THC vaping bust in Kenosha County


Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth says two men are in custody — and accused of operating an ’empire of illegal drugs’ in southeast Wisconsin. The accused …


  1. Taylor Gunkel says

    Probably picked up by CIA Feds and now help Gov make money from it….

  2. Es Ounce says

    Lol petty af idiot ass pigs worst job you can have fucking other peoples life up stay with catching the murderers phedos weirdos etc and leave the people who are tryna make a living weed is legal in most states now free them boys

  3. kaxy on macros says

    The thing is they were filling their own. With real thc wax.. they were doing good 🙂

  4. Thomas Ardizzone says

    I could take what they were carrying and safely do a "controlled burn" into my lungs for about a year or 2 to safely dispose of that terrible contraband

  5. Computer Man says

    dudes like "they put the weed oil into the cartridge" thanks for clarifying bro i thought they just let it sit in jars? i was wondering what that stuff was in those cartridges!!

  6. Daniel Garcia says

    Weed is not no drug it's a God damn plant

  7. Kevin Coylers says

    Big deal .. Let them sell it .. And go arrest Joe biden

  8. a stoned pachycephaloaurus says

    Lmao who fucking cares 😂 I'm vaping THC rn!

  9. Travis Clark says

    Largest drug operation 😂😂😂😂that’s hilarious

  10. Lucas says

    Bruh there’s so many people selling these if the police weren’t fukin retards they could find so many

  11. MovieHighClub says

    Damn so damn little ass punk ass kid fucked up the whole operation they was gettin probably my low key in the suburbs and they got the cover blew smh 🤦🏽 damn kids

  12. onacsut says

    Lol this sherif acting like he found el chapo meanwhile it’s just weed.

  13. apollo says

    fake ass carts

  14. ben low says

    Gee I wonder where all that money is gonna go

  15. Young xanwar says

    Y'all are pigs

  16. Allen Penland says

    I need drugs

  17. Richard Roberts says

    Bet the kid who told his parents is a little rat 🐀 🙄 never fold under pressure especially on the plug 🔌……so sad people fold on the homies ……

  18. Legalize420 says


  19. Anti comment warrior says

    I make my own carts and they are way better than any you buy, these guys actually were taking care of their customers giving them distillate and most likely terpenes and not liquidizer or vg n pg.

  20. Anti comment warrior says

    They were simply keeping up with demand

  21. TheyHateSlumpz says

    only reason they give a fuck about people selling weed is because they don’t get money from you. when you sell legally you have to have a license which cost up to a million dollars and on top of that they still put taxes on your product and most people aren’t gonna wanna pay that extra money. and if you get caught doing it illegally they wanna sentence you for a lot of years🤦🏽‍♂️.

  22. Chris Porker says

    this shouldnt even be a crime

  23. Golo Gar says

    a snitch parent

  24. chriss brackin says

    Free bro

  25. fuck says

    Zero thc in those photos

  26. greendog2519 says

    Bullshit 1.5million. Means there was about half a million. Police always make it worse than it is.

  27. Billys says

    Marijuana does not kill'
    Thats Hilarious

  28. Powers Austin says

    I ain’t hitting a cart unless I’m able to pull up lab reports and I have confirmation it’s free of metals and pesticides

  29. Chrome Dome says

    Their son sold the bag💀💀

  30. Andres Mena says

    Legends they was ahead of the game

  31. the says

    free them

  32. Trevor says

    Fxck these pigs🐷

  33. Trevor says

    Legalize cannabis

  34. Trevor says

    Wtf so fucked up ok I see the cocaine part or pills whatever they had but the cannabis oil part wasn't hurting anyone but medicating unless it was bad cannabis oil with pesticides and bad carts that are contaminated cheap metal carts?

  35. Bloody Diablo says

    At least it was real cannabis oil and not laced 🤦🏽‍♂️ just legalize

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