Why is everyone vaping?


The Juul vape is blowing up right now. Made for adults but popular with teens- the addictive nicotine fueled e-cigarette has become so pervasive among …


  1. TOPFRIG says

    Hi! We're Topfrig – the researchers for Beme! We're trying a new thing here where we explore a topic that's popping up in our daily lives. If there is anything from your world you’d like us to look into, let us know!

  2. Born To feel says

    Shout out to the vape nation

  3. Sheheryar Khan says

    A lots lol

  4. robert rohm says

    Every girl in my school vapes because they think there cool

  5. Slik. says

    Was it only me waiting for the juul pod to do the corner bounce

  6. shamalama says

    Contrary to what others say, I find this type of content just as immersive and educational as regular style videos from Beme

  7. Joseph1NJ says

    Juuling is a verb now? I thought it was vaping.

  8. Vima Visuals says

    what on earth is this

  9. Design Capsule says

    No to these hosts

  10. Design Capsule says

    Terrible editing

  11. Brian Danza says

    wow, this is really bad

  12. Louis Shapcott says

    don't listen to these fools this video's a e s t h e t i c is sick

  13. John Alexander says

    Hey, where's Lou….

    Just kidding I kinda liked this new formula – though it seemed like it was trying to be overtly edgy and was weirdly paced.

  14. Liam Pannell says

    One way to view it: Everyone(the #iPhone kids) is sad or apathetic (many reasons, one may be – we are on the forefront of many new experiences to human condition and younger gens constantly blamed and ridiculed by older generations #handoutgeneration#dumbmilenals xD) to cope we participate in easy hidden trendy self harm of nicotine which we know is unhealthy (we also know is fr not thaaat bad compared to other things) a quiet protest to the worlds current state + it's ummm cool😎 oh and it makes u feel good broooo

  15. Mario S says

    This format is God awful.. where was Lou? Vacation?

  16. Al says

    Hey it Lou and I don't want to be associated with subpar work

  17. Ioan Jivan says

    Stop please. Nicotine is not the reason cigarettes are bad. Sure, nicotine is bad too, but until a better alternative comes, it's the best option.

  18. Rohan Plantboy James says

    This video is embarrassing

  19. Luke Brunner says

    Didnt like the format of this one, very cringy not informative, or if it was informative it got lost in the other stuff. Came off more like a high school production than a reliable news piece.

  20. K says

    I've seen people Juul and the people that Juul all look like douchebags. This guy was literally juuling and dancing to his own music on the subway.

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