Should vaping be banned in the US?


In the US, at least 18 people have died from illnesses linked to the use of vaping products and more than 1000 have fallen ill. At 18 years old, after just two years …


  1. Coffy says

    Yes it should.

  2. Soldier for Christ says

    Should cigarettes be banned in the US?

  3. Michel Vandamme says

    Elle a du gagner beaucoup d'argent pour faire cette propagande ! Peut-être même une place dans la politique… #théorieducomplot

  4. Thomas Gunning says

    This girl is literally lying vaping did not do this

  5. Darek Bowman says

    This girl couldn't hang and now they tryna make it worse for all of us

  6. Mohammed Suleiman says

    I'm not a smoker but i gotta ask why are they not banning cigarettes and hookahs ? They have been around way before vaping.

  7. N F says

    mom publicly shames her dying daughter on social media to say "told ya so". Cold blooded😎

  8. Timid says

    I did some math. The average deaths from smoking in the us is 480,000 a year. Based on that, I divided the world population by the USA population and got roughly 2367. I then multiplied that by the average number of smoking deaths in the us and got 1,140,960,000. So if the USA smoking average was the average for every country in the world, over 1 billion people would die from smoking. But they’d rather ban vapes because ten people d

  9. Mr Constantine Updates says

    Many deaths in US from "Vaping-19"

  10. robrob637 says

    Make pot legal and this problem will go away

  11. MrAckers75 says

    Need to ban stupid people vaping and giving it a bad name

  12. robrob637 says

    Stupid pothead

  13. Thomas says

    No. Useless rock solid science not panic denotes the reason why it should be, and then why not cigarettes (besides how govt and cigarette makers early worked hand in hand to demonize marijuana from being a legit alternative). If the number of health concerns are on par with other death causes in the US…., then argue that, not the mystery of the product. Regulate. Yes. Bad batches can be deadly, like bad food can be deadly and trigger state recalls. Politics. No. Keep your platform off of others back.

  14. eddy haze says

    2:54 THC was used and had nothing to do with flavors

  15. Sharon Creamer says

    I don't think cigarette smoking should be banned. This all came about because of an illegal policy, remember. No law has been changed regarding cigarettes. If the policy hadn't been forced on us, we wouldn't be vaping, e-cigarette or otherwise.

  16. Steven Mckenna says

    Tough, I feel for her but if she wants to do grown up stuff take the consequences. Parents u need take responsibility also. It is against the law to vape Nic at here age. lets get it right it was THC she vaped but u will stick up for ur girl. Lies lies lies, u broke the law and ur mother let u break it, or were u lying to ur mum about vaping, then u say u not vaping THC, anyway ur a lier .
    Hope u get well though. But lying is going to kill millions, no billions. Well done guys u must be so proud of ur girl.

  17. Billys RC says

    Nicotine should not even be in this report. If this lady really wanted to stop these illnesses she would have known.

  18. Sheila says

    I Juul nothing happened

  19. Emily Marie says

    I wonder how much they paid that doctor to say all that. It is all lies, people have smoked for longer and heavier yet they are fine. What did she really smoke.

  20. Doomsday Clock says

    Vaping shouldn't be banned but it should have to go through strict FDA process and be treated like cigarettes and alcohol in sales regulation and advertisement.

  21. Michelle MightBe says

    She was vaping black market thc and got sick. How is banning flavored nicotine e-liquid going to help anyone? These lung illnesses are not from nicotine products. They are from people vaping black market thc cartridges.
    Stop with the fear mongering already!
    Asking a person who has quit cigarettes and switched to vaping to only vape tobacco flavored e-liquid is like asking someone who has quit drinking alcohol to only drink whiskey flavored water.

  22. Sister Goals says

    Lying, lying llitle @@@@..of course she is vaping illegal products. Fake news, fake news………………….

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