Trump's crackdown on flavored vaping products unlikely to take effect soon


President Trump says a ban on most flavored vaping products is the right response to what health officials call an “epidemic” of e-cigarette use by teenagers.


  1. Cherry Tree says

    Why can’t people just STOP all these poisons? You are all delusional. All this stuff is terrible for your health, and you will pay the price. I stopped decades ago, just quit cold turkey and never looked back. So can you.

  2. Alex says

    Is this a free county anymore or nah?

  3. AnneBeck58 says

    Yet more distraction, brought to you by the GMEN/CIA/Mossad, to keep your eye off the plain, old, honest, truth.. If the majority, in this country, learned the truth…, all these (CIA MOSSAD OMAN MI5 MI6) had better watch out. It never was the Russians we should have been afraid of. It was those the Russians called out– and still is– that should have gotten us sitting up.
    This Gnus stuff is all brought to you by GMEN. Not a bit of it is ever true!
    Eight people caught cold (or flu) and died (maybe) Of course, they are able to make up lies, of whole cloth, too. So, could be, not a BIT of this has even a kernel of truth or honesty or factual evidence, and all you dum-dums gobble it up like your kids' hard-earned Halloween candy.


  4. ozeal D. says

    they act like adults don't like flavors!

  5. Mr G says

    I got an idea. Everybody quit smoking. Wow.. I just thought of that.

  6. HuMan Being 34/7 says

    Your plastic surgery doesn’t cover up the lies that are coming out of your mouth dear lady.

  7. HuMan Being 34/7 says

    You all should check out that article on the difference between Europe and the United States on vaping. Bottom line is they don’t Have an epidemic of children running to vape. Why do we?

  8. HuMan Being 34/7 says

    I wonder….all those states that Did jump on the ban wagon…….are THEY Red?

    I can Not imagine that a Democratic politician would jump on the same ban wagon as him.

  9. night4lover says

    Yeah cause we adult only like tobacco flavor. Look parents before being outraged in concert every other day. Why not look at banning carrots because people choke to death on them every day. But, we don't need to vape because they still sell tobacco. Nice plan to go light another death nail he mentions right at the end.

  10. Hope 22 says

    This is such BS. Im guessing trumps son was smoking a juul and now everything must get banned. Stupid af

  11. Luis Rivera says


  12. Frankie Albano says

    Vape kills 7 people :BANNED:
    Cigarettes kills over 10k ppl a year :Not banned:

  13. Severn Fyre says

    It should be proposed across all addictive or possibly addictive substance, that they may only contain a single flavor. Beer, Wine, Hard liquor, and tobacco have had a greater impact on society. By allowing the continued changes to the flavor it has given rise to abuse and given those substances a foothold in the financial and emotional woes visited upon every single household in the nation for hundreds of years.

  14. Briz says

    Trump lost my vote if he don’t back up my freedom to smoke a damn fruit medley on my front porch

  15. Briz says

    This is outrageous

  16. DaveXGore says

    I urge all manufactures of juices and shop owners as well as all people in this industry to file charges against the US government as well as the FDA and CDC for defaming and public health. This is ruining small businesses as well as people who can’t quit smoking after saying so for many years

  17. Cory Clarke says

    Trumps gonna make a lot of people lose their jobs when the vape shops on everycorner go out of business. If its about the flavors that apeal to kids then why are flavored alchohol drinks still allowed? Oh wait i forgot that there are never any teen injuries or deaths dur to alchohol.

  18. Ash Pal says

    Remove flavored liquor and cigarettes off the shelf first then!!

  19. mac nac says

    What happened to parents being parents

  20. Gabriel James Music says

    So we want kids smoking cigs?

  21. Blade Runner says

    Trump is no conservative, this issue effects millions of voting age people, and next to none of us will vote for that fake conservative if it goes through.

  22. Naomi C says

    A ban wont stop people. Banning something has never stopped people from getting what they want before and it never will.

  23. DJ Yahtzee says

    Banning flavored products to discourage minors from vaping is a start but not the whole answer. Not banning, not legislating, EDUCATION is the key. Unfortunately, the people who control our education system are too busy turning impressionable kids into good little radicals and gender-confused little single-parent pervies to think about actually teaching.

    Kids have been smoking all through history and suddenly they're doing it in a less harmful (I didn't say ' harmless') way. So ban flavoring, it's a start. Then educate them and let them make an informed choice.

  24. 64-bit Crypto says

    This girl looks high

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