First Texas case of lung disease linked to vaping found in teen


A teen in Texas is the latest person to experience health problems that may be linked to vaping, according to health officials. A spokesperson for the Texas …


  1. E. P. says


  2. razvanon says

    Doesn't anybody vaping just pure no more ?

  3. allnighter2011 says

    lots of misinformation here… its not vaping that caused this… its what they vaped..namely THC oil off the street…it has been verified in at least 21 out of the 22 cases that this is what they vaped…they all developed lipoid pneumonia which can be caused by vaping tainted oil, not water based vaping liquids…more research and proper market regulation is needed to ensure items sold are tested and not tainted… but to ask people to give up vaping all together is just pushing them back to smoking which is proven to be deadly…. vaping has been around for 15 years and there are millions of vapers…. but this sudden outbreak tells you there's something new in particular, either a bad batch or tainted product from unreputable sellers…and for the CDC to mislead people by not specifying where the risk is, they are contributing to more people getting sick rather than less people… all they need to do is issue a specific warning relating to buying THC oil off the street….preventing the next kid from getting sick .. when there's ecoli outbreak CDC specifies which food not to buy…they don't scream of the roof tops "people…there's ecoli outbreak…stop eating all food"…

  4. There is no God but Allah says

    I make my own ejuice 😊

  5. waterb0y14 says

    75 percent sure they all using synthetic marijuana

  6. william Johanns says

    What lung desease?????
    100%sure not from vaping.
    There is no proof!
    So fals news again.

  7. His Last Ace says

    So fake

  8. William says

    Vaping is gay as f–k. It's like kids smoking their sister's perfume. Lame.

  9. The Real Bluegachue4 says

    Total bs i just got popcorn lung 3 days ago feom juul and its not public if it was theres a lot of free money this sounds like a doctor working hard to make money

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