Barstool Sports Does the National Vaping Expo


On Sunday, I went to the National Vape Expo at the Nassau Coliseum on Long Island. Absolute no-brainer to go do a video there in my full Vape God attire.


  1. Jeremyk 541 says

    You can’t make vapors look worse…

  2. Fort Gaming says

    The bathroom during lunch:

  3. Mrgoodygoodygumdrops says

    Jai haze keeping it real love to see😅😎

  4. Josh KroW says

    Man screw this guy.

  5. Ideen says

    yo that’s tommy

  6. Cesco Smith says

    So instead of smoking quit fucking vaper🤣🤣🤣

  7. J G says

    That guy takes vaping a little too seriously

  8. T Capps says

    Audio guy… what the shit

  9. Anthony Rizzo says

    The reaper is a cool guy

  10. Philly Halifax says

    This guys a fuckin joke id love him to come to my town fuckin piece of shit

  11. Jesus Garcia says

    Reaper: “that’s not drip that’s a close circuit”
    Timmy: “no drip,swag,clout”
    Reaper: I am too old for this shit

  12. TTstone616 says

    He now pretends NOT to be the total jackass that he is after he went on national tv making an ass of hi himself

  13. Stuart B says

    These dudes getting seriously pissed like vaping is their religion or something. Fucking hell, get a life.

  14. Zach Green says

    This guy in the black goes from "im gunna sell you this mod"
    "You're a piece of shit, I save life's and you're not a smoker"

    Faster than that vape heats up

  15. Numb Drugz says

    Bro the reaper had me dead☠️ “Harm Free tobacco products” dumb fuck, all the shits bad for you☠️ and the “ you use it to get a buzz” I’m positive when you first started smoking it was for the buzz☠️ before it just became a habit/addiction. Vaping smoking all the same shit I do both it’s awful one just smells better than the other

  16. dick castle says

    Vape tard

  17. eddie stafford says

    does it help with the chicks?……… no. lol had me dead .

  18. Kurt Barone says

    Best thing TOMMY smokes has done for Barstool!!!

  19. Keegan Gildea says

    This people don’t deserve vape god tommy

  20. BuDu1013 says

    this kid takes the tool out of bar. to the next level

  21. stupidguy411 says

    My man said “1 out of 2 people who smoke will die”

  22. Ota Wa says

    I wish he woulda told the dude “I don’t know that was a pretty fat cloud bro” 😂


    This might be the most underrated barstool video

  24. NDevor says

    That guy takes vaping way too damn seriously lol. Dude needs to vape some THC and chill out.

  25. Flory says

    The guy in the reaper shirt is so self important

  26. Mom’s New Boyfriend says

    I love how hard that guys trying to gatekeep the vape industry as if he owns it what a fucking nerd

  27. Mike Twomey says

    People can do whatever they want bruh this dude cares too much about vaping bro, just because you smoked cigs doesnt make you any better.

  28. Rudy Flores says

    He's an embarrassment like most the people in the comments.

  29. Chuck James says

    lowkey tommy tried not to laugh a few times 😂

  30. Austin Selph says

    Vape naysh y’all

  31. ozz says

    God these people are so fucking lame.

  32. stephen rehberger says

    This isn't a real Expo is it?

  33. Daniel Buckner says

    I forgot that I did that hahaha

  34. Unspherdcomb6 says

    The vape industry is killing the vape industry can’t blame the people for the shit they cut real juice/oil with and fake juice/oil

  35. Single Stitch Mitch says

    The Reaper was def an InfoWars toadie before he started saving lives

  36. Cheese Burger says

    This is fuckin stupid barstool

  37. 509. levih says

    It seems like every vapor knows about that fucking Fox News interview

  38. 509. levih says

    People are so fucking mad over vaping it’s fucking hilarious hahaha the guy selling the mod got fucking heated for no reason

  39. Astoria says


  40. Tampaterry54 says

    oh my god these people

  41. Daniel Mead says


  42. Braeden Stephenson says

    Imagine how much better this video would be with Caleb or rone instead of tommy

  43. Cannon Shooter says


  44. John says

    Vaping is about swag and drip

  45. John says

    Bro ethan is the vape god

  46. Conor Noble says

    So I never leave comments but this was just two funny. Ive been vaping for 2 years and smoked for 6 prior to me vaping. These people who act like vaping is 100% harmless are just stupid. First off i agree vaping is for sure less harmful then smoking but what people dont take into account is the amount of nicotine that go's into some products. When your using 100-200 mg nicotine it has a huge affect on your brain cells. We know this because of prior studies done on smoking. Acting like vaping is harmless is just stupid. Its a miracle that people use it to get of smoking and im 100% for the use of vapor products but theres been not enough time to determine the long term effects. Keep that in mind.

  47. Chris Wester says

    The drip on this video is insane.

  48. Alex Milne says

    1 out of two people who smoke cigarettes will die. I got some bad news for this guy

  49. David Woodrome says

    These guys at the convention were trying to help their cause? Seemed like a bunch of tools to me.

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