Martin Dockrell of PHE on the latest vaping scare story, 14/08/18


Martin Dockrell’s response to the Birmingham University study which suggests vaping may damage lung tissue.


  1. Shaun's Fish Tanks says

    Vaping is not banned in Australia. Its illegal to sell e liquids with nic but we can still import nic and mix it with our juices for personal use.

  2. BrookFab _ says

    "it's relatively new" – actually love, no it's not, the atomisation of these ingredients whilst suspending a drug has been about since the 50's, but very hard to go against the money and power of the big tobacco companies until recently.

  3. weirdybeard says

    I'm 52 years old, I started smoking when I was 11.
    Every morning I would wake up and the first hour I would cough.
    I switched to vaping 4 years ago and I no longer cough in the mornings…that's all the evidence I need to convince me that I did the right thing.
    Listen to your body not the fake news being churned out by multi billion cigarette industries that are losing profits!

  4. Brian Turner says

    Did he say Australia banned them completely? If so what is wrong with Australians?

  5. N says

    Got on my nerves all day on the radio yesterday. Wasn't one positive interview. Just that other bloke enjoying that he was being believed by the talk radio hosts!

  6. Alasdair Henley says

    She did her damnest to find a headline but failed

  7. Damian Sweeney says

    Excellent share as always. Thank you.

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