Doctors say vaping caused teen's lungs to fail


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  1. Chicago Anonymous says

    This was the same symptom from the Coronavirus 😷

  2. scarosone14 says

    How about just breathing air into your lungs. Love how people say I have been vaping for years, got me off cigarettes. But now your addicted to vaping…🤣. Guess what, anything besides air is no good for your lungs and even air isn't that healthy depending on where you live.

  3. Michael44 says

    the fake news really don't know whats going on…these people vaping are smoking drugs pure nicotine ect…its not weed morons..these kids are making homemade liquids to smoke… but no care in the world of the drugs pouring into america and killing Tens of thousands a yr..and now this is a crisis because its teens and the liberals got to pretend they care about children even tho they support abortion and taking care of illegal alien children..such arrogant, self-centered, self righteous, narcissistic, superiority complex people

  4. Armen Makart says

    5 versus 480,000 deaths from combustible tobacco…Not to mention that kids or teens have a good ability to protect themselves by concealing the truth….I been vaping for almost a decade and not once I had a negative occurrence. And YES, I don't use THC cartomisers and neither should these teens. For teens its the next cool thing in the popularity contest, to adults that suffered from 34 years of smoking this is a life saving breakthrough.

  5. Tony Alvarado says

    Don’t by juice from a gas station.

  6. Jay Hartbarger says

    State and federal health officials investigating mysterious lung illnesses linked to vaping have found the same chemical in samples of marijuana products used by people

    The chemical is an oil derived from vitamin E. Investigators at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration found the oil in cannabis products in samples collected from patients who fell ill across the United States

    The FDA also told state officials Wednesday that its lab tests found nothing unusual in nicotine products that had been collected from sick patients

  7. Nicholas Riera says

    watching this while buzzed

  8. Laura Schindler says

    Thank you for sharing. Teenagers need to be educated of the dangers and effects of vaping!

  9. Retro-Innovation says

    Well place ad by the cigarette industry. Funny how all these anti vaping fake news articles show up all around the middle of August 2019.

    Fact: 150,000 deaths yearly in the USA from Lung Cancer

  10. Lou Sou says

    I had been smoking for over 20yrs and Vaping help me to stop smoking completely been smoke free and vape free for over 5yrs.. Can't be blaming Juul that kid was underage, you should be asking how he got it in the first place.🤦‍♂️

  11. AL says

    I hope there are severe consequences to vaping. We need to thin out the herd. KEEP IT UP KIDS!!!!👍🏽🖕🏼

  12. Charles Garten says

    They need to ban this stuff. Don't take the word of a bunch of addicts.

  13. Jim Redtalon says

    Failed how though? There are many ways your lungs could fail at that age that are just chance and genetic.
    How exactly are they attributing it to vaping? The lack of information here only makes people more sceptical.

  14. Zimmerman says

    It's not weed, guys, it's still cigarettes. It's just in a much more convenient and tasty form now. Vape THC, or CBD, not e-cigs. Then again, I never had sympathy for cigarette smokers who get lung disease, why should that change for those using e-cigs?

  15. TNB TNB says


  16. Jorge Velarde says

    Vape thc 😂

  17. JD Green Video Gaming says

    It the type of liquid in your vape. not the vape itself.

  18. Yeah I said it! says

    Vaping mixed with cocaine!

  19. t he gaming says

    I’ve been vaping at the age 15 now I’m 20

  20. Deontea Jackson says

    Something ain't right. I been vapeing for 3 years now
    Never had any side effects

  21. Jack Hood says

    Kids probably vaping cat piss

  22. Felipe Ibarra says

    Mmmmm! I Wonder If One Of You All Have Already Checked Yourselves Out With A Doctor. Did You Know Your Body Is The Temple Of God. Read It Up In The Bible.

  23. abramg11 says

    I guess you can take the Fox News comments section word that this wasn’t caused by vaping over a doctors word. 🤣

  24. Mojahid Alsubai says

    Fake. I been vaping for years… yet healthy like a horse!

  25. kilkzy says

    The news is fake. Simple.

  26. ItzJJ says

    Don’t listen to this fake news

  27. t he gaming says

    Fake news

  28. J One says

    More fake news

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