Teen believes vaping caused his lung to collapse


Chance Ammirata had never been a traditional smoker, but after the teen landed in the hospital with a collapsed lung, he said he believes vaping caused his …


  1. Eratom says

    Covid19 On August 2, 2019, the CDC ordered the sudden shutdown of the P3 and P4 labs in Fort Detrick, Maryland (# 55), two weeks after the suspected pneumonia epidemic opening the above timeline. At Fort Detrick, just 40 miles from Greenspring's retirement home, the U.S. military is researching the world's most dangerous infectious agents

  2. Moose Moose says


  3. Marvin King says

    It’s these crackheads using wax pens

  4. George Gibson says

    Give all information instead of false claims

  5. Angie LeMaster says

    This is bs

  6. Jordan Roig says

    vaping > smoking

  7. Willisthehy says

    Is it too late to abort him?

  8. Jose Lopez says

    I would love to know what Chance's tox screen results were while he was in the hospital. If you want to be believed, back it up.

  9. Bryan9554 sonic says

    Thank you children for ruining it for the vape community. Just because you think you guys are cool taking your juuls and mods to school. Now because of this all the vape companies will probably go out of business. Really sad..

  10. Taramundi Video says

    He vaped so much his hair bacame a vape cloud

  11. Jamie Frazier says

    Teens aren't suppose to vape anyway.

  12. Yama Pajama says

    He's probably smoking on this filth pesticides in these so called dab carts that seem to be popular.

  13. Boscos zoo says

    I smoked since the age of 12 quit 3 years ago with vaping. Feel way better breath better can now run taste food better. I've tried everything to quit paches gum inhaler Nasal spray pills only vaping worked now thay want to take that away

  14. K P says

    I think the hair cut might have had something to do with it.

  15. william Johanns says

    Millions people vaping over the world with no problems.
    Why is this happening now in America?
    Ask yourself why.

  16. Corporate Shill says

    Eh, doubt it.

  17. Micah and me says

    Thin young white males are at the highest risk for lungs collapsing for no apparent reasons. Ask anyone working in an ER, or any EMT, or paramedic and they will confirm this, both from theory and experience .

  18. florante 0314 says

    don't blame vaping.. blame your self man.

  19. Debbie Green says

    Where did she get that yellow suit? I love it!! I want one!!!

  20. MarbleWhornets says

    Cancer juice made in China, yum!

  21. Michele Mirarch says

    Questa causa e lunga tu sei capace il corpo umano

  22. TexasRain says

    What have we learned…? Breathing in bad things is unhealthy and he is going to regret that hair style when he has kids. OH… and CBS. Could you please give us answers instead of just giving problems.

  23. Sharon Smalls says

    I was explaining to my granddaughter today how awful it is to have a patient who can't breathe. Patients with lung cancer and COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), would break my heart. I'm saddened at the deception where she and her friends take their health so lightly.

  24. RIXRADvidz says

    Head Line Should Read : Vape Abuser Teen Wants To Cash In On Vape Maker's Millions

  25. RIXRADvidz says

    are there 10's of Thousands of People collapsing their lungs from excessive use? or just this one guy? one person is not a population problem, it's a THAT PERSON Problem. or else we would have heard about collapsed lungs long ago when vaping first started. NEXT

  26. macrossactual says

    Great. But what do the actual doctors say? Must be a slow news day.

  27. IamFinley says

    Ok…these injuries are most likely caused by street vape, thc, CBD, etc. Also 9/10 of these cases are about teens. The other issues (seizures) are most likely from people who already had an underlying health issue. I've been vaping on and off for about 4 years and never had an issue. I was a cigarette smoker for years prior, never so much as a cold virus.

  28. China Floyd says


  29. christion david says

    I always wondered vape is water and water in the lungs ???

  30. A Os says

    Ok we understand what happened to his lung but no explanation to what happened to his hair?

  31. Marius M says

    actually..i think it was his hair care products…i mean just look. hahahHHH🦖💨

  32. Richard IV Cummins says

    Probably just looking for money. His choice for vaping!!

  33. Patricia Henry says

    Oh! Well, if you keep doing stupid vaping what do they expect? It's wise to NOT start doing anything addicting that harms your body at all. But you can't fix stupid if they are defiant and want to continue to use things that are clearly life threatening. The breath of life is of upmost importance and people continue to get addicted to vaping, drugs, etc… that are detrimental to their very existence.

  34. Stoney Curtis says

    It's that phucking hair do that messed him up~!

  35. Worf says

    Did vaping cause his haircut?

  36. theylied1776 says

    Here's the thing with every one of these reports they use terms like (possibly, could be, may have)… and they end the report with (but no one knows).

  37. Dolores Cano-Martinez says

    Your average modern vape user

  38. he hit it right on the nose if you don't want your lungs to fail don't vape.

  39. Issadin Mohamed says

    Meanwhile my classmates smoke vape inside the class

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