Coronavirus outbreak: Nova Scotia cracks down on vaping; Ukraine border closures halt adoptions


Ross Lord reports on Nova Scotia’s crackdown on vaping as world health experts suggest COVID-19 puts smokers and vapers at higher risk of contracting …


  1. fenix fenix says

    That why many Dr left medicine practice as 90% of medical practicioners are slaves of government and they doing what government or pharmacy criminals tell them to do, I chalange any medical personnel on this planet to pruve that smoking directly course cancer.

  2. Christian Berro says

    I think Evali is Corona.

  3. Greg Lummis says

    I'm sure this has everything to do with saving deaths from Covid-19 and nothing to do with the tax revenue tobacco provides

  4. Jon says

    Here we'll approve this product for sale in Canada but it's illegal to use it.
    The liberal logic is in full effect
    Why do people think liberals are morons?

  5. West Wind says

    Funny… there are MANY scientific findings stating the OPPOSITE! that smokers are less likely to be hospitalized, and the symptoms are much less than non smoker. Not my opinion–SCIENTISTS!

  6. Cyrene says

    How can smoking or vaping make it more likely to CONTRACT Covid-19? How? Possibly having worse outcomes but I think we all have the same risk when it comes to contracting it.

  7. Crypto Bunny says

    More government control. My body… I know the risks….

  8. Autumn Blues says

    But…just go smoke a joint eh…🙄

  9. xCreative92 says

    You don't need more then 20mgs in juice . Because that just makes no sense

  10. Mike Nelson says

    Globalist News.

  11. Aman Singh says

    Wal Mart can operate its clothing section but all other clothing retailers aren't essential…..All that we are doing is destroying Mom and Pop businesses. The govt wants to keep it locked down as long as possible so we are forced to shop at these Trans National Corporations exlusively.

  12. noir manoir says

    This corona ordeal has proven that canadians are docile and dumb. As for vaping, stop letting tobacco lobbyist talking points peddled by the news sell you on the dangers of vaping as if they care about your safety. I see no pride no push back, zero masculine energy countering anything the government puts forth. The audacity of canadian media to protect the tobacco industry from competition under the guise of public safety…they take canadians for children. Canadians are sissies and i'm tired of it.

  13. 138Jones says

    lol oh no. only 20mg. what ever will they do with only 20mg bottles holy

  14. Tia says

    Are they going to ban deep breathing in yoga class next? re: @1:58.

  15. Scott Carpenter says

    'less addictive' really!

  16. Gary Wilson says

    This country was going to be like Venezuela , in 6 months any ways with out the sickness , our dollar is nothing , before the sickness , Mexico unemployed rates was 4 percent ,, Mexico picks the USA well the govt of Canada picks China

  17. pamela kingwell says

    Another, TAX grab!

  18. Ngeow Hoi Wan says

    Government doesn't want people to know that nicotine can eliminate COVID-19! Furthermore 'scientist/ experts' aren't able to confirm that smoking have greater risk at contracting the virus. Put/ show the facts out! And so to say that those elders and others who died from COVID-19 are smokers; again how many %?! Common sense, guys think again!!!

  19. Danny P says

    About time

  20. don coileohm says

    Shame on you GLOBAL for fear mongering and reporting untrue /unsubstantiated fact. There is no study linking vaping to any long-term health risks.

  21. Jay Dee says

    Wow ok get pepole back on the cigarettes.

  22. Nagato Uzumakì says

    IS commie premier of NS going to go after smokers next?

  23. K G says

    Is there a direct correlation with working for global news and mental illness?

  24. monira parvin says

    we want stop each kind of smokeing, bhotka and nekorine etc

  25. YJ says

    20mg? Holy crap. I only use 3mg. It helped me quit smoking and stay quit. I started at 24 and worked down to 3.

  26. Craig Smith says

    Gonna buy A LOT of extra juice next time I Re up, and I'm going to make sure it's all 30+, Global. Thanks for showing your incompetence, and informing me I need to get more soon. 🙂

  27. Muzz Milk says

    I think time would be better spent dealing with the obesity epidemic in Canada which will cripple the medical system over time.

  28. We Out Here says

    My high school had a students smoking area back in the day haha!

  29. Ryder Desmarais says

    Just slowy taki g away our freedoms

  30. AudienceMember says

    Good, been a smoker my whole life, went to vaping as a way to quit. No one needs more than 20mg

  31. Arkout Arkout says

    What about the fat people you going to tax junk food

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