What Trump has said about vaping


After promising to ban most flavored e-cigarettes, President Trump has reportedly backed off the ban. Here is what he has said previously on vaping. Read more: …


  1. Fan Tomas says

    Don't vape…smoke cigarettes. Hahahaha

  2. UserOfTheZune says

    Ah yes, the 21 year old age limit on vaping. Smoke cigarettes at 18, that's fine. Give your life for your country, we salute you. Pick up a vape, oh god, crap is hitting the fan! Also, when the president of the United States is not educating his child, but taking the abstinence only approach to a topic this child is going to face sooner or later is highly disappointing.

  3. Adam Romero says

    Who voted for this guy?!

  4. Vic Gam3z says

    I’ve been vaping for a year straight and no problems

  5. Adam Lorang says

    How about "we don't like smoking!!"

  6. shane curtis says

    Never been sick been vaping 9 years …..if I got to go back to cigarettes I'll b pist

  7. Leo Moneymaker says

    Dangerous? The information provided to the president has to be beyond diluted. The CDC literally just owned up to illegal THC and Vaping products being the root cause of the vape lung illness debacle. Legal nicotine vaping products under the Deeming FDA Rule have been ruled out. Yes, believe it or not there is a regulated industry in the US. So again, How exactly is vaping, as a whole, "dangerous"?

  8. MyEyesBled says

    He spits nonsense and lies… so done with him.

  9. chickenfarm09 says

    big money vape talkin

  10. McShizzle says

    Not only all that really but you look like a fruit loop vaping.

  11. Tiggerlen says

    The only thing I took away from this was..  kids are not people.

  12. Bliss Plays says

    Its carts that are killing people. Not actual vaping e-liquid. Get it right

  13. Sean Gilmore says

    Honestly if it doesn't hurt anyone else who cares? You should be allowed to risk your own health if you want to.

  14. Angel Ryuuji says

    So we gonna remove cigarettes for making people sick?

  15. J on says

    What they are doing to vape can be done to any product. None of this has anything to do with vaping.

  16. Michael Pitts says

    If the vaping industry were lining Trump's pockets, he would say vaping is "perfect".

  17. Jai Norman says

    Trump smoke crack

  18. RL Days says

    They should just ban Vapping now and be done with it rather than waiting 20 years and having long court battles like they did back in the 70's with cigarette companies.

  19. Humane143Imperfection says

    Blowing smoke, finally a subject the man knows something about. Hammer down on it al dente Presidente.. I may dislike you but in this one instance we are in agreement.

  20. Ekid says

    Age limit for buying a gun… 16
    Age limit for vaping…. 21
    I'm glad i'm not American 😀

  21. Joan Melnick says

    WaPo…keep on being a far-left rag. KAG everyone

  22. Shirley Andrews says

    How much did the Vaping People pay him to revers his stance ?

  23. Ron Star says

    The video above only said they were looking into vaping. I watched it twice and didn't hear anything about banning anything.

  24. William Dial says

    I have been vaping for over 7 years now . No problems for me. Know what you vape!!!!!

  25. Zen Masta says

    The insanity of the left is stunning. I didn't like Obama but I spent ZERO time whining and complaining about it, that's life you don't always get what you want. This behavior is sad but I can see it makes deranged libtards feel better.

  26. Jortiz says

    33 have died from vaping, ever. Cigarettes have killed over a billion as of 2008. Now, who do you think should be illigalized?

  27. aedan moores says

    Okay boomer

  28. Tesseract says

    Who cares about vaping stop lying under oath

  29. Blue Deemster says

    Hell yeah, kids are self medicating these days. The only drugs that actually work are the illegal ones like weed. While dangerous drugs like alcohol and tobacco are perfectly accepted. Theres a big problem with mental illness and young people self medicating, because they cant get medications like weed, that actually work and dont cause horrendous side effects. No wonder theres so many shootings these days. Kids are pissed off!

  30. RX7PR says

    You know what else is dangerous. Salt. Oh yeah, and gummy worms.

  31. Lead Therapy says

    It looks like everyone is still over looking the over 500,000 people that die each year do to tobacco.

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