Coronavirus creates challenges for those who want to quit vaping l GMA


Brad Lamm, author of a new book called “Quit Vaping,” says statistics on patients with an underlying condition of smoking could push vapers and smokers to kick …


  1. nate fletcher says

    There's alot of new studies happening that are showing that vaping and smoking actually helps prevent getting covid. The nicotine binds to the same receptors that covid does. Since the nicotine is already attached to those receptors the covid has nowhere to go.

  2. Abram Carroll says

    PSA: CoViD-19 isn't caused by vaping like the media was saying in 2019. The media are accessories to the murder of at least 248,304 people, by covering up Covid-19, calling it vaping related.
    These public health experts are the greatest threat to public health. They lie pathologically, and could have stopped SARS-CoV-2, but they were too busy being anti-vaping NAZIS, and trying to get people back to smoking so they could get more MSA money.
    Why isn't the media trying to get people to quit nicotine gum? Lots of tobacco and/or pharma money?
    There is no evidence of peoples lungs being harmed by vaping nicotine and it is the only effective method for quitting smoking.
    Juul simply doesn't have lower nicotine levels like vape shop products, if you want to quit vaping or at least kick the addiction. The first year off of smoking with vaping can cause excessive vaping as there are no MAOI's. Gums and patches are not even 1% effective. From year 1 to year 2 vaping is 85% effective at quitting smoking.
    In fact:
    It seems that nicotine vaping and smoking are preventing people from getting CoViD-19, as they are under represented in positive results relative to the general population. Smoking will give you a worse outcome, but there isn't any reason vaping would.
    Here is a research paper on it.

  3. sjb2006 says

    Oh finally an actress has something to say. Fuck off. Fucking propaganda machine. This is an ad for this book and nothing more.

  4. sjb2006 says

    Nice propaganda to sell books.

  5. Trev Tall10 says

    This speaks more about USA 's addiction to big tobacco payouts based on smoker population which doesn't include vapers.

  6. Boost Lee says

    We ought to turn vaping into an off ramp off for those who smoke. Not as an on ramp on for teens+ who want to start a nicotine addiction.

  7. 1uzsike says

    made it so much easier for me

  8. La Faux says

    Bloomberg is very anti vape and funded $1.8 billion to John Hopkins. Of course their going to push his bull shit propaganda.

  9. buddha rabbit jo says

    I have quit vaping since this started, but definitely not because someone who never used nicotine preached to me… "i know it's hard" he says… I bet it's hard, is what he should say!

  10. litogor says

    Do not trust these people because statistics in the USA and China have shown that there were far fewer serious cases among smokers than among non-smokers. It would be nicotine that would protect a lot against the virus. I agree that it may seem strange but check for yourself and do not listen to anti-smoking people who claim information without evidence …

  11. Jamille 101 says

    You know while watching this i was thinking "vaping IS NOT ADDICTING" then i realized they were talking about the nicotine addiction when the doctor spoke yet he was the only one that specified the nicotine addiction while everyone else said vaping addiction. Does the news just dont understand that they have to be specific on what their talking about?!

  12. Orlando Pagan says

    Really?? I love the bunch of wrong information the media puts out. In today's age of data. Just look at the REAL Data. Vaping IS NOT an addiction. Nicotine is. But for those who really want to quit smoking those cancer sticks VAPING is a safer alternative way. For me. I vape for pleasure NOT the addiction. I smoked fro over35 years, had a heart attack and still could not quit. I tried everything to quit. VAPING was my life saver. so VAPING truly saved my life. I HAVE NOT smoked in over 5 years. I vape with zero nicotine and I am in a better state of health that I was 5 years ago.

  13. Darien says

    They say nicotine might be bad during this virus… but I use 0 so I'm chillen

  14. Magi Hypnotist Hannibal Bey says

    Now y’all sliding the Tobacco companies agenda to kill the vape industry?!!!!!! 😡🤨 We are not stupid Powers to Be!! You pieces of 💩!!! The vaping death no where compares to the extremely astronomically high rate of deaths from The Tobacco products!! We all seen the movie John Travolta played revealing how the Tobacco companies try to hide the cancer deaths n them not wanting to play the victims or remaining families compensation!!!😡🤨 Yeah!! We are not falling for the 🍌 Banana in the tail pipe gag! Jig is up ! People has taken the Red Pill. Sorry try again!🤨😒

  15. Steven Davis says

    Okay so if GMA says that you need to stop smoking that probably means does smoking prevent you from getting sick.

  16. Wolf Heart Gaming says

    Hahaha yea in your face smoker's

  17. Steven Davis says

    Fake Hoax!

  18. Nya Sings says

    He's bugging! Ain't know trying he better quit now!

  19. Bibble The Alien says

    There's no challenge. Just stop doing it. If I can quit smoking cold turkey you can quit vaping. Eat fruit and vegetables like I did as a snack.

  20. Rey Pascual says

    Don't quit. Just use a disinfectant juice and roam the entire city block vaping to eradicate those damn virus.

  21. Si Yang says

    Fucken lying

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