Addicted: Why Teens Can't Stop Vaping


Reporter Stephanie Leydon talks with the Gabriel family about their teenage son’s struggle with a vaping addiction.


  1. Atomic Apples says

    I’m one of the only ones that hasn’t vaped in my grade

  2. Anona Moose says

    Yeah and kids in the ghetto are using meth, lsd, mushrooms, all kinds of drugs at his age, How about you cover that? Instead of this suburban “problem”

  3. James Nelson says

    Damn, so this what happened to Andy Dalton🤦🏿‍♂️

  4. Aiko T. says

    I started vaping about 6 months ago due to peer pressure and now I can't quit and I wasted so much money on it and I have severe asthma really need to quit but it's so hard because I struggle with so many addictions I'm finally sober from alcohol and pills I think I'm finally ready to start sobering up from smoking ~ a lonely sixteen-year-old girl

  5. swizzzy says

    It’s so funny how they acting like it’s heroin I been vaping Daily for the last 4 years since I was 13 and they saying kids having seizures like that is such bullshit. Not supporting vaping an all it’s a real addiction hard to quit but it’s nowhere near as dangerous as they make it seem. plus the kids that end up in the hospital from vaping or exploding cartridges are using fake vapes. All the vape stores around me sell legit vapes, so where tf these kids getting these vapes from.

  6. swizzzy says

    Why y’all only talking about Juul like there’s a shit ton of better nicer vapes than a juul it’s to funny, no one even uses Juuls 😂

  7. why are they so dramatic about it lmao
    acting like this boy did cocaine or something

  8. Katvom1t ASMR says

    i wanna quit so bad, idk how. I chain smoke it. and im so codependent on it.

  9. Kaylee Sawyer says

    no hate im glad your stopping but my thing is cool I quit for 3 months but that whole time I spent thinking about it, wanting it. plus now everyone has one it’s like what’s the point oh no my lungs, it’s a risk i’m taking. I hate that I do it my bank account can agree. vaping is like no other nicotine. my dad chewed tobacco and he said after he quit for a week he was fine. everyone takes it differently. TO PARENTS: this started lots of fights when my mom found out but your kid will forever do it until in their own head they are done. taking their stuff away makes it worse and becomes a cycle that pushes your kids relationship away. we’re sneaky we will find a way. you don’t have to agree. out of sight out of mind. im sure an “addict” knows it’s not good for your lungs.

  10. Jjudah Callooms says

    I’m 13 and I’m addicted

  11. Ryan McCready says

    Yes being a nicotine addict is bad, but this video treats it like they’re doing heroin

  12. Gothus Touchstone Singularity says

    Kids should just stick to regular cigarettes…

  13. Nobody asked you says

    Anyone watching this while vaping? Nothing is better than waking up and taking a good drag of your vape 💨 and nothing is worse than seeing those lights blinking 😅

  14. D L says

    Nicotine leaves the body completely within 48-72 hours, the rest is psychological. Download Jason Vale's 'How to Quit Smoking in 2 hours' audio and videos. He's made them free for the public. I smoked a pack a day for 20 years and quit on the spot after listening to him. Sometimes all it takes us a reframing of ideas.

    Mom's dramatization of this affliction to her kid is just perpetuating their victim mentality which is wholly encouraged within our western societies today. But what a detriment to our next generation! Why not encourage them to be strong and able to overcome any obstacles rather than encouraging them feeling helpless and sorry for themselves? You give huge power to addiction that doesn't need to be there. Yes, it's an insidious addiction (it took me 20 years to nip in the bud), but why don't you at least stop telling him how hard it will be to break the habit. Do you want him to fail?

    Jason Vale. How to Quit Smoking in 2 hours. Free. It works. Have a listen and it'll hopefully change your world.

  15. Devils says

    A pod should last around 2 days if your smoking a pod and a half a day you fr need to get help

  16. Load_Disk says

    Wtf why they treating it like heroin? Fr

  17. Emptyroom가방 :D says

    It’s an easy journey I started at 23 but still no excuse it’s a bad habit

  18. lisa w says

    I agree i just found my daughter in her room with one, tobacco smoke was harder to hide

  19. StopTheNicotinePoisoning says

    Thank you for sharing this video and for keeping it online and searchable. Awareness is increasing, and reporting services and organizations such as GBH/WGBH are to be strongly commended for seeking to educate and protect us. Thank you again.

  20. synndakitt says

    Non smoker and non vaper here. Nicotine is just as bad as caffeine, one relaxer & one stimulant. There is nothing chemically addictive in nicotine other than it gives a nice buzz. It's not cocaine. Porn and masturbation is more habit forming. No withdrawal symtoms like the higher end drugs, where the body self harms itself to get more. If you take nicotine away, you just get moody bc you want the buzz. What's addicting is the chemicals added to the tobacco in cigarettes. Nicotine in vaping doesn't hurt the lungs. There was a case of popcorn lung symdrome in the early days when people made vape juice themselves. This will happend again if we keep shutting down business doing it legit with regulations. "But it's a gateway to stronger drugs"… that's a stretch. If they want a stronger hit, they just go to a higher nic dose. One who have turned to stronger drugs more is at play, internal and enviorment factors. Let;s say it again… "it's.. not… cocaine…" ( Pls someone open pandora's box and say it's a bad as marijuana)

  21. Jacob Barclay says

    Parents aren't paying attention to their kid is their fault. Not the vaping companies, bad Parents will always find someone else to blame.

  22. voodoovoodoo voodoovoodoo says

    kids and adults smoke to be cool

  23. Feral-666 says

    😆 weakling what a joke it's not street drug's

  24. Solomon Frank says

    god damn theyre treating it like its heroin

  25. Emilio Vazquez says

    Safer than cigs🤥

  26. sammy steward says

    to answer your question….. no.

  27. UnrealThing says

    sponsored by altria

  28. Joe Blow says

    any one who sees this. once u quit once. and come back later ( months -years ) u know u can .and it gets less difficult to stop. also caffeine as a substitute helped me personally.

  29. Jackson Janis says

    Fucked up parents these years don’t pay any attention to their children, and then they are surprised when their children are fucked up. Idiots.

  30. Lj-ios says

    Juuls are shit, waste of money. Costs, $40 Canadian and is too expensive. GET A NORD or anything refillable and get 50 nic juice instead of shitty Juul that give u no head rush

  31. Haynes LaLonde says

    That kid still vapes

  32. Haynes LaLonde says

    The issue is that it's every where and so easy to use I went form using responsibly like once a week with friends or whatever and all the sudden u buy one and are out 24$

  33. Fallen says

    A nicotine buzz isnt even enjoyable at a high level

  34. Pikachu_Gaming says

    Never gonna stop i love it yessssssssds

  35. Sadie Hatton says

    I can’t stop…

  36. Trey Peters says

    Wow I had no idea how dangerous vaping is. Imma have to quit and go back to smoking marlboro reds.

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