E-Cigarettes vs. Tobacco & What Anti-Vapers Are Getting Wrong – Steve Forbes | What's Ahead | Forbes


For unfathomable reasons vaping has been equated with smoking regular tobacco. The opposite is true, and with the pandemic receding, public health officials …


  1. Safreen - Insight Idea says

    I stoped smoking next day i started vaping. After 4 months my my doctor reduced my bp medicine to half. Hope my bp will get normal in next few months.

  2. Vapr4life Jen says

    Thank you sincerely for your support, insight, and bravery in understanding this very important issue. β€πŸ™πŸ’™

  3. AugustMedia says

    Love that our government effectively killed my entire workforce and left many on unemployment. (cant imagine how many jobs have been lost across the country)

    Not like we didn't have 20 barriers to jump through just so kids couldn't order. But, this doesn't stop Timmy's mom from buying him a vape which is how 90% of kids ACTUALLY get the stuff.

  4. Dennis Wheelus says

    They want the tax for real cigarettes, it takes their revenue away

  5. Cholla Ranch says

    I follow the news on this subject mostly via Brent Stafford's channel — Regulator Watch, on YouTube. He and Steve Forbes always get it right! Such honest commentators and journalists understand the real need for consumers to be kept informed and thereby earn my highest praise and gratitude. πŸ‘πŸ‘

  6. zoomful says

    Most recent ban is literally laughable. Companies now sell disposables by the boatload which create more waste and are much more difficult to scrutinize. Pretty obvious big tobacco has their hands all over this industry. Hope we can hold onto something so essential to breaking the trend of deaths to cigarette smoking.

  7. Dawn says

    Thank you, THANK YOU for getting this information out there. More people need to hear this. Vaping helped me stop smoking, and now that the US wants to ban shipping products, I don't know how I will be able to purchase hardware and/or supplies anymore in the future. It's incredibly irritating, no one is trying to make Congress stop drinking coffee, why are they taking away my nicotine?

  8. Business Monopoly says

    Steve Forbes article are great

  9. Bruce Deal says

    Steve a vape god

  10. Very accurate analysis on vaping πŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎ

  11. hello here says

    I want to know why we are borrowing money from our future generation's money so we can subsidize foreign countries… we need to get our money back !!!!! F orget the anti vape campaigns for now…. We NEED TO SECURE our SOUTHERN BOARDER, CHINA must be brought to JUSTICED for UNLEASHING a DEADLY VIRUS ON US !!!!

  12. william Johanns says

    Smart and fair guy.

  13. Vincent Du says

    disposable ones are mostly run by big tobacco firms and counterfeited by heartless black markets, I quit smoking within less than a month of picking up vaping, yes, with a mango flavor that I still vape to date. I'm more than grateful for the scientific approach toward vaping by the German government, hope things could change for the better for you guys in the States.

  14. Vincent Du says

    I saw the death of a great American company Kennedy Vapor, the one and only, best machined E-cig of all.

  15. Randall Perry says

    I smoked forever. I couldn't walk up a hill without sucking wind like I just ran a marathon. I woke up every morning hacking up crud and feeling like someone stomped on my lungs all night.
    Now I vape. I can easily bust out a 30 minute workout on my elliptical and when weather permits, my family and I hike trails for hours at a time. You'll never convince me that vaping is worse than smoking. I hate all the bans that politicians are coming up with. It's going to kill people.

  16. Todd Shields says

    I don't e-cig any longer, but I will say e-cigging saved my life. I had smoked for ahlwhile and couldn't quit. Then I tried e-cigs and eventually I quit all together. That wouldn't have happened if there were no e-cig to use. Typical California is nut! I can say that I live here

  17. Lao Tzu says

    Vaping companies pay well

  18. Grumbo991 says

    Steve forbes sounds like a kkk leader

  19. Ernesto Manuel Colon Jr says


  20. Senshai says

    What about, smoking itself being harmful for everyone .

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