Dripping Contempt | Ontario Liberals Move to CRUSH Vaping


It’s war, that’s what representatives from the Canadian vaping industry say following the Ontario Liberals sudden and shockingly obstinate legislative position on …


  1. Regulator Watch says

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  2. MuchoTaco says

    Hollywood is a big vape advocate

  3. MuchoTaco says

    Thats like saying you can't test drive a car. If u got ur license theres no need to test it

  4. Sandy Coueffin says

    Hell I'll march and I don't vape! They miss our cancer and tax money!

  5. Sandy Coueffin says

    Wonder how essential oils would work to flavor in your nic juice? The fkers are missing the tax money on smokes and they need the lung cancer for the MONEY!

  6. Jeb says

    We do not consent!

  7. HuMan Being 34/7 says

    We should get our nicotine from eggplants or tomatoโ€™s instead of tobacco

  8. cj7286 says

    That just goes to prove they dont't give a $hit about anyone's health they just want there TAX money !!!

  9. Orion X says


  10. MA Fawcett says

    Hilarious!! Everything is regulated in Ontario.. Stop crying like a baby!

  11. Mr Cringe says

    Governments around the world are making it more difficult for people to quit smoking. Says it all really. F…..g disgusting.

  12. T h says

    This bull shit

  13. Vincent Hunt says

    You can go to ivapeivote.ca. It takes 2 seconds

  14. Flow Neppets says

    What a fucking nanny state Ontario is turning out to be… Well Canada all together. But Ontario in particular. We need to lose Whynn and fast. She's quite a miserable "woman" .

  15. stuntman014 says

    So in order to prevent youth from vaping they are taking away e-juice flavours from these vape shops that you must present ID and be 19+. Yet you can walk into any 19+ LCBO store and buy any flavour of alcohol you would like that resembles a can of pop. By that logic why haven't they banned flavours in alcoholic beverages? Alcohol kills more people than vaping. I found it ironic when the government claims they are doing research into vaping yet they have already passed a law to regulate it. WTF is wrong with these people. Are they seriously mental? I don't get it somebody please explain because our government will not….. the only explanation is yes they are corrupt or they are trying to kill you.

    Vaping has helped all three of my immediate family members quit smoking from day ONE. My uncle who smokes even got diagnosed with cancer due to cigarettes and the doctors have said it started around the time we started vaping. How ironic, I can't process this through my mind but when I look at the information I am positive they are simply working in favour of other industries cough tobacco *cough*. I am never voting for these cheating lying murderous scumbags.

  16. stuntman014 says

    so did bill 174 pass? the bill has passed but were there any changes?

  17. Mac Plumber says

    So if we want flavours, we have to "invent" our own? What could go wrong? WTF?

  18. jeff chinnery says

    It's simple math smokes equal big tax dollars the Ontario Liberals want more than helping out it population.

  19. David Smith says

    Call for impeachment of the Liberal government as they ARE NOT working to the greater good of the Canadian Nation.

  20. 4thEyeVision says

    Wow ONTARIO sucks ๐Ÿ™ i say if this bill goes though its corporate manslaughter or would it be called Government manslaughter or just the murder of thousands your own citizens sick sick sick

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