Las Vegas man says vaping gave him 'popcorn lung,' nearly killed him twice


On Tuesday, News 3 spoke with a woman who said vaping saved her life and helped her quit cigarettes for good, but after that story aired, we heard from one …


  1. theRealChickentender says

    Investigative journalism is dead. Here is some proof. ^ ^

  2. Miguel Angel Boza says

    Corona's little brother

  3. Bread Slasher says

    BRUH the fakest news to ever exist

  4. Plague_Bøät says

    Some allergic reaction look at the school kids doing it there calm

  5. Zackary Orand says

    Bull. Shit. Fucking liar..

  6. ata yesilkaya says

    Lol he must tell the truth vape or marijuana lie

  7. Michael Schuster says

    We have here a silly vaper, who consume THC-liquids from the black market. On the other side 800 smokers worldwide, who die ine every HOUR. If the fairy tale of the "popcornlung" really exists, why no smoker has a popcornlung, because diacethyle is in some thousand times higher amount in cigaretts?

  8. Wally Wally says


  9. N¤£H3M says

    The first question that came to mind when I saw this guy was: are you sure it wasn't the meth?

  10. Paz Mastert says

    This guy's a paid actor!

  11. Anthony says

    Something else is going on here. This sounds more like an extreme allergic reaction.

  12. nfoquest says

    he should tell doctors what he was really vaping

  13. william Johanns says

    Popcornlung story is a hoax. Sorry

  14. GamersAnonymous4me says

    There is no popcorn lung injurys from vaping flavored nicotine standard ejuice. Popcorn lung was a determination that was never proven when some people working at a popcorn factory came down with a severe lung condition and the doc's felt that diacetyl was the cause. The problem is that diacetyl is in many products that you eat (the fake butter flavor on microwave popcorn) and that inhaling it is done daily be cigarette smokers in 100's of times higher levels than vape flavored ejuice users do and no smokers have ever been known to get popcorn lung.
    The recent severe lung problems are coming from inhaling THC (marijuana) black market cartriges and you can tell because it will be lipoid pnemonia and lipid = oil. The fact is there are no oils in flavored, nicotine ejuice that the 10 million vape users in the USA use. NO OILS, ,…the ingrediants are vegtable glycerin (mostly), (VG/PG is 85%) propylene glycol, flavors (10%) and nicotine (or not) and all are water soluble and not oils. If the CDC was intent of finding out what is causing the lung issues they would require all lung hospitalizations related to "vaping" to be drug tested for marijuana because kids wont tell the truth and the medias demonization of vaping would cease if they reported that every case of hospitalization had marijuana in their system and the government would want to know that to help stop this so called "epidemic". With the CDC stating that 480,000 people in the uSA will die this year alone from tobacco cigarette use, what is the real epidemic? The people have a right to choose what they do and no state can ban people from their life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, the States sole purpose is to protect your property, not enslave you.

  15. PeepDaSlan9 says

    That shit has opiods in them

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