about smoking them ????? But yet hate on CBD that’s not like cigs??? Hypocrisy

  44. Justin Almorado says

    Can vaping cbd get you high like thc

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