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Traditional cigarettes and cigars are finite. You light them up, smoke them, and put them out. They also have a finite amount of nicotine. Vaping is different.


  1. Christoni Espiritu says

    For me it depends on your purpose, if your the person wanted to use vape but not even tried cigarette smoking. Means your just doing it for your own satisfaction and curiosity that might like to try. However if you used to smoke a cigarette and wanted to quit then vape or pods is a good idea. It helps in a long run. For me it's effective but its depend on how you going to use it. Ofcourse just do vaping just like the same routine when you do smoking a cigarette. Not to the point that your going to abuse you self for your satisfaction.

  2. aziz says

    Damn why is dude very salty/judgy

  3. TheNeybaHood Villain says

    Ok I'm a pack a day smoker and I am thinking of quitting and turning to vaping esalt nicotine vape will this benifet me health wise. If there's anyone out there who have made this change and noticed a positive outcome in terms of there health please let me know thanks.

  4. James Carbon says

    Momma Karen keep your kids away from Vape

    Kids Smoke Cigarettes instead. Cigarettes are far more safer than the dangerous Vape Juice
    Vape Ingredients

    1. Nicotine
    2. Vegetable Glycerin
    3. Propylene glycol
    4. Natural Flavors

    Cigarettes have much safer ingredients

    Acetone—found in nail polish remover

    Acetic acid—an ingredient in hair dye

    Ammonia—a common household cleaner

    Arsenic—used in rat poison

    Benzene—found in rubber cement and gasoline

    Butane—used in lighter fluid

    Cadmium—active component in battery acid

    Carbon monoxide—released in car exhaust fumes

    Formaldehyde—embalming fluid

    Hexamine—found in barbecue lighter fluid

    Lead—used in batteries

    Naphthalene—an ingredient in mothballs

    Methanol—a main component in rocket fuel

    Nicotine—used as an insecticide

    Tar—material for paving roads

    Toluene—used to manufacture paint

  5. Rational Atheist says

    I smoked 25-35+ cigarettes 🚬 per day 17 years, nearly 33, I started (VAPORLAX) 5% nicotine and haven’t smoked in 4 days.
    Moral of story, I’ve never quit ONCE in 17 years, nothing else worked, already breathing better WTF?!,!


  6. José Ferreira says

    This is just superb, I been tryin to find out about "amount of nicotine in a cigarette by brand" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across – Peyogan Extraordinary Prepotence – (search on google ) ? It is a good exclusive guide for discovering how to end your annoying smoking habit minus the hard work. Ive heard some incredible things about it and my brother in law got great success with it.

  7. Jake Sheard says

    Vaping and smoking should be banned

  8. Arif Just Arif says

    I quit smoking because of vape, i had the terrible asthma before i vape. After i vape, i can breath easily and rare very rare using my ventolin inhaler. I can't stand the smell of tobacco now. I can do sports which i never done before. Start cycling, driving golf, even running!. I choose low level, the lowest one of nicotine. I vape not as often as i smoke before. I do not have any health issue since i've been vaping. The last time i did my CXR, it sooooo muuccchhhhhh better than before. I choose pod vape, say YES TO IT 😍😍

  9. bilal shah says

    1 more thing as per my experience
    If anyone feels dizziness and wants him/herself active and don't want to sleep or like something then take 15-20 shots as per regular shots and you'll feel like your senses become active and dizziness has gone.

  10. bilal shah says

    Yes vaping indeed helped me to quit smoking
    I use UWELL CALIBURN its the perfect device i found among all the e cigarettes devices

  11. Zohir Ahmed says

    Me need vape

  12. Zohir Ahmed says

    Me need

  13. So many of us could only quit smoking by using vaping products. I'm 40 & smoked since i was 15. Thats 62.5% of my life. No-one ever said vaping is perfect but it's the most effective product available to help people of smokes. My mom smoked for 40 yrs, she 65 now. Combined, my family smoked for over 200 yrs. We all gave them up by vaping. We started at 1.1mg of nicotine & reduced every 6 weeks until we were vaping nicotine free. Then we slowly stopped vaping. Everyone of us feel the benefit. Every product which is aimed at detoxing ppl is abused. Look at methadone abuse, a product which is harmful but less harmful than heroin. But just because some abuse it does not mean we should get rid of it & deny those who are using it as they need to, the opportunity of breaking free. Not everyone continues vaping once they get of smokes. Many dont. In countries like America/Canada, when they tried banning vaping it meant ppl went to local markets to buy their vape. It was un-regulated & people died. So the government backed off in many cases.. Ban vaping wont stop vaping. It just means the criminals will be the suppliers of vape juice, no more testing, improvements were needed etc.. And then we'l see a ton of deaths. Vaping suppliers say only use vape as an alternative to smoking & to help you quit. No-one wants ppl to pick up vaping but some do. Many addicts started with methadone, not heroin. Should we get rid of methadone?

  14. candice mckenzie says

    What about if you have quit but now your putting on tones of weight from eating, Im thinking of using vaping to stop eafing so much

  15. ada smith says

    Yes vaping has help me quit smoking how long should I wait and how many times a day should I make

  16. Allen Kang says

    Just quit smoking brown trees and only smoke green trees!! PROBLEMS SOLVED

  17. Trevor Edwardson says

    i am 15 and i smoked cigarettes for 2 years i picked up a vape one day and haven’t smoked a cigarette in two years i have had zero health problems and i lower the amount of nicotine i get every month i am down to 6mg from 50mg of salt nic

  18. ccc. terry says

    Lies on lies on lies

  19. TheTech660 says

    Let me contribute to these comments. Been Vaping for awhile now, say a couple of months. I don't smell anymore and my Wife loves it. I don't have the urge to Smoke Cigarettes anymore. And now for some reason, I'm very sensitive to the smell of cigarette smoke. Vaping has done me good for now. My goal is to quit nicotine completely. Until then, Vaping has helped!
    (Smoker of regular Cigarettes 27 Years.)

