Vaping caused North Texas teen's lungs to fail, doctors say


Tryston Zohfeld is 17 years old and told WFAA that he’s been vaping since the 8th grade, sometimes going through two to three vaping pods a week. On July 26 …


  1. William Bowes says

    It wasn't vaping… it was what he was vaping.

  2. Captain Jeff Marchant says

    i'm sorry, I have no pitty. Vaping since 8th grade, knowingly having asthma. Hope you learned your lesson

  3. lujain says

    He was smoking that illegal thc 💯

  4. M C says

    Early Covid…

  5. Luke Walker says

    Bruh not his parents feeling bad for him he knew he had asthma

  6. Berbツ says

    He had an illegal cart😂 all of these cases are just exposing ILLEGAL carts

  7. Emerse -_- says

    why tf would he juul if he had asthma

  8. Mad Artz Graphics says

    That's what happens if you smoke Vitamin E .

  9. watertakken says

    The part where Tryston was coughing was so hard to watch poor Teen.

  10. baso laye says

    salt nic really dangerous guys I'm using it for 2 week my left chest feel pain after that my right chest have red pimple

  11. Noah says

    “ He needed to learn to walk again after being in the hospital bed for 18 days “. Bruh.. they hype the script so much 😂 and for real, he under age and vaping on asthma…. smh

  12. MaliciousMelon says

    That's what he gets for vaping and that's what all people who vape should get

  13. Tanya Miranda says

    He has asthma…he knew he had asthma and that inhaling anything can make his asthma act up. I see this lawsuit being thrown out.

  14. Spiritual Dawg says

    blames counterfiet cart vitamin e oil poisoning on juul

  15. huurtboy says

    that’s tuff 💀

  16. Actual- Garbage says

    Okay so he goes to my school and yes he has started vaping in eighth grade but he has ben vaping dab carts (thc,weed,Canabis) all through high school they need to drug test him

  17. rebelray84 says

    What they don't tell you he was vaping THC he bought from a drug dealer. Of course they can't sue the drug dealer sooo…

  18. gfgdt Jbcdrg says

    🤣😂 fuck outtahere that little fuck was smoking thc carts

  19. Mayli says

    i feel so sorry for him and his family but he knew he had asthma, why juul ?

  20. Joey Garcia says

    To all you pussys running your mouth about vaping being ok. Just shut the fuck up. Maybe some kids will see this shit and not even try it. You guys are selfish pussys.

  21. Aim Crazy says

    Been vaping for over 4 years my health is way better I can run jump over a house with my energy I have back from killing my body with a million chemicals and they are saying its killing your lungs ? Nah half the shit they ain't saying what he did to end up on a respirator more to it then that ain't the vape it's what he was vaping or smoking something else besides it weed or what ever kid had asthma I'm fine just dont make sense

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