VLOG! FUN! Retro Box 7! – Type Two RTA! – M.Terk's Pumpkin AF! GAHH!


Welcome friends to tonight’s LIVE VLOG 11/12/20!!! Gates open, come on in ! TIMESTAMPS ARE THE FIRST PINNED COMMENT UNDER THIS VIDEO. We will …


  1. Jeremy V says


    **Superchats are at the end of each segment

    Vlog Starts at – 05:17

    Shoutouts – 09:06

    Beer is at – 15:31

    What I’ve Been Vaping is at – 26:53

    News & Advocacy is at – 37:58

    Vape Mail is at – 01:15:26

    Retro Vaping is at – 01:39:21

    Random Liquid Tasting is at – 02:07:58

  2. Raven Beets says


  3. Martin Relf says

    Great show enjoyed it🇬🇧🇬🇧👍👍

  4. Nathaniel Mayo says

    Such an successful VLOG! Thanks Nick and love seeing those old goodies. I'm curious how you feel about the Intake MTL before I purchase one for my MTL needs. MikeVapes never seems to dissapoint but I wonder about the MTL airflow like that.

  5. illleaveituptoyou says

    Sell me the gripper bro 👀

  6. Kevin yum says

    🤣🤣 I'm kev and I'm gonna send it!!!!

  7. Doug Frazier says

    Always watch to the end and if your ever in southeast kansas for any reason come on over and meet the fam bro.

  8. Doug Frazier says

    Red light, done with life bro.

  9. Doug Frazier says

    Did the survey, didn't even mess around. Thanks grim, love what you do, let's keep fighting.

  10. Phil Lesh says

    I’ve always liked mterks original line of four liquids all with the butterscotch base…I’m glad u reviewed his new pumpkin juice cause when I saw it on Instagram I knew I wanted to try it…pumpkin as fuck

  11. Love Vlog Day Bro..But its been awhile since I've got to catch one..Been watching you since way back in the Carto Tank Days , & your the one that schooled me in the ways of the vape..Keep Up the Good Work , and as the saying goes , Let's Keep on Vaping..🍺🍺🍺

  12. ravin187 says

    Please God move the camera back. Too much change in this world too much change

  13. ZmbeeHomerSimpson says


  14. nfoquest says

    The type two, is there a proprietary drip tip?. Of course not, you know better than that. Cant wait to try it!

  15. Buddy Guy says

    pumperdoodle? I hardly know her.

  16. Tom Wilson says

    It's not going to change my life!??! 😭😭

  17. Drocaan says

    Love the good news Barbara! My mom had breast cancer a few years ago and it's scary. Glad you got good news 💚💚✌💪🤘

  18. Los Palos says

    I'm genuinely interested in some decAfrican coffee now.

  19. Gunner 80928 says

    @GrimmGreen … Brother… love that SLIMER DIXXON!!!!!!!

  20. DjNeoFunk says

    What's the name of the music you play during your Pumpkin af session? Thanks in advance.

  21. WK3iSmE says

    Love you a Casey at the end there. Thanks bro. You are the best there is.

  22. Sho Kurozu says

    The drag S also has an auto draw feature.

  23. Dave Rotes says

    Thanks a lot for posting these links; I did the survey it was very quick I would like to do as many of these vape related surveys as I can. It is great to spread information and it is also important to stay informed on news regarding other parts of the world. I can not help but think as soon as we get covid under control, people will look back and say oh more people would have survived if vaping was banned…. I hope I am wrong but wow, just awful.

  24. 8lk c0ff33 says

    I think that taxes plopped on vape products will turn out to be a good thing, hear me out… much like tobacco and cannabis, when politicians have sufficiently scare mongered about vaping to “justify” taxes on vape products, they will then be essential to balancing budgets and therefore tolerated and potentially promoted as a viable alternative. Are these people crass political hacks? Yes. But they are always going to either control something or shut it down. Flavor bans on the other hand are just posturing for klout, which should never be tolerated. We’re nobodies step stool.

  25. Sergio Soerjanto says

    There's an indonesian eliquid called foom eliquid "java kretek" it's a saltnic liquid but as someone who works at a cigarettes company that's by far the closest liquid to actual clove cigarettes taste wise

  26. Sergio Soerjanto says

    So im guessing that since you redistribute OG recoil specifically for indonesian market then you will use the same distributor for the type two? Can't wait to have my hands on the type two RTA. I almost lose faith, anyway are you going to open another slot at the patreon page?

  27. Aussie Shayno says

    @GrimmGreen just so you are aware Vgod Cubano is now available in Oneshots in the UK @ ChefsFlavours

  28. Stéphane Mignot says

    The Type II, the Star Citizen of vaping! ^^

  29. ALLEN says

    As always Thank You 🙏

  30. Joel Berry says

    Catching the replay as usual, one day I will stay up late enough to watch live!

  31. F says

    J'espère vraiment que Trump passe car si c'est biden, plus de vap tout à la Philippe Momo et plus de vape

  32. Andrew Grignon says

    Hey Slick Nick, is that Type 2 RTA a dual or single coil?

  33. Zachary Taylor Schumann says

    Havent watched one in a couple months but im always excited to catch a GrimmGreen TV episode 👍

  34. Drummavore says

    number of times you're supposed to check the list:
    not once, not twice, but thrice

  35. Mr Bell says

    Threw me off for a sec, but love the cam angle!

  36. KrustyPickle says

    BACK?!..When it WAS about drama..? It’s still a damn soap opera most of the time 🤣👍🏽 Great Thursday Nick! I was actually able to watch most of it live at work, just watching Retro vapes to the end now. Wish you would try to get a DotMission RBA from the MissionXV guys. Not even just for review but it’s one of the best vapes I’ve ever had. The deck reminds me a lot of the kayfun and I’ve got it set up as a super smooth perfectly tight MTL. Made the DotAIO useable for many a folk 👌🏽🚀

  37. LeanBackVapes says

    Matthew Lewellen here! (LBV) Hello, and I'm so sorry, I was busy tonight and missed the show. A customer told me that you shouted us out and I just got to watch it! Thank you so much, vape on and lean back!

  38. Jeremy M says

    Watching the replay at home on quarantine. Found out yesterday that I have Covid. Gotta quarantine for 20 days due to being high risk because of a compromised immune system. So I had to fill out a questionnaire and it asked on there if I smoked or vaped. I'm happy I don't smoke anymore because with how I'm feeling it would be worse. #WeVapeWeVote

  39. Bubba Hale says

    I just noticed are you wearing a King diamond shirt I haven't heard King diamond in a long long time

  40. Anthony Melendez says

    go USA for being the one to crate a vac for covid 90% there

  41. Fuzzy's Game Shelf says

    Tastes like numbers!

  42. Bubba Hale says

    I'm right there with you I love my ipas when I didn't before

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