  20. KWYH says

    And if you are a THC Vaper? Please stick back to joints and stop giving THC free vapers trouble. ps: stop buying shitty and cheap products

  21. David Gardiner says

    Wall to wall bovine excrement. Half truths, pseudo science and corrupt data.

  22. Regular Guy says

    Teens drink alcohol because they come in flavors they enjoy. what about banning alcohol? oh yeah, that didn't work either. If someone underage wants a product that is meant for adults, they're going to get it. It doesn't matter what the product is. If a bunch of adults have quit the cancer sticks and switched to vaping, than it's completely worth the risk that teens may acquire them illegally. A ban does nothing to curb teen usage.

  23. Evil Vincenzo says

    Teens should never smoke or vape

  24. LordBritOne says

    Your funny dude utterly funny I been a smoker for 31 years and a vapor for the last year and for the last 32 years my blood pressure been fine I don't have high blood pressure never have i'm not a fit person but vaping and smoking has nothing to do with blood pressure if it did don't you think mine would at some stage of the 31 years of smoking be high or has all the doctors that been telling me my blood pressure is fine all been lying to me if that is so then all these doctors that done these studies are telling the truth?

  25. Paris Gonsalves says

    It help me quit cigs…then I went down in nicotine percentage now I’m looking cut off all together

  26. elaineg60 says

    I’ve been vaping since 2009. Perhaps it’s the specific company I use, but I’ve not only had fewer problems than when I was smoking-all signs of COPD & emphysema I’d been showing in 2009, have disappeared. I’ll continue to trust the testing and studies my company does over those by Big Tobacco, desperate to get their customer base back to their much more profitable analog cigs.
    Also, just for the record, although I DO still vape, it’s at the most a few times a day. I was smoking over a pack a day. During times I’ve been in the hospital for unrelated problems tied to a genetic disorder, I have no problem not vaping. Over the years, I cut back on the nicotine enough that now down to a very tiny percentage, I don’t suffer withdrawals. My main reason I continue is anxiety which had always led to relapsing with cigarettes in the past. Since starting vaping in 2009, I haven’t had a single cigarette and can’t stand the smell or smoke.

  27. Zachary Ross says

    I'm on my 3 month period of quiteing smoking because of the use of vaping I was at 2 and half packs a day now I hit my vape every now and then when I I feel the need to smoke

  28. Zachary Sunderland says

    You suck @ reading

  29. Mr. Enterprise says

    When you don’t know what you’re doing, bad things can happen. Vaping helped me
    Quit completely

  30. M Johnson says

    "Vaping may cause death."
    Charles Darwin:
    "I approve this message."

  31. william Johanns says

    Hearing old studies. O boy.

  32. Aditya Nugraha says

    Does vaping helps me quit? In short answer yes, but… it makes me more addicted to vaping. I vape more often than when I smoke, probably because the level of nic is much lower ( I uses 3% or around 30mg salt nic). Would this actually will make me quit nicotine? Only time will tell.

  33. Jack Rundell says

    Here in Canada our government taxes an $18.00 pack of brand named smokes 70%. That's right, 70%. Who is paying for research on vaping? Government is. CDC is also being paid out through government. I don't know what the tax rates are in the USA but I'm sure it's a high percentage also just like Canada. Now think of the increase of vapers dropping the tobacco cigarette by vaping over the past 10 years. Both the USA and Canadian governments are losing a lot of tax revenue and are seemingly bent on pouring on the propaganda to quash vaping. But then ghee… our governments would lie about such matters. Right? Our health and lives are far more important to our governments than mere tax gains right? Right? I mean taxes are just money. Right?

  34. Timothy McGee says

    And another big tobacco/big pharma sponsored video.. unbelievable 🖕🤬 shame on you

  35. J SH says

    Before I begin watching your video, please tell us where you obtained your medical license and then please give us the parameters of your personal and non biased studies on the subject at hand.

  36. Michael Hayes says

    Yes, I haven't smoked in 6 years because of vape.

  37. Michael Harness says

    It messed with my brain.

  38. BigFatThinValVSG says

    i quit cigarette smoke cold turkey the very same day i started using the JUUL, that was back this past February…

  39. Bill Tokar says

    fake news , he is giving untrue numbers on the vaping chemicals , the numbers are fare higher

  40. Paranoidandro1d1 says

    This clown flouts facts and figures like an authority but hasn't listed them, probably because his video is full of BS. Treat everything he says with a pinch of salt.

  41. Alex Johnson says

    Vaping 95% less harmful than cigarettes


    Nothing you put into your body is completely safe or lacks side effects. Vaping is supposed to be a way of stopping smoking cigarettes. Not a new trendy way to smoke. Don't smoke? Why vape? And why are these diseases just now popping up after 10/15 years? No deaths prior, but all of a sudden there are over a hundred people in a span of months that are being negatively affected. Seems odd to me.

  43. Danny lewis says

    Everyone who puts out false information should be held accountable. To take info that was given to you and make a video without any research, should get you banned off all social media. Legally you should have a warning that what you are saying is not factual.

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