Trump Holds Heated Vaping Meeting | TIME


Health advocates are encouraging US President Donald Trump to move forward with a federal ban on thousands of flavors used in e-cigarettes. Subscribe to …


  1. k says

    Very big problem

  2. AmbitionZ VapeR says

    Wow common sense on the issue. Is that the president making presidential decisions!?!?

  3. Outdose says

    He’s finally been doing his research.

  4. myprophet1 says

    "A flavor that's poison"
    OMG how stupid can a breathing human be?

  5. Brian Szymanski says

    Just wait till Baron Trump comes home and vapes in front of his dad. Thanks dad for letting me Juul.

  6. ygslayersongs says

    If we ban vaping, the main supplier in the black market will be China… And we all know about the quality of Chinese products……….

  7. Carrots says

    reasoning behind trump's decision if anyone interested

  8. Ukulele Zen says

    Juul is NOT safe – that is an incorrect framing by the president.

  9. Lucy King says

    So we are concerned about flavored e-cigs but not cigarettes?! Cigarette's are far more harmful and have killed FAR more people than flavored e-cigs!!

  10. strannyisyn says

    The first actual not dumb thing he's said. Illegal THC carts are what caused the deaths in the first place, not FDA approved and regulated flavors.

  11. MrUtubePete says

    Look at Trump pretending to act presidential while all the time he is thinking, "what's in it for me?"

  12. Bolt Upright1 says

    Why is Putin still in office?

  13. Xavier Stidwell says

    Ban it

  14. Public Knowledge says

    Idiot. Babbling Trump, no clue what he’s talking about.

  15. Shannon says

    You know why America has a vaping problem? Because there's NO PARENTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The government cannot overcome bad parenting.

  16. Naveed Arshad says

    Full of shit

  17. Gamers Bay says

    He's right, prohibition doesn't work. If you try and take this stuff away, people will just find another way to get it. Yet, the FDA is planning to try and cut nicotine out of tobacco products, which will also just create a huge black market. Everyone knows what happened the last time the government tried to take alcohol away.

  18. Roadside Table says

    They're not good companies. I was hoping he wouldn't give the deadly tobacco cartels what they wanted in this meeting but apparently he did.

  19. El Howard says

    Trump should be an EXPERT on vaping, he's been blowin' smoke for YEARS!

  20. In_Utero993 says

    He’s right on this

  21. Green Onions says

    What is this another way for the dang Democrats to tax ish?

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