Top e-cigarette makers face questions from Congress over vaping risks – 2/5/2020


Executives from some of the largest e-cigarette companies including Juul testify on Capitol Hill Wednesday to face questions about safety, marketing and teen …


  1. raidenpz says

    Small discrete disposable pod systems are the problem, they are what appeals to kids. And JUUL for example doesn't sell nicotine free liquids, so there ya go thats how kids can get hooked on nicotine. Whereas if you just find vaping to be cool and hip and want to start vaping, you can buy a lagrer refillable device and vape a large assortment of nicotine free liquids.

  2. La Faux says

    Why didn’t Cigarettes get banned? Goggle Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement
    The real reason e-cigs are under attack by the powers at large, excepting Mr. Duncan!

  3. From The Future says

    Just link it to a credit card along with alcohol. Problem solved.

  4. Ryan says

    Wow…. So many ignorant congressmen and congresswomen only Mr Duncan was actually logical, rational and level headed. As a former adult smoker I vape and use FRUIT CHILL FLAVOR nicorette gum xD adult vapers shouldn't be punished because teens choose to vape that's like saying it's a great idea to get rid of all alcohol flavors and only allow straight unflavored vodka for example because a lot of people drink underaged it's ridiculous

  5. Trap Town says

    CNBC Television

  6. Trap Town says

    CNBC Television

  7. Alx says

    BAN IT

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