Long Island man nearly dies from vaping THC


Six deaths have been reported, all adults and at least some with pre-existing lung problems. A Long Island man says he was nearly death number seven.


  1. Gucci Mane_1017TM says

    People buying fake cart fulled with rat poison ☠️

  2. Gucci Mane_1017TM says

    That a fake cookie cart dumb ass the black market is killing people with fake products plus they don’t make full grams cart for cookies the band look it up

  3. Ryan Tatum says

    I’d rather die than hear this shit

  4. Ildefonso Sosa says

    How much did they pay that douche ?

  5. djv creations says

    no vape? rolling time baby!!!! yeaaaa boooooiiiii

  6. jean-yves Roussel says

    Looks like a mobster don't vape thc ok its not safe.

  7. Obye says

    Damn, that nigga got a bad cart

  8. Brian M says

    Who cares

  9. *kellz11* says

    Nobody ever died from smoking herb until the government got their hands on it smfh 😠🤬🤬

  10. Q-uzo Angel 1017 OrgoneEnergy says

    I stopped over a month ago myself….
    I love weed….
    But I had to stop the THC vaping…

  11. T - Bone says

    Lol He gets a press conference for smoking Weed…

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