UW study looks at vaping health risks


According to the FDA more than 3 million middle and high school students were using e-cigarettes in 2015…


  1. Michael chuan says

    Why spend 3.7million to investigate something that better than cigarette? Should use money build more houses for the homeless people.

  2. Rock NL Rolla says

    Im not a doc but uhhh 97.5% more safe then smoking? Im not a smoker anymore i vape

  3. Vaping literally saved me. I quit smoking after 18 yrs. 3 yrs without cigarettes. I no longer use my inhaler or cough up white mucus. No tar, no 7k chemicals no insanely high nicotine. Started at 18mg and now vape 1 mg

  4. Robbie Verbruggen says


  5. Zalds Lim says

    fake students vaping, no one uses that thats tobacco company products

  6. Stephen Dahlem says

    There needs to be a follow-up study on the younger participants at 10 year intervals, additionally, the chemical constituents of the equipmnets and liquids used should be considered.

  7. The Last Greaser says


  8. Dominatricks75 says

    hes not vaping hes using those blu ecigs that are made by the tobacco companies.

  9. Amy Hamilton says

    I guess they'd rather the young people be smoking instead. Notice they leave the truth out.

  10. Country Girl says

    Maybe the U.W. should worry about the amount of student's that drink alcohol also!

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