Can smoking and vaping make Coronavirus worse? Doctors say new evidence suggests it does


Vaping and e-cigarettes could be adding fuel to the coronavirus fire.


  1. samyza200 says

    I smoke and I been have a couch for about ,2weeks

  2. william Johanns says

    This channel real experts and the truth.

  3. Jo Jo says

    John clearly is an idiot. I understand the shaming as a smoker I know this well but smoking is still very dangerous and especially with COVID. Research ways to quit. Look at books, online quit smoking everything to help. Better to try than not and relying on luck.

  4. Washing Machine says

    Yeah WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!newest study shows nicotine in cigarettes may prevent coronavirus.

  5. David Trappe says

    This looks like FAKE NEWS!!! …….research it!!! ……the French are banning nicotine patches and gum just it can help prevent C19

  6. Lil Fyre says

    Nah not vaping just smoking


    and who are these brilliant doctors (not all graduate at the top of their class you know!) and their so-called "research"? The research on smokers and coronavirus across many countries shows that smokers are much LESS likely to contract COVID 19 and those who do are asymptomatic or get very light cases….. those who DO contract it have a harder time than non-smokers, they say, however. Anyone else tired of "Doctors say" and "new study shows" without references to who anyone is conducting these studies and what credentials these doctors hold and how about their college GPA's for once too!

  8. Gigsand Busking says

    New study finds nicotine stops coronavirus spreading easily in the body! lets see what next, maybe a pint and a ciggy followed by fish and chips may totally eradicate the virus?

  9. Never TheBride says

    Oh shut up!!

  10. Felisha says

    Let's cut through the bullshit… you pollute your lungs, you make yourself more vulrnerable to conoravirus. End of file. There's no disputing that. And I wonder if you're spewing coronavirus when you exhale fumes. Are you? So can you folks who smoke not do so in public anymore? I hate smoking. Never lived up to it. I survived several intense fever eposides since March which I think were corona related, but never got to coughing/sneezing stages. My lungs are good. I don't pollute them with cigs. All they get is standand city air pollution. But I heard of people whom were also healthy and died because they were smokers. So what does that tell you?

    Put a bag over your head when you smoke. Now is not a good time to accept your second smoke habits.

  11. Simplythebest says

    All bullshit they know fuck all about the coronavirus and trying to link everything with it, and quoting shit from China go fuck yourselves

  12. Maulik Madhavi says

    I request as we dont have enough evidences though avoid smoking as the air from ur lungs may spread all over. 🙏 This is benifit for our society I beg you

  13. I haven't smoked cigarettes since March 14 that was half a cigarette but lately I've been smoking weed how is that going to affect the Coronavirus

  14. tripjet999 says

    ILLEGAL TOBACCO DRUG and all derivatives (such as so-called "electronic cigarettes") should be BANNED NOW and all CRIMINAL TOBACCO PUSHERS prosecuted for MURDER and GENOCIDE of the human race!

    EVERY DAY, around the world, the ILLEGAL TOBACCO DRUG KILLS 14,000 addicts and another 1,800 INNOCENT people (who were exposed to TOXIC TOBACCO SMOKE) – FAR MORE than any "virus" ever known!

    And it's not "vaping" or any other misleading/stupid term, it's SMOKING, since smoke from so-called "electronic" cigarettes contains deadly poisons and carcinogens, as in TOXIC TOBACCO SMOKE!

  15. K Black says

    What about my choice to have fresh air around me?

  16. Iquey says

    It depends on the individual. Any irritant added to the lungs can trigger a reaction. I would admit it is usually less harmful than ashy cigarettes as long as you're careful with what type of vape liquids you use. But if you're someone with a sensitive body to allergies, and harsh chemicals/artificial flavors, it's better to steer clear. I mean don't get me wrong, I love candy and perfume and scented candles, but I don't breathe candy or eat perfume or scented candles, you know?

  17. La Faux says

    Comparing vape to smoking? Delusional reporting! Inhaling Vaporized Hydrogen peroxide to kill the virus👇 recommend by a logical doctor! Governments aren’t looking for a cure!

  18. Bubble Burster says

    Based on what little information THEY have, new fear mongering to the max. E cigs cured the habit of caustic cigarettes usage. Simply amazing how lungs clean up when inhaling non toxic compounds.
    It’s well known cigarettes kill, why does the government protect that killer entity? 💰!
    The Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement 1998.

  19. william Johanns says

    No simply lies!!!!
    Fals claim from lying Stanton Glantz.
    And the anti vape people going with it to the media. Stop misleading people.

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