House hearing on public health threats of vaping – 09/25/2019


The House Energy and Commerce Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee holds a hearing on dangers of the use of e-cigarettes. Officials from Centers for …


  1. bobby joe costa says

    Lol. Fda approved cigarettes and yet 500,000 die every year stupid.

  2. bobby joe costa says

    Juul is the one causing all the problems for vaping. But they are trying to include ejuice vaporizers that has no cartridge and then blaming all vaping products. Just a bunch of so called educated people sounding stupid.

  3. bobby joe costa says

    W do know and it is all in the science but most choose to ignore.

  4. bobbycone2 says

    What an absolute waste of tax dollars. Nothing but a bunch of uninformed people who are going to wreck a wonderful thing like vaping! Terrible job congress! Absolutely terrible!

  5. bobbycone2 says

    You don't believe it now Dr Norman? Then you haven't talked to anyone who quit with vaping!

  6. bobbycone2 says

    The FDA doesn't know what works and what doesn't work to quit smoking because all they have ever approved is crap that barely works for anyone and drugs that have horrible side effects! The hell with what the FDA says. The American people know what works and vaping works!

  7. bobbycone2 says

    Dr. Bharel has no idea what she is talking about

  8. bobbycone2 says

    Did he just admit that they ask the same question over and over to try and get the response they want? That's called manipulative practices!

  9. bobbycone2 says

    You found menthol? OMG!! Stop the presses! Idiots!

  10. bobbycone2 says

    Let's go back in history and find all the absolute geniuses that we still teach about in schools today who were mostly all nicotine users. Did they get their brains ruined by nicotine? Stop it!

  11. bobbycone2 says

    They 100% are effective to smoking cessation! Proven by millions of vapes around the world! Get it through your thick heads!

  12. bobbycone2 says

    Take a pause while you force millions to go back to smoking cigarettes. You are making terrible decisions!

  13. bobbycone2 says

    Hey Dr. Norman. Don't try to take credit for smoking being reduced. Vaping did that!

  14. bobbycone2 says

    Luka went to rehab for nicotine? Are you kidding me? He either did other drugs or those parents are incredibly dense.

  15. bobbycone2 says

    Smoking is way down because of vaping! Vaping did more to curb smoking than you (the govt) could do in 40 years!!!

  16. bobbycone2 says

    I'm 37. I love gummy bears

  17. bobbycone2 says

    Nothing more astounding than nicotine use?? Really? I can think of tons of worse things.

  18. bobbycone2 says

    If they ban vape flavors then I'm going to start a massive movement to ban alcohol and Tobacco flavors! Because they are waaaay worse!

  19. bobbycone2 says

    Mr Guthrie speaks with reason. Good for him. Get the bad shit off the market. If you can't control it then get the word out about the dangers of illicit thx carts. Don't bad the flavors, don't ban all vapes which are actually helping people!

  20. bobbycone2 says

    Hey lady, the problem is not the legit vapes. The ones causing harm are the illicit products. The fda only has authority over the legit ones. How the fuck can they stop the illegal ones??? Can't stop heroin dealers. It's the same shit. Man congress is dumb!

  21. bobbycone2 says

    He's not parcing words. You just don't understand and you're not gonna be able to get the answers you want because you don't understand the issue fully.

  22. bobbycone2 says

    Maybe those people shouldn't have bought illegal shit to try and get high.

  23. bobbycone2 says

    Where are these kids that don't know there is nicotine in the vapes? The ones that don't vape? Did you ask 6 year Olds??? What the hell are you talking about? The kids all coined the term "nic-sick". Did you think they were talking about inhaling too much water when they came up with that?

  24. bobbycone2 says

    Lady, vaping is NOT smoking! You also don't know what you are talking about!

  25. bobbycone2 says

    Kids like vapes because they are "cool". Yall making this a way bigger deal than it actually is will just push them to go to it even more. Just make the laws where kids get tickets if they get caught vaping like you did with tobacco in the mid 90s. That would be the smartest thing to do to avoid youth vaping. But you can't stop it all. Just the way some kids still start smoking. You think all smokers started only when they were 18 or 21? No, of course not. Do you think people only start drinking when they are 21? No! They drink early, they smoke early. I don't want kids to vape, I don't want kids to smoke, I don't want kids to drink alcohol. But banning all this shit and taking away flavors will not do shit.

  26. bobbycone2 says

    Alcohol and Tobacco have killed thousands during this hearing but they have no issue with them. Which both have flavors. Yet vaping is the worst. Idiots!!

  27. bobbycone2 says

    They are doing nothing Mr Duncan. Nothing but giving confusing bullshit responses that push their own adgenda!

  28. bobbycone2 says

    Mr Duncan, finally. A logical voice!

  29. bobbycone2 says

    Why can't the pro vaping people be in this room to set these people straight on the extremely wrong info they are spewing…. Also, if the data is wrong then it doesn't matter if it's data driven!

  30. bobbycone2 says

    The people in the hospital are from the black market!!! Why don't you get that??? It's not from regular vaping. God I hate these people!

  31. bobbycone2 says

    Yeah, it does contain the amount from an entire pack. You're not meant to vape the entire ecig in one sitting. You use it all day or over a couple days just like a pack of cigarettes. How can you speak on and complain about something you clearly don't know about fully? You ask these dumb questions that just shows you don't know what you are talking about. This is a one sided which hunt for corrupt congress people trying to kill vaping so Americans will smoke again so they can get their pressious money from the MSA….. Hell, you can't even say Marijuana correctly! Marawanda?

  32. bobbycone2 says

    The data is simple. The introduction of black market pods and juice coinsides with the govt banning or pushing Juul to pull flavors causing the black market to expand. This is what caused all the illness!

  33. bobbycone2 says

    I understand the difference between safer and safe. Sorry Mr congressman if you are too stupid to understand that.

  34. bobbycone2 says

    Find me one never smoker who vaped and then went to smoking. Find me one!! Your reports are lying!

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