BREAKING NEWS: Tobacco & Vaping Products Act passed in Canada!


E-cigarette “ads” could legally start appearing on TV, Newspapers, Billboards etc. with the “new” Tobacco & Vaping Products Act passed in Canada last week.


  1. Kari Vähämäki says

    Thanks Qorax. You are a man not a berry picker. Keep up the good work.

  2. Arman Verma says

    Can i bring tobacco teeth powder in canada

  3. Maroš Berky says

    your voice while exhaling vapor makes me wanna vape 😀 NICE news and video btw 🙂

  4. AUTONOMOUS says

    Advertising is not helping vaping. It is helping people with more advertising budget to hijack vaping from the people and put it right in the hands we are fighting: big tobacco and the governments who handed out cigarettes in rations to addict their people on purpose to reap more and more taxation from it. Wake up everyone. We are in the end game now. Your argument for the ma and pa shops is now moot, things are not getting better with that bill in Canada. They just got Royally Fucked.

  5. Alex Dallas says

    Celebrating 2 years without smoking. Keep up the good work for vaping Qorax. We are watching you.

  6. THEBIGMEOW says

    It's so Easy for Big Tobacco to kill Vape and buy it out and resell it for themselves

  7. THEBIGMEOW says

    Reason Big tobacco is doing this so Vaping will die out
    But all I see is clouds ⛅

  8. KellyeRaiborn#TEXIT says

    I sure hope the US eventually figures this out too, but no unless our govt stop caring so much about big tobacco and more for the health of it's people, but that's highly unlikely. Vaping saved my life.

  9. Hadi Ismail says

    Sorry this question is not related but can u please talk about salt nicotine really made me stop smoking completely .but not enough information about it .

  10. Strellettes says

    I thought vaping was just recognized as a non tobacco product, now its being directly classified as one?

  11. sallutz says


  12. Brad Imrie says

    I was never a smoker. I started vaping and have not and will never use nicotine I just simply enjoy the flavors. Do you think this is safe to do?

  13. DELTA DJ says

    love you man

  14. Stevie B says

    ''Vaping products are harmful, but less harmful as cigarettes''? LOL, harmful based on evidence, or harmful based on paving the way to incur a 'health tax'? I've seen a top U.S.A Cardiovascular consultant expressing that in his professional view, an opinion based on years of study and subsequently years of surgery, they ARE harmless! 😉
    Great video, as always, friend.

  15. Callmecollin says

    It should be legal, being they are going to make weed legal. Finally the government is seeing the light about the benefits of vaping. Thanks for the run down of the bill , read it myself and had some questions about it which you seemed to answer for me.

  16. Paul says

    That is absolutely fantastic news! I have just linked your video in the Vaping forum I frequent..

  17. Jamie Griffin says

    Yes!! Great video

  18. Candy Empress Of memes says

    This is great news!  I am much happier vaping, still mouth to lung and  has proven my nicotine needs have come down from 18mg to 6mg. This is mostly via using differet tanks I have 4 all Aspire, Nautlius X was my first, it's average at best but handy as a spare. Nautilus mini and Original easy to use and reliable. Now using the Triton mini with either kanthai or clapton coils and it's nice and light. Bottom line  many stressed up people go for ciggies but this is way better and safer

  19. inkitatus1 says

    Good news, congrats Canada 👍 from a 3 year English vape shop worker. Cheers Qorax 👍👍👏

  20. Tom_E Calm_7 says

    Unfortunately, here in the backwards ass US the bastards at the FDA constantly demonize and push outright dishonest and negative propaganda on vaping. Thing is, I've told them (FDA) since 2011 and I'll say it again; if they ban it, they can call me Heisenburg because I AM GONNA DO IT ANYWAY!

  21. CRAiG _ says

    Creat vid 👍🏻😎👍🏻

  22. Japone81 says

    Brah that suit 👍🏾

  23. Bill Gates says

    Q that vape jacket is amazing!!

  24. Partha says

    Thanks Qorax for the video. Very informative. Glad to hear that we are safe for now 🙂

  25. gibsonlp85 says

    love what you do for the vaping community! we need more people like you.

  26. CrystalDragon0311 * says

    Puff it up Canada!

  27. Glen Williams says

    Thanks Qorax, appreciate that presentation. Sure hope the US comes around to that thought and legislation sooner than later. But their more concerned with tax revenue than our health IMHO

  28. Polly g says

    i believe full heartedly vaping is harmless, and if not harmless less harmful than ,ham,or bacon,and 100s of common things in our lives,like vaping for a hour in the country side is healthier than a hour walk through a big city,like L.A.or London

  29. Dale Duffy says

    To bad the US gov is still in the pocket of Big Tobacco and Big Pharma….corruption beyond our wildest imagination!
    Thanks again, Qorax, great video……!

  30. Phil Lee says

    It looks like good news, and thanks for the update.
    I've friends in Canada and worry about those who smoke – still a few, and this Act does seem overall to help, although obviously it does depend very much on future developments.
    So a few challenges, but as we've discovered with the TPD/TRPR in the UK, there are ways around most issues.

  31. Polly g says

    i wish Australia would jump on board,smoking costs the average smoker over $100 per week, a 2 oz pack of tobacco is $65, and vaping is all but unknown here,as a vaper ive met /seen maybe 10 other vapers and smoking is is unfortunyely the domain of the poor and mentally ill,people with nervous disorders like myself that chained smoked,these people are the poorest, and the least likely to do the research,to find out about vaping, ive tried to help people,and found the only way is to buy a vape kit and coils and juice for them,as ive given old vapes to friends and when the coils ran out they went back to smoking,this proves to me if we had vaping accessable everywere is the only way to help those that need it the most

  32. SONER DOGAN says

    You look very smart today,nice review as always

  33. The Prodigal Daughter says

    Vaping saves lives for former smokers such as myself. Thanks Qorax

  34. bmoraski says

    This is great news. Thanks Qorax.

  35. Donny Musto says

    Good news….hope all countries will join in. Good video buddy , keep up the good work.

  36. djcarlcee _ says

    Great news.

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