FAKE NEWS ABOUT VAPING!!! *Educational!*


DonnyTheSkunk!!! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHL2Kg8nl7zkDid3Vg2buIA (18+) This video is intended for adults either 18+ or 21+ =======NOTHING …


  1. Monica Hammel says

    How vaping is bad
    *coughs lol

  2. Eduardo Corona says

    I’m pretty new on this, and I just want to know how can I know when it is a fake wax cart?

  3. DEADWEED0 says


  4. Joseph Duarte says

    They ain’t gone Kill you unless you smoking the fake shit if you smoking fake puffs or fake carts rip to you.

  5. Brendan Morrissey says

    Y’all are so wrong all that shit just so bad like I cough up black stuff because of the Juul

  6. S A says

    My stig finished and i got nothing else honestly im devastated.

  7. smittyzz says

    fax bro it’s annoying how the reporters are of an older age and don’t vape, and so they don’t understand. Therefore they categorize nicotine pod systems/vapes and thc cartridges in one category. And like you said, the carts are being vaporized so it’s understandable as to why they could think that, but they’ve taken it too far without understanding the difference yet.

  8. Amanda says

    *coronavirus enters the chat

  9. themrawk 393 says


  10. M.R DRAWW says

    'Just stick to weed'🤣🤣🤣

  11. Finn Knight says

    Donny been spittin facts


    i’m not saying that you’re gonna die from it, but it’s not very good for you. i feel like the media makes it seem worse than it is. can it harm you, to some degree yes probably. but are you gonna get seizures and stage 4 cancer from it, probably not. can it harm your lungs, most likely.

  13. Pumpy Lumpy says

    Facts boy 💯

  14. Julian Wright says


  15. Salena Brouwer says

    Literally it’s these white suburban moms who caught their kid once, read dumb articles that are in the recommended section next to their essential oils blogs, about how juuling is killing people and they just start petitions and start calling congress because “vapes are killing our kids”. Now granted I don’t think under age kids should be doing it, but once you hit 18+ you’re legally an adult. You can do whatever the fuck you want with your body. Banning fruit flavors and banning this and that won’t help your problem Karen. You’re just a shitty parent who doesn’t realize what their kid is up too. And with these bans, more and more people with flock to these illegal carts or pods because they can’t get them legally, which makes the problem worse because there are no regulations on DIY pods and carts. God people are dumb, and the media outlets are even stupider.

  16. Ashton Amsler says

    Put the douche flutes down and smoke some weed

  17. Onika Lathom says

    Juul stopped selling mint pods Donny

  18. TDS Cuda says


  19. evan hann says

    Finally straight factsssssssss

  20. christian rolando says

    Bro dank vapes are not vapes there fuckin carts lol

  21. Alyssa Magnano says

    Dr. Donny

  22. Alex Poser says

    my parents are thinking the same thing that these carts are the same as vaping 😂

  23. ForceFlect says

    The thing about the carts is that the thin stuff could mean they are using pesticides and what not too just saying

  24. Carter Hulett says

    98% of your viewers are under 18

  25. Yeo says

    I wanna start smokin weed but my parents are strict and shi and I don’t know how to start lmao ?? Any questions, I wanna get on da gass 😭

  26. T Leahy says

    They band in my town

  27. Cameron Kruse says

    so i noticed everytime i hit a vape w 50nic, my joints start to pop and hurt… anyone know why? could really use some help, i know the symptoms of wet lungs is joint pain soo someone help me out 😂

  28. dustin audia says

    You look like Andrew Garfield the old Spider-Man

  29. Willis says

    yo donnie keep spitting facts my guy!

  30. Case Wilson says

    Donny just giving the people what they wanna hear 😂😂😂 JUULING is causing people to have seizures, cough up blood etc. Not vaping lmao. Chemicals in the juul pods contain lots more than just nicotine. I’m sure the fake carts don’t play good role either but

  31. Yeee eet says

    Imagine being addicted to nicotine loooool

  32. TheDiamondHit says

    I've been vaping box mods for 3 years, started my JUUL last year and now having lung pain and a irregular heart.
    Currently getting it checked out, but not sure how I got it if it's Blackmarket THC Carts, I just get nicotine liquid, no THC anything. Anyone got an idea?

  33. Garrison says

    Glad somone’s finally speaking out about this

  34. DANNY 213 says

    I have a theory, the government sent someone to put something in them,because alot of us are addicted

  35. DANNY 213 says

    Are all thc cartridges bad or just some?🤔

  36. Gbizzle says

    I've been watching you since I started vaping and tbh I have no clue if I figured out the french to ghost on my own or from you lol

  37. Gbizzle says

    Ayee, he got the mighty. Gas.

  38. MrNugget says

    Due to the recent ban in Massachusetts kids in my school sell stigs for $15 each and getting them at $20 for 3 and it’s terrible because they got banned because of the cartridges (which are still being sold and ripped in and out of school, people tend to rip carts more than smoke weed)

  39. Amused Grunt says

    Vaping has collapsed so many lungs recently. Not killed but collapsed lungs. Go for it…

  40. Clown Slayer says

    It’s probably the government

  41. Skyler Bridges says

    Do y’all think dank vape carts are filled with the vitamin e shit? I got a friend who sells them but he stopped cuz he didn’t know about the shit

  42. Trace Fitzpatrick says

    come to tulsa we got gas gas

  43. Henry Grossart says

    One of my friends died from lung cancer never touched a cigarette but vaped all the time. RIP jake Evan's 2019

  44. Lilttrey Selection11 says

    Fr hitting a cartridge a fake one a dank,tko,

  45. Vlzzi says

    supposedly that some vape juices have vitamin e oil in it. is that true?

  46. Rockout Ayoo says

    ion think its vaping in general its just juuls cause vaping has been around for awhile

  47. Ellis Whiteson _ says

    ur the fucking stupid one who doesn’t do your research because you think that vaping is harmless😂

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