Trump suggests raising the vaping age to 21 to combat vaping crisis


The federal government is taking action to fight the vaping crisis. President Trump wants to raise the age to purchase e-cigarettes from 18 to 21. The move …


  1. John Ackerman says

    Why raise the age, when this stuff kills people. If I were president, I would pull all tobacco products of the shelves across the country, and put these companies out of business.

  2. Remy T.V says

    Lol I am vitamin E is only carts not vape media dumb

  3. Wyatt Wins aviation says

    Just don’t let them use nicotine or tobacco in the USA

  4. Kevin Jr. says

    Why raise the age limit just make it illegal so we can save more lives!!! Teens do it to look cool and because of peer pressure

  5. Mess of Media says

    This report is as well sourced as the disciplinary action CBS took against the wrong woman for allegedly leaking the ABC/Disney Epstein video. Why is CBS even attempting to help Disney/ABC target a whistleblower that helped expose the network's defense of Jeffrey Epstein?

  6. Mess of Media says

    CBS should just put an end to their news reporting all together if the network can't even produce a two-minute segment that's properly sourced and accurate.

  7. Marci Robins says

    Because Big Tobacco is behind vaping, nothing will be done. People who vape know the dangers now, it's up to them to make the right choice.

  8. Euneiro phrenia says


  9. Outdose says

    Don’t smoke fake carts!!! It’s not that complicated, if you’re stupid enough to buy a fake cart for like 20 dollars then it’s just natural selection tbh.

  10. Joe Black says

    But the can join military at 18

  11. Go ast says

    Lets make another law to chip away at your freedom. Need to lift all the prohibitions that cause more death and violence than smoking or drugs. Conservatives = Lock em up. SMFH.

  12. B D says

    I don't mind that! It's a good idea because in high school I bought cigarettes from an 18 year old so they probably do the same.

  13. Brian Dwayne says

    Do they not realize that vitamin E is not used in nicotine vapes. It's Only bootleg marijuana Vapes that are cut with vitamin E. Its basically filler so they don't have to use as much marijuana.

    CBS is heading for a lawsuit if they can't distinguish the two.

  14. Ethon Boutte says

    No Trump should ban it…when whatever's secretly undetected substances' like in cigarettes'kills you later on down the line..blended with any other indulgence with life you partake..bare in mind you bringing children into this world who will have to entertain what you pass down to them.

  15. Julio Rock says

    And they vapes killing people are illegal

  16. Linus Gustafsson says

    All linking it to black market cannabis-pods. Not the nicotine liquid that the public had been using for over 10 years without problem. Don’t punish the users and buissnesses that aren’t selling or buing the illegal products.

  17. Jimmy Bob says

    If you are old enough to take a bullet in war than u should be allowed to choose if you vape, smoke, or even drink.

  18. Dan Waggoner says

    Can’t raise the age for e-cigarettes and vaping without raising the age to buy traditional cigarettes. Vaping is proven to be 95% safer than smoking.

  19. Julio Vargas says

    I’m early and first

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