Vape News: A Glimmer of Hope For Vaping


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  1. Susan Trevino says

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  2. Adrian Mason says

    At 50min 20sec onwards you show exactly just how little the law cares about your children. This combined with vaping law is proof that MSA money is all powerful. Occasionally Jai you are worth paying to listen to.

  3. Emanuela Murphy says

    The age is 21

  4. Sinthia Vicious says

    Murphy wants you to smoke so they can get that sweet, sweet tobacco settlement blood money.

  5. Gary Wiesner says

    damn it forgot the you all well,lol

  6. Gary Wiesner says

    lmaooo!!!! "remember somebody loves and its probably not me!" fucking love it, put it on a the back of the Hazer tee. your awsome jai!

  7. Tc125 says

    Also will the 21 age limit to buy tabacco and shit be lifted?

  8. Mia Davina says

    In the end, this will all just have been a 2020 Voting Scheme, Trump takes Vaping away, pisses off tons of people, and then comes out over the elections and says he'll do something to lift all the restrictions on vaping/flavors, with a small ammt of regulation to make smoke shops only sell those products.

  9. David Yell says

    Dr has prescribe wine to my brother-in-law for heart issues

  10. Sonja Marx says

    I recently did a similar research on the legal drinking age in the US and, of course, I found that same unbelievable information on the federal and state law regarding alcohol as you, Jai – including the exemptions you mentioned. The injustice is really mind blowing!

    Alcohol is classified as one of the most poisonous substances worldwide by science. Whereas the three regular compounds in e-liquid (VG, PG and flavor) are indispensable components in many products, mainly in the food sector but also in hygiene-, cosmetic- and pharmaceutical products. The latter is where the optional fourth ingredient of e-liquids, nicotine, has a place as smoking cessation therapy. The pharmaceutical industry is currently working on treatments that use the beneficial effect of nicotine in the prevention of Alzheimer, Parkinson and similar diseases. But the positive impact of nicotine is not limited to that. It also has advantageous properties that contradict the claims that nicotine can be harmful to the human brain. Scientific evidence shows some quite desirable consequences of nicotine consumption, namely the stimulation of our brain. It increases the cognitive skills as well as the ability to concentrate and keep focus for an extended period of time. What's wrong with that? Well, from our opponents point of view enhanced mental capabilities of their enemies, that is the vaping community, may be less desirable as for us…

    So, alcohol yes but vaping (with or without nicotine) no? That's insane.

  11. Stomping Peak says

    If trump supports vaping I will vote for him. I hate trump but he will get my vote if he saves this industry

  12. JLH609 says

    I'm from New Jersey and I still cant figure out if I will be able to buy e juice online past the april 20th date. Can someone please inform me if I will still be able to purchase flavored e juice online or if that is gone as well.

  13. Spec_Ops Gaming says

    All i'm gonna say is that as a Floridian i've been drinking around my parents and my friends parents since i was 16 but i've never driven after drinking because i'm not a total idiot, if we were at a friends house and having a party their parent would come around and grab all out keys and then put them in their safe in their room that nobody knew the combination for. We'd all get buzzed/ drunk, get hungry and order delivery..(north florida, also known as the "south" for some unknown reason) everybody drinks pretty much starting in high school and within my area we have hardly any drunk driving incidents except from a few dumbasses..if we go to a bar we always have a DD, if we have friends over we always make sure we have room for them to stay over…plus it's always nice recolecting what everybody remembers from the night before when we all wake up

  14. Travis Hewitt says

    Thanks for the full video Jai. Take it easy.

  15. umarae says

    I just ran across a collection of vape news articles on the site which might interest anyone who needs the info.

  16. umarae says

    That is great news! (minus the dept he wants to give the reins to). The Vaping warriors have begged for their own class for ages, let's hope and pray they're finally given a decent one.

  17. Levi _615 says

    The fda is actually dumb.

  18. PainAndMurphy says

    ' doin' a review of a link I was ssssent for the purpose of…. ' LOL

  19. drew dogg says

    Joe groegon is exactly right

  20. drew dogg says

    Barack Obamanable Noman

  21. James Kourelis says

    I am not sure it will start from scratch. In my opinion they will bombarded by TFC and Bloomberg and it will get worse for everyone. I hope for the best but I expect the worst.

  22. Randall Hayes says

    I agree 100000000000% I never thought the FDA should regulate tobacco products that was all Obama’s stupid ass idea

  23. Ce Who the fck smokes fruit says

    Well thats interesting 🤔 IF it goes through, it will be interesting to see what agency is going to ensure quality assurance for consumers? UNLESS they’re able to completely change the current perception of vaping, and are able to seperate vaping from combustibles, I’d assume the current FDA PMTA process may still be used as a baseline / guideline in one way shape or form for “reasonable fiscal management” purposes.

  24. matt k says

    The president doesn't have direct control over the FDA, there were cases in the past with Bush and he was shocked to find out he couldn't just tell them 'do this'. Congress gave the FDA the power to make their own rules/regulations without passing through the oversight of congress. Whether an executive order were effective or not in the immediate I don't know.

    The issue there is that executive orders are temporary. Assuming it were done, it wasn't challenged and overturned by the 9th circus etc etc, any executive order is issued with the swipe of a pen. They can also be undone with the swipe of a pen from the next President which is how obamacare was undone. It didn't go through the proper channels (meaning congress, proposed, voted upon, approved by the senate etc). It was rammed through as an executive order so it took nothing more than the signature of a new POTUS to undo it.

  25. Phil Lee says

    Regarding states only being able to make laws stricter, not tighter, how come no states at all have banned all tobacco sales?
    Not all have sold their souls to the MSA, so could, in theory, do so.
    Yet apparently with alcohol, the reverse is true.
    It seems to me that the whole concept of the united states is more like an accidental anagram of the untied states, and could reasonably be described as a complete clusterfuck, with every level of government asserting control over everything, irrespective of what other levels covering the same geographic area may say – witness cannabis, which is still federally illegal yet which many states have legalised!
    You can vape while driving in the UK provided it does not distract you, so no fat clouds which could impede your vision, dripping, or refilling – but if you do anything which shows a lack of attention, the vaping will be considered part of the evidence (much like retuning a radio or changing tracks on a music player). You cannot vape in a vehicle if you have children under the age of 14 years in the vehicle with you, or remove your hands from the steering wheel for any longer than would be necessary to perform other functions which would be necessary for control of the vehicle (like change gear, for example).

  26. daylight dreams says

    There trying to do something here in Oregon

  27. Casey Rogers says

    Yep….True in Texas with the alcohol…..My dad let me have a beer in a restaurant when I was 16….I didn't get shwasted, because to me at that time, alcohol tasted like poo!!! Also, Texas passed 21 for smoking in September, with grandfathering in for anyone born on or before August 31, 2001 and active military. Even after the T21 passed recently, we still abide by our (Texas) T21 law set beforehand. SO, we still allow under 21 into the shop as long as they fit in with the initial criteria set forth by our T21 that started in Sept. 2019.

  28. Doug Clark says

    Why would this not have defaulted to either the DHS or USDA. OR EVEN better, an outside, non government entity similar to the SEC. non law agreements have worked for so long ( US GAAP, UCC states)with the ability to change with richer information and fresh technologies.

  29. Steve-O54 says

    It seems like it should if anybody the ATF

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