New tech could help schools crack down on vaping


Little box may play big role in holding students who break the law accountable.


  1. M87 Gaming says

    Just hit it, put the vape in your pocket and quickly walk out


  2. Josh Seutter says

    Kids could be ripping lines and shooting heroin and but no…..

    Vaping is the problem

  3. Kaylie Tipton says

    At my school they don’t vape in the bathroom they do it outside is the field, this don’t even change anything

  4. Kwandoesaviii says

    Ha we have this in our school but they forgot we can open the windows

  5. Byron Chavarria 495 says

    This Will Make JUUL Go Away

  6. Mvko says

    just put a shirt into a toilet paper tube…..

  7. AWESOME2897 says

    My school systems budget can't afford it gg

  8. Kendrick Bracy says

    people don’t have better things to do there people homeless and starving but let’s just make a device to detect vaping and waste money on that instead

  9. Byron Chavarria 495 says

    Yay No JUUL Thank You Fly Sense

  10. AKP beats says


  11. HOT SHOT 1500 says

    Lmao I’d just throw a wet paper towel on it or fill it with silicone

  12. Hayden Butenschoen says

    Just zero your hit

  13. Fish Assassin says

    sound levels can still mean someone can be taking a mean dudu not bullying

  14. evan petticord says

    Has anyone actually found one of these in there schools? In our high school they are "apparently" getting them installed at the end of this month.
    But this has me thinking if these devices were installed in the bathroom, how easy would they be to rip out. As i would assume hitting or tampering with the device would alert an administrator.

  15. Adam100A says

    Our school got these 😭😭 our school charges $500 for vaping and court I got so lucky though I had a wax one in my hands and put it in my pocket right before a teacher walked in to tell us not to Vape and there's a detector in the bathroom now idk if they're in all the bathrooms tho

  16. Kopn says

    Lmao it gonna smell my farts boi

  17. Soy Bebeto says

    Thats so fuckin stupid
    What if someone is sheting and it contaminates the air? Oooh a kid is smoking
    Neverminde he is shetting

  18. Marcellus Diocletian says

    Literally that's not going to work then they will just zero the smoke

  19. CHARGER R/T says

    Ha I have them in my school and it so noticeable

  20. Moe Hoj says

    Can’t wait for someone to take a huge shit and cause so much methanol to trigger the device

  21. Jorge Catalan says

    We finna break that shit tbh bout to crack it down

  22. Clinxeo says

    My school is like I don’t care if you vape but don do it in school. lol

  23. Brogan Loewen says

    Wow guess I have to spend the extra ten seconds to bring my empty water bottle with me

  24. josh maeder says

    Great teaching kids to live in a police state.

  25. ABRUMS says

    It’s only illegal to buy vape or weed it’s legal to just do it though

  26. TrueReligionIsWhatIWear says

    So when I have constapation the sensors will go off the charts!

  27. Fockey Hockey says

    It pisses me off when adults complain about how kids nowadays are doing hardcore drugs (which nicotine is not a drug) okay you take away cigs and dip which kids commonly dip and smoked back in the good ole days🙄 but the point being is you took away the other shit. now we’re gonna do worse shit now your trying to take away vaping = more kids doing hardcore drugs. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDiNG ME quit taking away so much shit because now we’re gonna do worse shit. so next time I hear someone talk about how kids are doing more hard core drugs maybe you should not have took away the original shit now your taking away vaping YOU FUCKING HYPOCRITES.

  28. Character model 11 says

    Omfg this is funny 😂🤦‍♂️

  29. Michael Aguilar says

    What if someone taking a mad shit and farts thats boutta trigger the box and sone niggas boutta bust down yo stall too see a kid shitting

  30. JayPX says

    fox news: "its a gateway to drugs"
    also fox news: "how do we do everything in our power to make these teens even more insecure and singled out?:"

  31. JayPX says

    "mixed reactions"
    *shows 3 reactions that agree with them and 0 that disagree… lol k

  32. Bruce Dutton says

    Fucking narc

  33. Tristan Tagliarino says

    just zero it

  34. Sports IQ says

    It’s called inhaling and also isn’t there more problems in the u.s then kids hitting a juul😂😂

  35. Austin the Lizard says

    Why are people juuling in the halo theme room?

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