Are stores selling vaping products to underage buyers?


ABC News’ Gio Benitez went on an undercover sting with police to see if stores would sell vaping products to teens without proper ID.


  1. matt mon says

    Soory bud it’s cap

  2. Nick Kot says

    y they snitchin bruh

  3. Modern Being Team Ruff says


  4. Brianna Gordy says

    I have done sooooo many alcohol and tobacco compliance tests and…most stores fail. Repeatedly sometimes. There's even been times where I was trying to do EVERYTHING I could to make the cashier card me because I really didn't want them to get a bad report again, and they just wouldn't. In all honestly out of ten stores id say maybe 4-5 max would card, sometimes literally none would. The one's who do seem to always do without fail, while most of them rarely pass or if they do ask for ID, they don't actually check it, do a visual check instead of scanning, etc.

    That being said…its awkward ya know? I wouldn't wanna be th one always having to tell people I can't sell them something they want. I imagine it can be quite awkward at times. Probably a majority of the time these cashiers KNOW for a fact whos over 21. It must be weird telling a 65 year old you can't sell them cigs because they don't have an ID. I'm sure these cashiers probably get it taken out of them a lot by customers too. In reality it’d be nice if that small handful of morons who sell to obvious kids and teens would just..stop being garbage people.

  5. Kexi X Hated says

    Meh fake he probably has heart problems 😂

  6. L 666 says

    this dumb asf bruh leave the workers alone

  7. King Nightmare says

    Lmao they are trying to stop this crisis but then showed how easy it is to buy them💀

  8. BRBasian012713 says

    Hitting one while watching

  9. Sam 537 says

    As a Australian, most tabbaco stores don’t id as they care about the money, I smoked from 15 to this year 16 and never got id once

  10. Miles Victorious says

    2:30 Vape be like your not looking so good wanna take another hit

  11. Mudalad12 says

    Well they better.

  12. I drink bong water says

    me a fifteen year old
    “ damn that’s crazy”
    * hits vape*

  13. Daniel Cosgrove says

    That dumbass is in the hospital because of fake THC carts not because of nicotine products. I've been vaping 7 years and I've never been to the hospital🤔

  14. Ultimate spidy bawlz says

    Uh that vaping lung illness was caused by illegal thc carts with e acetate in it not normal nicotine fluid

  15. Ultimate spidy bawlz says

    Funny how you can get cigarettes at 18 but not vaping products

  16. Bobby Donohue says

    If your old enough to go to war and die for your country than your old enough to have a little fucking vape

  17. Tavian Boyer says

    Go to this website I been buying vapes and I give it a 5 stars what u think ?

  18. Ellie Callahan says

    I go to a shop that sells to me without Id but charges like DOUBLE for everything

  19. Therandomest says

    Y’all petty

  20. Kt P says

    I’m 13 not gonna lie they do

  21. Hayden says

    Vaping THC is what causes the lunch desease. But regular vape juice is completely harm free

  22. fenty says

    "I have died 5 times due to vaping. it is a medical condition called metal shards in my lungs. My mother is not HAPPY anymore. I cant quit vaping!!!!! – sincerely Thomas Jefferson" This is my favorite quote.

  23. Team Cloax says

    its fake carts thats killing gikds dummis

  24. Wanted Bros says

    America be like. “Oh your 18?? Here’s a gun”. But as soon as you want a beer they be like 😡

  25. Kai-Nvx says

    That’s false it’s all about fake thc oil and it’s vitamin e acetone

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  27. Mosa Edits says

    In Australia the government makes around 15 and per box of cigarettes that are sold hence why they haven’t banned them and don’t be surprised if they do it next to to vapes to ‘stop kids vaping’

  28. Andrew Bringas says

    It’s a proven fact that vape is not bad for u

  29. Andrew Bringas says

    Y’all some bitches

  30. Henry Miazga says


  31. Poopoo Peepee Woman says

    I wish they fuckin were

  32. Lost [Daycore Audio] says

    The fucking teenagers are only dying because they are over-doing it.

  33. Lost [Daycore Audio] says

    Fucking polititions.

  34. sams says

    lmfao they really think kids are gonna stop vaping- they'll j ask other people to buy for them

  35. kuriosity says

    they’re just being chill

  36. ITalkAboutStuff! says

    That kid in the hospital must have got e juice from some sketchy dealer.

  37. EpicM2K恶 says

    diabetes kill more than smoking

  38. Atros says

    Why do they want to ban vaping but no one is talking about smoking which is so much worse

  39. WeirderSpace says

    imma speak facts, if cigs werent here vapes wouldnt be here

  40. TRA A says

    Would like to know the fines and how much jail time under 21 get for illegally purchasing vaping products? They should get the same criminal charges as the stores – and if they are minors, their parents need to pay.

  41. Venompapa says

    Why shitty retail stores even sells vape there? in EU you nowhere see that -_-

  42. Nef says


    AND MY CAPS LOCK IS ON LISTEN TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. eastsidecryptoguy says

    Fukin rat kid

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