Teens addicted to vaping face lack of treatment options


The FDA is holding a hearing Friday to address the alarming spike in teen vaping and how to help those who want to kick the habit. According to the National …


  1. Alprazolam says

    most of the pens they showed were THC distillates…

  2. Adam Smith says

    On the back of the Juul box in big letters: "This product contains Nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive substance". Sorry but these stupid kids already know they are breaking the law and if they don't know Ecigs don't contain nicotine that's their fault for not reading the back of the box (And I am pretty sure they have an above 3rd grade level reading skills so don't use that as an excuse)

  3. Master Jim 2020 says

    Who else is vaping while watching this? (Either with a Juul Pod or a bigger mod.)

  4. joe says

    really ? band smoking cigarettes they are addictive, alcohol ect. Kids drink strawberry flavored beers ect ect get real with this crap

  5. Rick Rader says

    How about we take fentanyl off the streets and focus on the opioid epidemic that is killing how many as I type this??????? Come on man, do better society

  6. Robin Waldron says

    Reporter: What did you think was in your vape?
    Kid: Duh… Huh? Oh…What did you want me to say? (looks at mom) Oh, ya… I thought it was water vapor.
    KIDS ARE NOT STUPID. THEY KNOW. And to the parents… If it wasn't a vape, it would have been a cigarette.
    PS. CBS..show me the teen vaping epidemic study! You can't, because the FDA won't release the details.

  7. lolha gat trolled says

    juul and vape are different stuff

  8. Sarah Pina says

    im in 7th grade and kids in my school vape like omg at least I'm not stupid

  9. Ashly Diaz says

    Ok cbs you have a point. I’ll just ditch vaping and start opioids

  10. Cosmic says

    No one wants kids to vape. No one wants kids to become nic-addicted. This mother knows nothing about how vaping helped millions of adults world-wide get off cigarettes with flavored e liquids. Banning flavors is unrealistic and would force tons of people back to smoking. And it's not as much of an "epidemic" as the media portrays. Just because your little Johnny got his hands on a Juul is not a reason to entirely ban e liquids.

  11. flyingOctopus says

    E-cigs /vapes were supposed to be an alternative aid in quitting cigarettes. They monopolized on selling their product with looking cool, producing clouds of smoke, & most of all flavors galore. But instead created a trend that's addictive for teens. With e-juice at least you can have o to 16 mg of nicotine by choice. Teens will always look for the coolest thing on the market & follow trends, but with vaping/e-cigs..most teens were never smokers, or long term smokers looking for an alternative. It is not fair that the hard core smokers that like flavors, are paying the price because of "the trend" that advertisers created, & due to regulations that were not in place. Problem also is with the f d a that let products out on the market before long term studies are made. If they have little data, they still let it go through. Maybe up the age to 25…or eliminate the hundreds of kiddy flavors that are targets, as well as no nicotine for minors. This should not have gotten out of hand, but because testing/regulations take so long..they wait till something happens, or things get out of control before something is done. I'm a long time smoker & turned to vaping as an alternative & the flavors are good, but think they went overboard having hundreds of flavors to choose from, let alone teens choosing to vape/e-cig cause they think it's "cool". This is the problem being cool & trendy, something to do & make clouds of smoke they also think is cool. I don't need the clouds really, yet i'm glad to have been able to get off of cigarettes because all the chemicals like formaldehyde, arsenic to name a few, was making me sick everyday..i had flu like symptoms, vision problems, tiredness & out of breath. Since i went to vaping, not ecigs..all these symptoms disappeared, been on them for 3 yrs now. The only symptoms i get is itchy skin, but it depends on the brand i get, as a chemical or two added causes this for me. But truthfully..anything that you breath in besides fresh air, will have an effect on your lungs & your health. The fault lies with the f d a passing this product & the advertisers monopolizing on it..just seems anything goes here in the U.S., until there's a death & or it reaches kid's/teens. It's the same with products that claim jellyfish improves your memory..seriously, the fact they can advertise it without buyer beware in large print doesn't ring a bell, let alone in small print ..the fda states, "this product has not been evaluated". Their rush to push things out in the market.."getting a paycheck"..seems to be money before health. Our system is the problem, as well as advertisers being able to make claims, well..we the people are the guinea pigs to test these products for the long term. Buyer beware? well when it comes to health, there should be no small print or no print passed by the f d a. Not enough money, time or manpower to fund the f d a?..well instead of the wall, let's put our better spent money into the products for testing, before they make it to our shelves. Meanwhile vapes/ecigs was made as an alternative for real smokers, not as a trend to target youths.

  12. qtpiekry says

    bs he thought it was water vapor juul is harsh at first

  13. leonardo vera says

    If they take away the flavors prepare for a individual freedom suit you dumb bitxh.

  14. leonardo vera says

    These kids and parents don't know what's in a vap or jull

  15. Let’s HangOut says

    Just let those people get what they want whether it’s harmful or not. Nothing is more real then experiencing it first hand. You learn from ur own experience.

  16. jay says

    Watched this whole video and not one thing on why vaping is bad except it’s addicting? So what’s the problem!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Kizz This says

    fakeNEWS. liberals tell you vaping is bad, smoking is bad but they love to push pot cause it subdues the masses LOL

  18. Tristin Day says

    bruh 🤦‍♂️ it's a substance, people are gonna miss use substances. It's not vaping that's the problem, its addiction

  19. Susie Fairfield says

    It doesn't even get you a buzz, Vape shatter or THC instead

  20. Fah Q SrGinKo says

    Lmao GOOD!!!

  21. Jon Blaze says

    Smoke weed people

  22. Aaron says

    Second 🖕

  23. jesus saved me JG says

    🥇 st 😊

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